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Clinical Reasoning Cycle – A Complete Guide

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The Clinical Reasoning Cycle is a process where medical practitioners, doctors and nurses collect indications or reports and process their findings to comprehend which problems the patient is suffering from. In simpler terms, this cycle helps nurses understand the patient’s condition, identify which ailment they are suffering from, and finally aid in assisting them to recover.

The clinical reasoning cycle helps nurses instrument and plan the outline to the patient’s treatment, predict successful outcomes, and determine the efficiency of their whole approach. The cycle consists of key elements of the clinical reasoning process and is an important part of nursing assignments for nursing students. Nursing students are often required to work on a clinical reasoning nursing essay or even a clinical reasoning cycle case study as a part of their academic curriculum in nursing school.

This is why we have provided a complete guide to write your clinical reasoning cycle nursing assignment down below. 

Clinical Reasoning Cycle – An Overview

We hope now that your question “what is the clinical reasoning cycle?” has been answered. Next, we come to a brief background on this nursing topic. The concept of this cycle was first put together by a nursing professor at Newcastle University named Tracy – Evett Jones. She compiled the clinical reasoning cycle into a series of steps to what we now know as the evett-jones clinical reasoning cycle or, simply, clinical reasoning cycle.

This cycle consists of a series of systematic steps that need to be followed while diagnosing and treating a patient. The cycle has now been incorporated as an important part of a nursing assignment and all aspiring nurses have to understand and implement the process in their work. Now that you know who created the clinical reasoning cycle, it is time to take a look at the steps it involves. 

The Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Next, we come to the steps followed in the Clinical Reasoning Cycle. There are 8 phases here namely:

  1. Consideration of facts
  2. Collection of information
  3. Processing of collected information
  4. Identifying the problem
  5. Establishing clear goals
  6. Taking action
  7. Evaluation
  8. Reflection

All these 8 steps are involved when nurses treat a patient and help them recover. 

How to write a Clinical Reasoning Cycle Assignment

When you are writing your assignment on the clinical reasoning cycle, it is recommended that you carry out each step diligently and follow all the guidelines it encompasses. Most questions will require you to identify the various steps present in the cycle and write your clinical reasoning cycle answers in a clear and concise manner. There are also a lot of examples of sample Clinical Reasoning Cycle case studies and papers on our website for your convenience. If you wonder how to use the clinical reasoning cycle, the following points have got you covered.

Step 1 – Consideration of Facts

Here you will have to assess the situation or the condition of the patient. You will have to find out relevant information about them and their disease. 

Step 2 – Collection of information

In this step you will have to report whatever information you have collected on your patient and compile it into a case study. 

Step 3 – Processing

Here you will have to process your collected information and separate useful data from the others.

Step 4 – Identifying

Here you will have to identify the problem or disease by analyzing and studying your gathered reports and data.

Step 5 – Establishing Goals

In this step, you will have to create a solid action plan that you will use to treat the patient. 

Step 6 – Taking Action

Here you will be taking action based on your outcome in the previous step. 

Step 7 – Evaluation

Here you will be evaluating the condition of the patient with your current strategy.

Step 8 – Reflection

In this final step, you will be assessing the success of your implemented strategy and reporting all your findings in a document. 

Suppose you want more help with the Clinical Reasoning Cycle. In that case, you can read a clinical reasoning cycle book or a journal that can provide you with clinical reasoning cycle case study examples, solved questions and sample essays.

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Parting thoughts

Writing your nursing assignment can take some time and dedication on your behalf. After all, working in the medical field is a prestigious job, and it takes a lot of effort to serve and handle patients with care. Nursing assignments are meant to provide you with all the skills you will need to become a professional nurse in your later life. 

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