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A Detailed Guideline: How Many Pages are 1200 Words?

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Adjusting a long 1200-word essay often becomes difficult if you do not keep an idea of the estimated pages. And this becomes more important when you are writing an academic assignment.

But why is the number of pages important? Well, to give your essays and articles clarity, your professors will ask you to maintain a page limitation so that you do not exceed your content length.

Now, to keep your content within 1200 words in pages, you must also learn what elements will keep your writing precise and to the point. And this blog will help you with those guidelines.

So, if you are wondering what the page count for 1200 words is and how many paragraphs is a 1200 words essay, keep reading below!

Total Page Count For 1200 Words: Formatting Factors

When you prepare a 1200-word paper, a lot of elements depend on which will bring the ideal page number to 22/5.

However, the number of words necessary to complete a certain number of pages cannot be predicted early if you are not provided in hand with any degree of accuracy.

Usually, the end result of a 1200-word page can vary depending on a number of factors, including the formatting guidelines preferred by your institution or course curriculum used and the directions provided.

But in general, some elements that involve in the total page count for 1200 words are –

  • Text font size
  • Length of each of the paragraphs
  • Uniform spacing within the texts
  • Length of words in sentences
  • Elements of Page Margin

The Estimation Technique Of Writing 1200 Words In Pages

When you are asked for essay tutoring to write a 1200-word essay for a topic, your first thought might be how many pages is 1200 words in a single-spaced format, right? Well, planning on such estimated goals can fall into place when you know every inch of a font style.

But for beginners, this can be difficult. That’s where the technique of Ballpark Parameters can rescue you!

Estimation through Ballpark Parameters

When you write each page for 1200 words, the additional pages might be required to fit the material if you choose a large font, wide margin, or spacing.

But converting words per page is stressful since it consumes a lot of time. That’s why conversion computations are made using ballpark parameters. With this method, you can make common estimations on the usage of double-spaced lines, a 12-point Arial typeface, and a one-inch margin.

If you can follow accurate parameters, roughly 250 words should fit on a page.

When making these assumptions, you may predict the number of pages which is necessary with accuracy, provided that you are aware of the word count. Hence, with this technique, it’s simple to figure out how many pages of 1200 words double-spaced equals. For example, 4.5 to 5 pages will result from accurate calculation with the standard font style arrangements.

Thus, how many pages are there in 1200 words for single-spaced pages? There will be 2.5 pages of results.

Note that regardless of the word processor you choose, you are likely to obtain results that are rather accurate. On the contrary, a handwritten document will not follow these conversion predictions. But you can still calculate the total number of pages that fall inside a given word count range using online word count software.

Page Arrangement Based On Handwritten & Typed Words

You might have observed that for an article of 500 words which you have written within 2 pages, your classmate required a total of 5 pages! It’s because everyone’s size of handwritten text varies.

But can this be considered an increase or decrease in page numbers? Well, let’s find out below –

Handwritten Words

In the context of handwritten words on a page, the font size will change based on the style. Therefore, it is quite challenging to determine the overall number of pages. However, the size of single-spaced handwritten words will typically take up about 4.8 pages.

Keyboard Typed Words

The typed style is typically preferred by instructors for higher levels of academic work. Particularly, when assigning papers, your professors may provide the word count rather than the number of pages.

This is primarily due to the fact that the number of pages will vary based on the font family, font size, margins, and spacing.

But ideally, every institute prefers – an A4 page size, a 1-inch margin, the Times New Roman or Arial font family, a 12-point font size, and single or double spacing text, which can conclude your assignment within 4 pages easily!

What Is The Page Count For 1200 Words?

Till now, you have come across the requirements of ‘1200 words in pages double & single spaceda lot of times. So, now let’s talk about this matter through numbers only.

Ideally, when you compose 1200 words for any type of content, here are the specification you must have –

  • 8 pages of handwritten text with single-spaced
  • 4 pages of single spacing for typed words
  • 8 pages of double-spaced typed words
  • of Paragraph – The number of paragraphs in 1200 words should be within 6 to 12 paragraphs, each containing 5 to 6 sentences or 100 to 200 words.
  • of Sentences in Paragraph – For each paragraph of 1200 words, there must be 60 to 80 sentences, each containing 15 to 20 words.

Here are the total pages for 1200 words for some popular font types –

  • Calibri or ArialFor typing 1200 words with a standard 1-inch margin, 12-point Calibri or Arial font, and single spacing, it will take between 5 and 2.7 pages.
  • Note that Arial will require fewer pages than Verdana, the other common font.
  • Times New Roman – To type 1200 words in Times New Roman 12-point font with single spacing, it takes 3 pages.
Deciphering Word Count: 1200 Pages

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Conversing Estimates For Word Pages In Mla & Apa

When preparing 1200 words, the format of the harvard referencing style is vital. So, how many pages are 1200 words in MLA format? Is it the same for APA as well?

Hence, here is precise information on 1200 words and page numbers in respect of MLA & APA –

When writing 1200 words for MLA and APA, they recommend some of the typefaces, which include Verdana, Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri.

Both of these formats specify that a work must use double spacing, a 1-inch margin, and a 12-point typeface.

This means, the predicted outcomes are the same as those previously stated because the rule of thumb complies with APA and MLA formatting requirements.

Therefore, you can stick to 5 pages by following the same calculations as mentioned in the above segments.

9 Important Pointers On 1200 Word Pages

Number of Pages for 1200 Single-Spaced Words

The standard rule is 1200 words equal to 2.4 single-spaced pages.

On an A4 sheet of paper, it is computed using the Arial font, size 12, and a 1-inch margin.

Hence, 500 words can be written in single spacing on a standard paper if you go by the above format.

Number of Pages for 1200 Double-Spaced Words

Here, 1200 words equal 4.8 double-spaced pages.

It is calculated using a 1-inch margin using the Arial font family at font size 12. So, 250 words make up one standard page when added double-spacing.

Number of Sentences for 1200 Words

In general, there are 70 to 75 sentences in 1200 words.

A typical sentence is 15 to 20 words long.

However, longer sentences will drastically limit readability and may be challenging for some readers to comprehend fast.

Number of Pages for 1200 Handwritten Words

Usually, handwritten 1200 words equal 4.8 pages.

The space needed for double spacing is taken up by the handwritten text.

Number of Paragraphs for 1200 Words

In general, there are 15 or 16 paragraphs in 1200 words.

The four or five phrases that make up a typical paragraph give the paragraphs a tidy appearance.

Number of Characters in 1200 Words

Approximately 8000–9000 characters make up 1200 words. When computing characters, all letters, digits, alphabets, spaces, and special characters are taken into account.

Number of Letters in 1200 Words

There are roughly 7000–8000 letters in 1200 words. The text content’s spaces are not counted in the number of letters.

Note that it will always be fewer than the character count if you have ignored the spaces between the words and paragraphs.

Time Duration for Reading 1200 Words

For an average reader, it takes 4 minutes, 48 seconds to read 1200 words.

The calculation here is – A typical reading speed of 250 words per minute.

Now, this can vary for some readers, but the gap in timing won’t be much more than a minute or two.

How Long Should You Talk for a Page with 1200 Words?

For a speech of 1200 words, the time duration is 8 minutes.

It is calculated using a 150 wpm speaking rate as the baseline.

Essential Tips For Writing 1200 Word Pages

Writing content of 1200 words is not simply a lengthy essay or an article. There are certain measurements you must take care of so that your final output does not sound too dull or exaggerated.

Hence, go through the suggestions listed below and apply them the next time you compose 1200 words –

Reduce Unnecessary Paragraphs

Read through all of your pages twice first, after which you have to delete the crowds in your writing.

So, note any sentences that contain exaggerated justifications, ambiguous concepts, or references to non-scholarly sources. These sentences will fill more pages.

Moreover, they do not improve your paper and will not result in a lesser grade.

Hence, erase those sections. You can integrate two additional paragraphs but be careful to craft sentences that relate to the same main concept.

Revise Your Arguments for a Sharper Analysis

Because your paper is supported by numerous reasons, you might have ended up with more pages than you intended.

Review all of the reasons in this situation, narrow them down to the most crucial ones, and disregard the rest.

Keep in mind that only compelling arguments will persuade the audience.

Edit the reasons and sentences once more to make them clearer, shorter, and more succinct.

Use Verbs in the Right Order

The amazing quality of verbs is their capacity to change into other entities. Take a look at the verbs in a passive voice sentence.

Such sentences make your writing confusing and add space for further pages. Use active and perfect verbs instead, which require fewer words but yet maintain the meaning of the initials.

Remove any auxiliary verbs that are unnecessary for academic writing, such as should, might, etc.

Remove Unnecessary Adjectives & Adverbs

Adjectives give your narration and stories colour and life, such as “crimson,” “bright,” “huge,” etc.

However, when they are employed incorrectly, they add to the word count and suggest that the author’s analysis is biased.

Hence, remove those from sentences unless they are absolutely necessary.

You can always replace them with information or facts that will improve the objectivity and clarity of your work.

Additionally, check your writing for extra use of adverbs and remove if necessary. They usually add an unnecessary number of pages to your paper.

Check for Redundant & Irrelevant Words

Usually, writers are careless of the many examples of words or phrases that belong nowhere in an essay.

Now, this could be first-person writing filled with superfluous words, passionate declarations, or phrases with a lot of expressions. Even the inclusion of such unrelated words, like those often found in an academic writing service, deviates from the formal standard expected of academic writing.

Moreover, repetitive words and phrases increase the word count on your written pages and give your arguments a weak and unconvincing appearance.

That’s why you must look for overlapping concepts and rephrase your phrases as necessary to avoid making the same argument again.

Convert Longer Phrases into Words

There is no set rule dictating which sentences to preserve and which to discard.

No doubt, there are prepositions and phrases that occupy an excessive amount of space on written pages. But you can adjust certain text by compiling it into one or two words.

For instance, instead of writing, ‘On the other hand’, write ‘Whereas’.

We hope this blog has answered all possible doubts you had about writing a piece of 1200 words. We have also addressed some commonly inquired questions. Check them in the next section.

Most Important Frequently Asked Questions Searched By Students

How Many Handwritten Words are 1200 Words?

The number of words for 1200-word pages in handwritten is similar to what is typed on a word processor. If you maintain single-spaced text throughout, your handwritten 1200-word content must take 4.8 pages.

How Long Does it Take to Compose 1200 Words?

It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to write 1200 words. Now, you must be careful when maintaining the length of the article you write. Even if the task demands 1200 words, you have to adjust the key details and write a meaningful piece.

What Should I Include in a 1200-Word Essay?

A 1200-word essay must consist of 8-12 paragraphs, where each paragraph should be within 100 words. Along with that, your essay must have an introduction, topic-based paragraphs, analytical discussion and conclusion.

Can You Compose 1200 Words in One Hour?

For the average writer, composing 1200 words in handwritten format might require approximately 3 to 4 hours if the topic is already researched well. But if you want to finish your writing within a deadline of one hour, you must have your research-ready.

Can I Write 1200 Words in an Entire Day?

Yes, you can! In fact, when you set the entire day for the purpose of writing 1200 words, you can come up with flawless articles or essays. Moreover, if you need to add graphical elements or illustrations, more than 4 hours is necessary.

How Many Pages Are 1200 Words Counted?

Usually, for 1200 words, the pages counted are 2.5 of A4 when you use single spacing for the entire content. Similarly, the page number may exceed 4.5 if you use double spacing for the A4 page setup.

How Long Should 1200 Words Take to Write?

Usually, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to write 1200 words, which also includes research, inclusion of graphical elements and also proofreading.

How Many Pages are 1200 Words?

The general rule that average writers follow is preparing 1200 words within 2.5 pages in A4 page when using single spacing.

How Many Paragraphs is a 1200-word Essay?

Typically, a 1200-word essay requires an 8 to 12-paragraph structure.

How Many Characters are 1200 Words?

The character count for 1200 words may exceed 6250 characters at the maximum.

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