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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Decline a Job Offer

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You are actively looking for a job and consistently sending out applications and appearing for several interviews. It may so happen that you get more than one job offer at the same time. You must know how to decline a job offer without offending the recruiter.

As a fresh graduate, when you receive a job offer, it feels exceptionally flattering. But it is highly critical for you to know how to reject a job offer gracefully and keep room for future opportunities. Read the following paragraphs to learn the crucial factors related to writing a job rejection letter.

How to Decline a Job Offer Gracefully: 5 Crucial Tips

It is crucial to maintain a positive and courteous relationship with an employer. If you don’t know how to politely decline a job offer, take note of the following tips:

  1. Send your letter ASAP:

You must not take long to send your rejection letter. Send it as soon as you decide that you are not going to accept the offer. It will give your recruiter/employer sufficient time to move along with the hiring process and look for an alternative.

  1. Be courteous and respectful:

You might not have liked the boss, work environment, offer, or the company. No matter what, don’t be disrespectful and share your real thoughts. Be polite while declining the offer. In future, there may be other positions that fit you. But you wouldn’t be considered if you leave a negative impression on the hiring officers.

  1. Don’t provide too many details:

Remember, you are writing a rejection letter and not a descriptive essay. Don’t drag on with unnecessary information. Keep it brief and to the point. It’s essential for you to to maintain a professional, polite, and positive tone throughout the email.

  1. Refer to online samples:

You can always refer to the rejection letter samples available online when you sit to pen down your letter. Take inspiration from those samples and customise your message with personal and professional details.

  1. Edit and proofread before hitting the send button:

Make sure your letter is free of typos and other errors. Proofread and format it correctly before sending it to the hiring officer. You can try and send it to yourself as a test mail to check if the formatting remains correct.

Declining a job professionally leaves the door potentially open for you to work at the same organisation in the future. If you follow these tips correctly, you no longer have to worry about how to decline a job offer.

A Guide to Turning Down Jobs over the Phone

Nowadays, a lot of professional correspondence takes place over email and phone calls. So, sending a prompt response is appropriate. As we have already discussed the crucial tips on how to turn down a job offer and write a rejection letter, let’s now learn how to decline a job offer on the phone politely.

  • Don’t call your recruiter at the start of the office hour. Wait until it is the lunchtime or close to the end of the office hour, when they are more likely to be less busy.
  • Greet him/her and initiate the conversation by asking if you have called at the right time or should you call back sometime later.
  • After exchanging basic courtesies, thank him/her for the job offer, tell him/her how grateful you are, and then politely decline the proposal with your reasons.
  • Don’t forget to apologise for not taking up the job offer and that you wanted to let him/her know as soon as possible.
  • Thank him/her for the offer, exchange basic courtesies, and hang up.
  • If your recruiter is unavailable over the phone, leave a message with your name and contact details and tell him/her that you would call back.
  • Do not decline a job offer over a text message.

Declining a job offer on the phone can be gut-wrenching and come across rude if not done the right way. You must sound smart and steady.

Turning down a Job Offer over Email Examples

The pro tip on how to reject a job offer is to end things on a good note. You must write an email that keeps you on good terms with the recruiter/employer. Remember to include:

  • A subject line – ” Job Offer – Georgia Wickham.”
  • A professional greeting
  • Your appreciation for the job offer
  • State why you have chosen to decline the job offer
  • Your signature with contact details

If you want to learn how to decline a job offer over email, these examples will help you understand the structure and the tone of writing.

Example-1: Unsatisfactory Job Role

Subject Line: Job Offer – Ted Jennings

Dear Mr Johnson,

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to work at Charles & Keith for the position of senior sales executive. However, I’ve decided to pursue a job with another company that is more in line with my career goals.

It was an immense pleasure to learn about the work you do at Charles & Keith. I appreciate the time you spent in meeting me and considering my application. I express my sincere gratitude for the offer and my regrets that it didn’t work out.

You have my best wishes for finding a suitable candidate. Please let me know if you have any questions for me.

Best regards,

Ted Jennings
[email protected]

Example-2: Insufficient Salary Package

Subject line: Job Offer – Jerry Hopkins

Dear Ms Po,

Thanks for making me an offer for the senior financial analyst position at B&B LLC. After careful consideration of the compensation package outlined in your offer letter, I must regretfully decline. The offered salary, unfortunately, isn’t sufficient to meet the financial requirements of my current situation.

It was a sheer pleasure meeting the team at B&B LLC. I wish you, and your company continued success and hope we will have the opportunity to work together in the future.

Jerry Hopkins
[email protected]

Example-2: Declining Without a Reason

Subject line: Job Offer – Andrews Solow

Dear Ms Paul,

Thank you for extending an offer for the position of HR executive with Green Light Publishing House. I am genuinely grateful to you for considering my application and expressing your interest in hiring me.

It was a tough decision, but I won’t be accepting your kind offer. I would, again, like to express my gratitude for your careful consideration.
Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,
Andrews Solow,
[email protected]

If you want to decline a job offer, these email samples and templates will come in handy. So, bookmark them now!

How to Decline a Job Offer: A Sample Letter

Here’s a rejection letter to explain you the standard structure:

Dear Mr Smith,

Thank you for making me the gracious offer for the role of Customer Relationship Manager at Flincher & Sons Ltd. I sincerely appreciate the time you have invested in considering my application and making your final selection.

I was very impressed by the progress of Flincher & Sons Ltd, which made my decision a difficult one. I have decided to decline your job offer. I have been offered a much challenging role at a more senior level, and with a more significant opportunity to develop my managerial skills.

I enjoyed meeting you and your team, and sincerely thank you for giving me the time to explain to me about the job role. I would like to wish you and your company the very best for the future.

Yours sincerely
Daniel Grover

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