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Essential Statistics and Tips to Get into The William & Mary University

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So, you have been looking for a top-notch education on an idyllic campus. Well, then United States’ second-oldest college might be for you. In Williamsburg, Virginia, William and Mary is the first law school that has centuries of educating students satisfactorily and safely.  Curious?

We will discuss every bit of information, including statistics about William & Mary- from SAT to ACT scores. In this post, we will also look at what you require to know about getting into William & Mary. 

Let’s start with tracing the roots of William & Mary:

Founded in 1693 by the Queen and King of England, the college has served as an institution providing higher education in the country- only Harvard has been in existence longer. Over three centuries later, today, William & Mary is known as one of the finest educational institutions, which has groped with a handful of highly selective, academically challenging, and prestigious public universities in the country, not to forget in the world as well. 

William & Mary Ranking 

It is ranked #4 by US News and World Report for UG teaching, ranked #18 for veterans and #39 for national universities. This shows the academically satisfying grounds on which William & Mary stands today. 

Of course, there are many other benefits to attending W&M. 

Here is a quick snapshot of the following. 

William & Mary Admission Rate- 38%

William & Mary SAT Scores- 1300-1490

William & Mary ACT Scores- 30-34

William & Mary GPA for admitted freshmen- 3.9

William & Mary SAT Scores

You must be eager to know this, breaking a sweat and feeling your trembling fists while skimming your eyes- so here it is. If your SAT scores are not up to the mark, there is still good news. William & Mary has gone test-optional. This is the news so far collected by sources. And the university is starting the new nom with the 2020-2021 admissions cycle (class of 2024).

Some students want to know about the SAT scores to understand the school’s selectivity in general. So with that in mind, here there are:

SectionAverage Score25th Percentile75th Percentile
Reading or Writing700660740

William & Mary marks its territory as a highly selective campaign. This is quite evident from the scores mentioned above. A score of 1490 falls in the 99TH percentile. In addition, math scores must be slightly higher than the verbal subjects. This shows that the university is looking for academically balanced students.

 A quick note: the school is just going test-optional but not test blind. Students, who want to, can consider taking the test and include the results in the application. And we would highly recommend you to do that. 

Eighty percent of successful students took the SAT in the class of 2023.

William & Mary ACT Scores

William & Mary Act scores give equally tough competition to the SAT scores concerning the standards. But do not allow that to intimidate you again- the reasons remaining the same- going test-optional. 

You may or may not include the ACT scores. But, you can let your scores speak for your application. Your average ACT scores will only help you with admission odds. 

Take a glance at the William & Mary ACT scores:

Section25th Percentile75th Percentile

ow do the ACT scores compare to the average SAT scores? First, the ACT scores are comparatively higher, percentage-wise, translating to a 99th percentile ACT composite score. Another major difference between the SAT and ACT scores is that English scores are considerably higher than Math scores. 

However, do not read this portion too much: remember that the university has gone test-optional.

So, you can stay cool by not trying to struggle to pull up your grades.

William & Mary School GPA Average

 William & Mary has an average high school GPA of 3.9 for the students admitted there. According to the World Report and US News, the admissions committee at the university regard GPA as very vital.

Regardless of the norms, if you realize, your grade point average is out of your hands and minds if you are applying to this college this year. If that is the case, stop panicking! There are other things you can do about it.

Chief among the other reasons? If your grade point average is considerably lower than the average, submitting standardized test scores on the SAT or ACT can aid you to show the admissions office that you are ready for university-level work. And if you can only put in a month or two of preparation, this can have a considerable effect on your scores, and you might end up making the difference.

William And Mary Acceptance Rate

William & Mary has secured its position in the list of selective institutions. The university under discussion has an acceptance rate of 38%, as found by the US News. You can perceive it this way: one in three applicants gets into the university.

Again, do not let this deter you, even if William & Mary is your dream school.

You can increase your chances of getting admitted by working diligently and sincerely on your essays.

William & Mary Freshmen Profile

William & Mary University is a public institution; though, its name does not sound like one. This solely means that in-state learners have a leg up for getting in. The university strictly maintains a 35/65 ratio between out-of-state and in-state UG students. Nevertheless, this ratio keeps shifting every year to balance the entire population.

Fifty incoming freshmen were valedictorians of their university classes, 77% overall placing in the top ten percent of their graduating classes. 

How William & Mary Assesses Applications from Students?

According to the 2021 Common Data Set, the university considers the following factors VITAL:

  • Course rigor
  • GPA
  • Essay
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Character
  • Work experience
  • Class rank
  • Test scores
  • Recommendation letters
  • Talent
  • State residence
  • Volunteer work

Here are the factors considered:

  • Interview
  • Legacy
  • Racial/ethnic status
  • First-generation
  • Geographic residence
  • Applicant interest

Here is the factor not considered:

  • Religious affiliation

Tips to improve your chances of getting into William & Mary

  • Achieve 4.28-grade point average while taking the challenging classes available
  • Aim for a 34 ACT and 1490 SAT
  • Cultivate 1 or 2 tier 1-2 extra-curricular
  • Compose engaging essays
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Take historic decision or apply early action

How to Apply to William & Mary


Application TimelineDeadline
Early Decision INovember 1
Early Decision IIJanuary 1
Regular DecisionJanuary 1

Application Requirements

William & Mary accepts the Common Application. However, there are other requirements as well:

  • Secondary school report
  • High school transcript
  • Counsellor letter of recommendation
  • Mid-year report

Other optional requirements:

  • Supplemental essay
  • On-campus interview
  • Teacher letter of recommendation
  • Art supplement

What is William & Mary Looking for?

William & Mary gives priority to students residing in Virginia. Students living in Virginia also take advantage of higher acceptance rates; the university is forty-four percent in-state acceptance rate for its class of 2025 is considerably higher than its thirty-one percent acceptance rate for out-of-state students. 

William & Mary fixates on fielding a diverse learner base. About thirty percent of William & Mary UG are students of color. Learners come to this college from all over, with all fifty states and over fifty foreign nations represented on university campus. 

Final thoughts,

Every student needs to present the best all-around application that they can to get into William & Mary University. Even if the GPA and scores are in the William & Mary SAT and ACT average, it is not enough. Let your personality as well speak for yourself and shine through your essay. Your personality would be a good reason to show why you would be a good fit for the university. And make sure your statistics are up to the ranges mentioned in this blog. 

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