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How to Solve the Math Equation: A+B+B+B+80+90=100 Logically

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Wondering how to solve this Algebraic Equation A+B+B+B+80+90=100?  

This is a fundamental puzzle in Mathematics.

Check the solution of this mathematical equation provided by our experts. Our efficient equation solver makes it easy to understand, and you can also utilize this solution for your homework in future.

Make it easy and get the solution of the puzzle A+B+B+B+80+90=100 by simplifying it.

Let us solve this step by step:

A+B+B+B+80+90=100 ——————-> 1 (Step No. 1)

Now we can add the numeric values: 80+90 =170 ——–> (Step No. 2)

Next we will add up similar alphabetic values: B+B+B=3B ———–> (Step No. 3)

Now we can start solving the problem by putting values of step 2 & 3 in step 1, like:

A+ (B+B+B) + (80+90) =100,


A+3B+170 =100 ———>(step No. 4)

Now we can solve regarding Variable “A”.

Now we can shift the value 170 to the Right, and Keep other alphabetic values at the Left, like:

A+3B = 100-170

A+3B= – 70 ———————–> (Step No. 5)

Now what we do to Simplify the Equation is, just put the value of step No. 5 (A+3B= – 70) in step No. 4, like:

A+3B+170 =100




100=100 (Hence Proved)

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