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A Detailed Guide on Writing a Research Proposal Paper

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Research proposals are written to tell the research committee why they should allow your research on a particular problem. However, not many students have the required skills and experience to write a research proposal, and that’s why they often question “how to write a research proposal?”

The research proposal will contain the central idea behind your research project. It represents your research interest and is also a great opportunity to show how you have the capability of presenting a complex idea clearly and concisely. A poor-quality research proposal may doom your chances of working on the research project you were planning to do. 

Make sure you have written the research proposal clearly. Two elements are necessary for the research project. One is justification – why you intend to study the research problem and what new areas you are going to discover. The second is to present a practical study that will show what method you are using to conduct the proposed study.

Required Steps to Write a Research Proposal Paper

Here are 8 prominent steps you will require to write a compelling research proposal paper:

1.Investigate a topic

This is probably the most important step as you need to carefully think about the reviewers while selecting a good topic for a research paper. Make sure to select a topic that interests you and you get to have plenty of areas to discover. If you ever feel doubtful, you can talk to your supervisor and ask his/her suggestions.

 2. Research on the topic

After deciding the general topic and before putting the pen on paper, perform thorough research on the topic. Find out as many literature materials you can on the topic. Following this, you need to summarise the purpose as well as the findings of each study. 

This is not a paper where you can place your own opinion. Find information from different facts, examples, graphs, charts, figures which are relevant to the topic. The information will help you in backing up your research and statements.

3. Grab your reader’s attention from the start

While writing a research proposal, always keep in mind to keep it short and intact. Begin the essay with a hook sentence that capture’s the reader’s attention. Present a little background information. 

4. State the problem

Introduce the problem that you wish to resolve in the research project. You can also add your own experience to relate to the problem. Along with that, you also need to add figures, facts you’ve found on the research.

 5. State the solution

This is the main area where you need the reader’s support for the solution you’ve chosen. Discuss how you are planning to solve the problem and how it is efficient than other solutions that have mentioned earlier. Discuss in detail about other solutions that previously been introduced by others. This shows that you have done your part of research before coming to your version of the solution. After that, you need to prove how your solution is more impactful and viable than others. 

Remember, you want your readers also to believe that your solution is the best by providing statistics, case studies, facts. Your entire essay needs to be persuasive to gain their support.

6. Outline the research project

Show your enthusiasm for the project by discussing all the steps you will take and the amount of time you require to reach the goal. Make a schedule already to present in front of them. A good research proposal outline will give an impression of your active role in the plan.

If by any chance, you need financial backing, you must know the amount and share it with the readers. 

7. Compile everything together

The conclusion many times become the major concern for most students. You need to compile everything together here carefully. Highlight the important parts of the essay. Restate the problem and the solution.

8. Proofread thoroughly

Remember, you want to impress your readers, so if your document has any minor errors like a grammatical mistake, punctuation mistake, spelling mistake, it will make a bad impression. So to avoid such mishaps, proofread your paper thoroughly and make sure it is completely error-free.

Research Proposal Sample Or Example

Are you still confused about how to write a research proposal paper? We have provided a sample for you that you can use while writing your paper. Take a look at the sample given below:

Question: Analyse your understanding of Research Proposal for marketing Strategies of Nike Dri-Fit. 

Research Proposal Templateg

Structuring your research proposal paper is important to ensure your sentences have the correct flow and the readers do not have any trouble with understanding your paper. Though different academic disciplines follow a different structure, here is a general structure for you:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction/background
  • Research question
  • Literature review
  • Theoretical framework
  • Methodology
  • Research design and method
  • Discussion of results
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Referenced
  • Appendices

Few Tips On Writing A Research Proposal Paper

We understand writing a research proposal is not an easy task. You need to do a tremendous amount of research work to impress the individuals who will be reviewing your paper. A minor problem can reject your paper. However, no need to stressing out as we have brought you some of the most effective tips:

1.Never rush

A research paper needs to be done in a calculative mind. You need to be patient and focused while working on the paper. Allow yourself to give a good amount of time here. 

2. Use simple language and keep it clear

Avoid using jargon or technical words in your proposal paper. You need to maintain clarity throughout the essay. Whatever plans you are presenting for your project; make sure it is easier to understand. The problems and solutions especially need to be clear so that the reviewer understands the purpose and aim of your research.

3. Acknowledge author’s and their works

It will be a shame if you forget to acknowledge the author’s name, whose work or statements you’ve mentioned in your paper. So carefully put an apostrophe and mention the author details on the reference page to avoid plagiarism.

4. Be reasonable and realistic

Go on your research proposal project only when you are sure that the scope of your research is realistic. 

5. Show your interest and passion for the research topic

Ensure that you express well about why you are passionate about the research topic or why you are interested in the topic. If you are unable to catch the attention of the readers, even having an interest in the topic, it will be of no use. Throughout the essay, you need to find a scope in between to convince your readers about your passion for the topic.

6. Show your plan

Showing how you are planning to succeed in this project will create a positive impression for you. If you explain how your solution is going to solve the problem, your readers will be more convinced in that manner.

7. Look for professional help

If you are under a lot of stress or already juggling between multiple tasks, you can look for online research proposal help. You need to give all your requirements and let them know about the deadline. They will craft a good research proposal paper by making sure they have met all the requirements. Expert writers who are qualified and have years of experience will complete your paper within the deadline.

Checklist for Research proposal

The format of the research proposal paper varies with different academic disciplines and institutions. However, some of the components remain the same in every research proposal. 

If you intend to write an outstanding research proposal, you need to follow this ultimate checklist. This way, you can keep yourself check that you don’t forget anything to add and also convince your reviewer about your sincerity towards the project.

Here is a comprehensive checklist for you

Cover page:

Ensure your cover page has the following: 

  • A captivating title
  • Candidate’s name and qualification
  • Department and name of the university
  • Name of the supervisor

Table of content:

Short proposals do not need any table of contents whereas long proposals require a table of contents which should consist:

  • Present the table of content in a hierarchical form with title and subtitles
  • Mention the exact page references

Literature review:

A successful literature review should do the following:

  • Evaluate the sources and advise the readers on the relevant sources
  • Come up with an original interpretation of old material. You can also combine both the new and old interpretations.
  • Discover new ways to interpret previous research
  • Discover your research within the existing literature material.

Research design:

Your research design should include the following:

  • Describe the method you will use to conduct the research and how you will come with the said solution
  • Proving your method is the best
  • Discuss the potential challenges you may face
  • Present an action plan and time table. 

Expected outcomes:

Suggest your hypothetical result that you expect to see in the end

Glossary of terms

This list should have the following:

  • Concepts
  • Acronyms
  • Specialised terms
  • Words


Make sure you mention every source from where you have used information. Make sure to reference the following:

  • Books
  • Internet sources
  • Quotes
  • Quotes
  • Textbooks

A good quality research proposal will seem promising and carefully planned out. Your reviewer must see your determination and potential towards the success of the research project you are addressing.

How can help you with Research Proposal?

Are you scared that the research committee is going to reject your research proposal paper even after having a solid plan for your research project?

Well, worry not as Myassignmenthelp can be your best helping hand. Here are a few ways we can help you express your compassion towards your proposal paper:

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If you are hunting for the perfect research paper provider, then we are the best option you can get. We assure you of providing A+ paper.

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