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Contemporary Issues in Nursing Practise

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Have you ever wondered how our lives would have been if there had been no nurses? Have you imagined that there were only healthcare professionals to provide you with treatment, but there were no nurses? Then, you may not have received the safety and care you seek, and it would have made the job of doctors tedious.

Thus, the role of a nurse is profound in observing your physiological and mental conditions and thereby monitoring them to help the doctor adopt healthcare decisions to mitigate your physical issues. 

However, many contemporary issues in nursing make it difficult for nurses to provide patients with safety and healthcare facilities. After Covid-19, nurses’ functions became more complex. Are you tired of going through tons of journals and reference books for your nursing assignment being one of the nursing students? It is not unusual that your assignments for nursing are not easy tasks in academic affairs. 

You have no reason to worry or feel unhappy about writing your nursing assignments. Know that they are not a tough nut to crack. With proper assistance, you will surely be able to battle all the issues associated with the nursing profession. 

Moreover, with exams on the corner and regular classes to attend, are you finding it difficult to write a wonderful essay on nursing and win the hearts of your professors? Are you jealous of your friends that they are performing better? With the correct tips, you can battle all the hurdles that come your way as you become a competent nurse.

So, read on to learn more!    

What are Contemporary Nursing Issues

Most nurses face certain challenges in their profession. Since COVID-19, nurses have been required to acquire extensive nursing education and upskill their expertise. This is because you will only receive the treatment you need and the conditions for recovery from your ailment if nurses provide you with quality services. Since COVID-19, there has been a growing need for nurses to adapt to changing healthcare requirements and fulfill the growing needs in the nursing profession. For this, there is an increasing need for nurses to identify the challenges they may face in the context of nursing research. However, there are 10 major emerging issues in nursing mitigating which can help you survive in your nursing practice unit. 

Contemporary Issues in Nursing and Health Care – Top 10 Challenges

You may often feel a pain in your body is troubling you that you cannot concentrate on your work. There may be occasions when you are finding it difficult to recover from your physical problem even after extensive follow-up with treatment. Sometimes your doctor may make some wrong medical decisions and show a lack of clinical reasoning skills to help you recover from your pains. This is because of the wrong understanding of your healthcare conditions and lack of evidence-based practice in professional nursing. 

One of the major issues in healthcare management can be supervisory issues in nursing. Earn an associate degree in BSN or become a registered nurse and adopt a career in your professional world! 

  • Shortage of Nursing Staff

There are some scenarios in hospitals where your nurse has to work longer hours and perhaps overtime due to the lack of nurses available for hiring. Besides, the healthcare crisis in hospitals around the world today causes a shortage of nurses. Thus, as most noted nursing educators mention, nursing shortage often poses one of the contemporary nursing issues in meeting your healthcare needs solely for curing your ailment. 

  • Burnout and Stress

You would commonly observe in hospitals all around the world that stress is one of the major contemporary nursing issues after COVID-19, which is affecting professional nursing practices. As nurses today face stress and disbalances in their work-life balance, it is important to improve their health and quality of life. The hospitals should provide nurses with assistance in the field of mental health care, improve their levels of nutrition, and provide them with time for relaxation. 

  • Advancements in Technology

Evolution in the field of technology has made it essential for nurses to be better acquainted with technological skills. One of the present-day nursing challenges includes being an expert at technological software to meet the increasing needs of patients. The nurses should regularly attend their training classes or seek additional training if they are not familiar with the software. This would help them to be well-adapted to the new technological environment and clear any confusion in various areas of technology.

  • Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing Practice

You might find it difficult to recover from your ailment due to being reluctant to healthcare facilities. This is one of the major social and ethical issues that nurses face for monitoring your healthcare conditions.

Hospitals believe that generosity and moral duty cannot be performed together. Nurses usually begin their journey in this profession to provide service and help people. Thus, they are, by nature, people with compassion. However, there are occasions when the nurse, to take care of the patient, may find oneself in conflicting situations. This is because their protocols for patient safety provide them the permission to perform their actions, avoiding their own emotions. Thus effective communication between the nurse and patient is important in harmonizing the relationship between them and helping overcome any misunderstandings.   

  • Healthcare Policy and Regulation

Some of the reasons why you do not receive the cure to your disease that you need even after continuing with treatment include dissatisfaction among nurses in their work environment. 

Some other factors that discourages the nurses to work include the social atmosphere in which they work is often very less friendly. These social atmospheres have less team spirit due to the strict health policy that usually exists in various hospitals.   

Another reason why the nursing profession is not very much in demand is the lack of income opportunities available here.   

In hospitals, there are also other current challenges in nursing in the context of a few healthcare rules and regulations leading to legal issues. These strategies would help the management to overcome issues in workforce advocacy 

Nursing Practise Topics & Essay Titles to Write about

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  • Workplace Violat

As per the Tennessee Health Science Center, one of the modern nursing concerns includes workplace harassment. This is the reason why sometimes most efficient nurses leave their jobs at hospitals, depriving you of the adequate diagnosis you require for your disease.

The workplace violation causes nurses to feel psychological trauma, and such incidents are increasing nowadays. Some nurses also acknowledge violence being as a part of their profession.

Some of the issues that nurses experience consist of the insecurity of being molested, being judged by the way they dress up, and their fear of overexpressing themselves. Moreover, as nurses work for long hours every day, they face scratching, biting, kicking, and punching in the workplace atmosphere. There are greater issues in this profession since it is mostly a female-centric profession. 

  • High Patient Ratios

You may have noticed in various hospitals that with increasing numbers of patients requiring palliative care, there are fewer professional nurses compared to patients requiring less specialized services. One reason behind these current trends in nursing practice is the complexity of the tasks for seriously ill patients. The tasks for patients suffering from general illness are less complex, and hence, there are more nurse-patient ratios than in the case of patients mostly requiring palliative care

Thus, it is important for healthcare management to balance the patient and nurse-staff ratios to provide adequate healthcare access to the patients and provide them with a safer experience, and help them recover from their disease.

The management of healthcare facilities should investigate and resolve these hiring issues of nurses based on their budgeting basics of resources and funds.

  • Patient Experience

It is often very challenging for a nurse to take care of the health of the patient while safeguarding their own emotional health. This is because their physical healthcare experience interferes with their feelings and emotions. 

Moreover, if you are a patient, you may often feel that your health is not being taken adequate care of in contrast to other patients. In this situation, nurses feel more pressure to cater to the needs of all the patients. Thus the patients consequently do not feel satisfied with their services. 

Often times you may not feel satisfied with the money value of the service you receive for your recovery from the ailment. Thus, making sure that your nurses provide you the adequate services for your recovery, which you pay the hospital, is essential.

  • Exhaustion and Overworking

Some of the common issues with contemporary mental health nursing include the lack of availability of an adequate number of providers. Since psychiatric nursing is an extremely demanding profession, nurses must know how to administer medications to mental health patients. It is one of the areas that require critical thinking expertise for providing patient care.   Meanwhile, they should also know what nursing practice they should follow to provide patients with complementary and alternative healing.

Since this is a profession that requires a great deal of devotion, very few nurses opt for it. Since this is a profession that requires a great deal of devotion, very few nurses opt for it. Due to the greater needs of the patient, often, the nursing professionals feel difficulties with their mental health. This is solely because they feel pressurized and emotional distress to work with such patients. 

Very often, patients do not adhere to the needs of their mental health diagnosis. The reason behind this may be due to their social prejudice related to the treatment, as they feel guilty about it, or due to financial conditions. These are some areas where nurses face ethical and bioethical issues in nursing that make contemporary nursing roles difficult. 

Hence, nurses may sometimes feel stressed about providing patient care to those who do not follow up with treatments.

Often, the work-related stress faced by nurses may negatively affect the healing of the patient’s mental health due to a lack of quality in the service provider. It may also affect the nurse’s relationship with the patient, thereby affecting the patient’s happiness. 

  •  Fulfilling Expectations 

A professional nurse plays a great role in the recovery of the patient and in promoting patient satisfaction. Thus, in this situation, the attitude of the nurse and the rules of nursing practice play an important role in contributing to the cure of the patient and improving patient-nurse relationships.

Often, patients have unrealistic expectations from their nurses, which may be due to the intensity of the disease or the patient’s attitude. In this situation, all the members of a nursing team may not be patient, leading to behavior issues for the nurse. This may be regarded as one of the major contemporary nursing issues, and it interferes with the nurses’ ability to deliver high-quality care. 

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Why is it important to address contemporary nursing challenges?

Overcoming the present issues in nursing would not only help improve the quality of health care provided by nurses but also speed up recovery and emergency preparedness situations. This would prove to be beneficial for the healthcare industry in financial terms and help patients receive greater value for their services in the future. 

How do nursing shortages impact patient care?

Nurses often face work-related stress due to a lack of sufficient hiring, long shifts, and the increasing demands of their job role due to COVID-19. Since the majority of nurses are women, due to inadequate benefits, most of them refrain from their profession to look after their families. Thus, the lack of availability of nurses would make it difficult for patients to recuperate. 

What strategies can nurses and healthcare organizations implement to address burnout and stress?

Healthcare organizations should not arrange for longer shifts and address the issues of hiring nursing staff to ensure that the nurses’ work-life balance is not disturbed. The nurses should get adequate time to sleep and take care of their physical and mental health to provide quality service.  

How are advancements in technology influencing contemporary nursing practice?

Technologies like Electronic health records help to devise shortcut methods for reducing the traditional approach of clinical practice for monitoring the levels of medical dosage. Technology helps in avoiding making mistakes in administering medicines due to the availability of wrong information about the patient. 

What ethical dilemmas do nurses commonly encounter in modern healthcare settings?

One of the major contemporary healthcare dilemmas that nurses usually face in the modern healthcare landscape includes providing equal care to all patients for their cure. This may be regarded as one of the vital social and ethical issues faced by nurses. 

Sometimes, nurses have to choose patients as a priority to provide more attention in contrast to other patients. This may happen since some patients may be more critically ill than others. As a result, then patients with a lower priority level may feel neglected and thus face grievances from patients for receiving lower patient care. 

How do changes in healthcare policy and regulation impact nursing practice?

The quality of healthcare policy and regulation plays an important role in determining nursing practice and improving healthcare services. The rules and regulations of healthcare policies and procedures should ensure that they are favorable in terms of physical patient safety and safe for nurses. Healthcare organizations should ensure that they make realistic and ethical policies related to drug administration. This would help nurses face fewer issues in a clinical setting when monitoring the dosage of drugs. In nursing, the clinical judgment chapter emphasizes to nursing students the drug dose norms that one should follow.

Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 

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