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The Unique Nature of Leadership and Management in the World of Nursing

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Healthcare facilities all around the world are facing multifaceted challenges with providing good quality, effective and safe care and innovative technology in the future. It can only be resolved by having a strong nursing leadership who can nurture the teamwork. Strong nurse leaders or head nurses will encourage the team members to communicate and collaborate with each other on any issue rising up, help each other no matter how busy the day can be. A perfect nursing leadership definition would be showing the staff members through actions and words to never be satisfied with anything less than 100 percent.

Strong nurse leaders inspire others to work together for achieving common goals. If you ask, “What is the most common quality between nursing and leadership?” it definitely would be compassion and caring. For cultivating positive leadership style as a nurse, you need to utilise techniques like continuing your education, walk around and do proper mentorship.

Nursing leadership involves respecting and believing about human dignity. As a leadership role in nurse, it is necessary that they help the staffs to have a common vision. Nursing leadership must always be customer-oriented. The mark of effective nurse leaders is recognising the imperfection and working on developing and growing their profession.

If you are serious about the nursing profession, your nursing essay must talk about organisational knowledge, relationship building, monitoring, informal coaching and elevation of the contributions of other nurses. Your nursing essay will show the connection between leadership and patient safety. For writing standard quality nursing assignments, you can seek help from Our competent writers can help in giving a kick start to your nursing career.

5 Common Leadership Styles Adopted in Nursing Management

As a nurse manager, leadership is an essential criterion. It is a process of interaction or communication between leader and other staff. This helps them to achieve common workplace goals. Both nursing leadership and management are considered successful only when the entire team is successful. Nursing management needs to equip 3 qualities- inspirational, encouraging and supportive.  This is the best time when you should learn about the 5 common leadership styles. Identifying leadership styles will help with writing nursing assignment and also for your professional life in the future.

Here are the 5 types of leadership styles associated with the nursing profession:

  1. Autocratic leadership

Autocratic nurses have a typical boss like ruling attitude. They will make all the decisions and will give out a specific order and direction to subordinates. Autocratic nurses do not like to be questioned back. They will just discourage the questions. Around them, you will find a low tolerance for mistakes. This leadership style is best for straightforward or emergency tasks as these situations require a strong voice to provide direction. However, this leadership style is certainly not recommended when the nurse manager is trying to build trust among team members.

  1. Democratic leadership style

Nurses with a democratic leadership style need to take input from subordinates. This type of nurse usually encourages open communication. Though the manager takes the ultimate decision, the team members and stakeholders are asked to provide feedback in return. This leadership style is appropriate for building relationships with staff members. However, this is not an ideal leadership style for making quick or concrete decisions.

  1. Laissez-Faire leadership

In this leadership style, nurses adopt more of a hands-off approach to managing. This style works when the nurse team is experienced and self-directed. Naturally, this leadership style will not work well when the team members are inexperienced.

  1. Servant leadership

This particular leadership management style has shown popularity over the years. Here, the leaders target the specific needs of the members. This ensures that the staff members have specific skills, tools, and relationships for achieving individual and group goals. This leadership style applies when the team has diverse members with different responsibilities and tasks. But this does not apply when the group requires following collective directions.

  1. Transformational leadership

This leadership style works best when there is a need for making big improvements and changes. But this style is not applicable for making day-to-day decisions on specific issues.

Identifying the best leadership style will help you with making career goals as a nurse leader. Do let us know which management style worked best for you.

Qualities to Consider For Developing Nursing Leadership Role

If you are just starting your nursing career or someone who is doing an internship, you need to read this part seriously. As a nurse leader, you must strike a balance between nursing staff and their patients.

Here are a few qualities you need to consider as a nurse leader:

  • Focusing on every aspect

As a nurse manager, it will be up to you what policies you add for exploring the experience and skills of employees. Their role as a nurse would be to make the staff members understand their job without making them overwhelmed.

  • Create a healthy work environment

Like every organisation, even the nursing profession has to deal with problems like jealousy, politics, or any personal disputes. Constant conflict among the employees can hamper the spirit of the employees. Thus, nurse leaders’ needs to step in and resolve the conflict in a way that it maintains positive work environments.

  • Always be goal-oriented

As a nursing leader, you need to be always goal-oriented. This way, you can put your team members draw into a common goal.  You must also have the capability of taking human resources in the right direction.

  • Be a good communicator

Communication is a necessary skill you need to develop to ensure smooth functions among the employees. Your employees will be perfectly aware of their individual job roles which will save them from making errors in future. offers nursing assignment help where you will get assistance from top nurses. They will help you understand the intricacies of the subject and your role as a nurse in the industry.

  • Be more approachable

This is another quality that you have to master being a nurse. Your staff members must feel at ease when they are trying to approach you for discussing some problems. You are required to have a calming presence to help them understand where they are going wrong exactly.

To be a successful nurse leader or to maintain the position, you need to hone the qualities mentioned above.  Your assignments might not let you focus on developing the qualities as you should. So what you can do is give your assignment requirements to our nursing assignment experts while you focus on developing those qualities.

Valuable Nursing Assignment Tips from Professional Nursing Experts

You need to be persistent from the beginning till the end to write a brilliant nursing assignment. Nursing experts from shared a few valuable tips on writing a well comprehensive nursing assignment. If you need to master the nursing essay assignments, make sure you apply the following tips:

  1. Read the instructions carefully to understand the topic
  2. Try identifying the main points
  3. Adopt the habit of wide reading
  4. Improve your critical thinking
  5. Outline your essay appropriately
  6. Do broad research and evaluate all the resources
  7. Use academic style for nursing essays
  8. Link theoretical concepts with practical based study
  9. Do proper editing and proofreading

Create spectacular nursing assignments by following the tips mentioned in this blog. For better result, you can seek assistance from PhD writers of

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