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Making WeChat Work for Brands

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Remote and on-site marketers in China-based companies are all familiar with WeChat, the app that reigns supreme in the most populated country in the world. With the citizens of the country having access only to the social media and messaging platform of WeChat (they do not get access to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, that is), it is the single most powerful marketing platform for all marketers.

For the uninitiated, WeChat started out as an instant messaging app with voice messaging features. But it gradually started offering more. Now it is an app that lets you buy movie tickets, book a flight or train, complete netbanking transactions, recharge your phone, order food and shop – all in one dynamic platform! It has truly revolutionised the way China (and now, the rest of the world) marketed its products, and how!

Nowadays, if you are a business that is tech-savvy, you are on WeChat. Whether you are a legal firm or a day-care facility for children, the chances are that you already have a professional account on WeChat.

But how do you use it to the fullest potential? Are you really doing enough to increase visibility and rake in more visitors and conversions for your business? Read on to find out!

How to use WeChat for branding and promotions

WeChat offers three types of Official Accounts to businesses: subscription accounts, service accounts and enterprise accounts. Marketers usually do not need to figure in enterprise accounts as they are meant mostly for management within the organisation. The other two kinds of accounts and their use in marketing are as follows.

  • Subscription accounts: Let businesses send out one message as broadcast to subscribers and display the messages in the subscriptions folder
  • Service accounts: Let businesses send out four broadcast messages per month that are displayed in the friend session list

Coming to the matter of getting a good grip on WeChat marketing, here are a few smartest tricks that can get your revenue soaring like never before!

  • WeChat and its resources

Businesses around the world are operating through their business accounts on WeChat, so why should you be left behind? There are primarily two ways that you can use the multiple resources WeChat can offer you.

  • Your own WeChat website: A WeChat store is another name for a fully functional website on WeChat. It lets you extend the features of a regular website by enmeshing it with other WeChat features like payments and sharing.
  • Using the WeChat shopping feature: Shopping features let you create something akin to a WeChat store, much like themes and templates function for other websites. They help you set up a virtual store on WeChat at half the price of an actual WeChat store, and let you incorporate payment and login features as well.

Pick the one that is in tune with your purpose and serves your business goals, and you will be good to go.

  • Location-based marketing on WeChat

WeChat also offers location features on the app. It means that you can not only use location features to enlist your business, but use it to your advantage as well. For example, if you are a logistics firm, location services can be of great help if you want to stay a step ahead of the rest with location alerts sent to your users at regular intervals. It also enables you to minimise telephonic conversations with the customers regarding deliveries and arrival timings. Enlisting your business also enables WeChat users to locate your business easily when they search for relevant products or services that you can specifically help them with.

  • It is WeChat, but content is still the king

From knowing what to post for whom and when, modern-day marketing, on WeChat too, revolves around creating great content. Coming up with creative pieces that hit the right notes with the users is a pretty challenging task, especially over a dynamic platform like WeChat where users can easily move on to the next category if your brand is not appealing enough. To make sure that you rock at churning out content that is a hit with the users, keep the following in mind.

  • Make it relevant and useful for the ones going through it
  • Use more video and visual content to lure in a larger number of visitors
  • Curate fine quality of original content from WeChat itself
  • Upload content on weekends and early morning for best engagement rates
  • Engaging customers on WeChat

Customer engagement takes on a whole new form in WeChat. Brands use the interactive formats such as opinion polls and Q&A sessions to increase brand awareness and spread the creative campaign around. Leading apparel and jewellery brands are already using the interactive handles and tools on WeChat to go all out in their creative interactive advertisement campaigns. These usually ask the users to engage in some form of encounter with the brand and/or its products, based on the type of product or service they offer. For example, an assignment writing service could ask users to share their epic homework stories or anecdotes to generate interest in their homework tutoring services.

  • Getting more visitors and conversions

WeChat offers several options for improving the number of visitors to your WeChat store online. Along with standard cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns, it gives you cost-per-mille (CPM) campaigns as well. In the CPM campaign, WeChat calculates the cost of per 1000 users that see your banner or advertisement, no matter whether they engage with it. This apart, you can also use creative campaigns to share as viral content among users. Additionally, there’s the WeChat version of influencer marketing named as Key Opinion Leader advertising were you get a prominent blogger to promote your brand.

Parting words on Making WeChat Work for Brands

From curating custom content for your promotional purposes to making creative use of style templates for QR codes, there’s a lot to explore when it comes to WeChat marketing. Tapping into the vast market base that the app provides, marketers of the new age have got loads to try out for coming up with the finest marketing tactics of the current times. Go with the tips discussed above, and you will know what works best for your business. The marketing strategies of a patent leather retail chain would surely function on a different rhythm than that of an online wedding planner. Hence finding what works best for you when it comes to WeChat marketing is the first step towards establishing a stable campaign, for starters. Here’s wishing all modern-day marketers the very best for their WeChat marketing campaigns!

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