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Performance Management System Of Coca Cola

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Performance Management System Definition

The term “performance management system” refers to a systematic approach to enhancing an organization’s output through improving individual performance within the organization’s framework. It’s possible to think of it as a cycle that starts with performance planning and ends with goal setting. Performance coaching entails the management intervening and providing comments. Finally, it includes a performance appraisal, which includes documentation of the individual’s performance and criticism. 

Coca-Cola is such a company that sets a good performance management system example for its competitors.

Coco-Cola Performance Management System

As Coca-Cola grows with a rising number of employees, it is critical to implement an effective performance management system to ensure good staff management. This will improve service quality and efficiency. Some requirements are done to ensure the system’s proper operation. 

  • Employees should have a say in the system’s design and must assess its fairness level. 
  • The company should set individual and team goals to boost employee output, making people feel like part of the corporation.
  • Employees should have the ability to question how they are being led. This would encourage adherence to the organization’s aims and objectives.
  • It’s also critical to regularly assess the system to identify and eliminate flaws, and staff should actively participate in this process.
  • A performance management system aims to ensure that each employee contributes as much as possible to the organization’s success.

Background Of The Study

Coca-Cola’s external and internal environments have changed dramatically because of increased market rivalry. As a result, it is now much more important for the human resource department to execute out-of-the-box activities to improve its performance. The most important method utilized by the human resource department to increase employee performance is performance management. The current study examines the performance management system of Coca-Cola and how it contributes to improving employee performance.

Optimizing Coca Cola’s Performance Management

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Aims And Objectives Of The Research

The study’s primary goal is to determine whether the performance management system of Coca-Cola helps improve employee performance by examining the company’s human resource activities. The following are the objectives stated for the successful completion of the research work:

  • Examine and research Coca-Cola’s performance management system.
  • To assess the performance of Coca-Cola staff.
  • To evaluate and measure Coca-Cola’s employee performance procedure.
  • To investigate the impact of Coca-Cola’s performance management system on its employees.

Research Hypothesis

The following research hypothesis has been set to make the study objectives more transparent and more significant:

Hypothesis 1: Development and planning have a positive impact on Coca-Cola employees’ performance.

Hypothesis 2: An effective performance management system and evaluation will assist employees in improving their performance inside the company.

Hypothesis 3: Incentive and reward programmes improve employee happiness and, as a result, employee performance at Coca-Cola.

Literature Review

Each firm has specific goals and objectives to achieve a given level of expertise in the industry or market. They have their unique aims, missions, and objectives, which distinguishes them from other enterprises. Employees must grasp those goals and their duties and responsibilities to contribute appropriately to the organization’s growth.

Here are some study proofs to back up this claim:

1. According to Malik et al. (2010), the ideal method for continuous improvement in performance and knowledge management. The research included a literature review, a questionnaire survey, structured interviews, and a case study. As a result, four paradigms have been acknowledged, and it was concluded that DKPMPS (Distributed Knowledgeable Performance Management System) shows positive effects on employee and customer satisfaction. It also helps Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) move toward business excellence, an optimization-centric environment, and continuous improvement.

2. According to Goldstein and Lundquist (2010), Coca-Cola Company implemented a 5-year program. Following an employment discrimination complaint filed by African American employees, the Coca-Cola Company reached an agreement that established our positions as joint experts aiding an external task force in reviewing and revising nearly all human resource (HR) systems.

3. A case study was undertaken at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia to design a performance management system to give a complete IT project key performance indicator, according to Wisaksono and Wibisono (2013). It follows the PRISM methodology to guarantee that all necessary strategies, processes, and capacities are in place. so that project stakeholders are satisfied and contribute to the project

4. In 2019, Maisoni, Yasri, and Abror performed research at the Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Central Sumatra office to explore how organizational culture, leadership, and salary affect employee engagement. There were 199 participants in this study, with a total sample size of 133. According to the study’s findings, compensation and leadership had a significant and beneficial effect on employee engagement at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Central Sumatra. Employee engagement is not affected by organizational culture.

5. In 2019, Mohamed Khair investigated the impact of financial incentives on employee performance at Coca-Cola. The study population was chosen at random, and the researcher issued 120 questionnaires to a random sample of employees based on their carrier level. The study finds that firms and their managers will continue to suffer from employee dissatisfaction with their jobs until employee motivation is correctly implemented.

Research Methodology

The qualitative technique was applied to link the numerical data acquired and the offered theories or models. The study went on to use a deductive approach to explain the ideas considering numerical evidence. Because this research had clear aims, it was decided to use the positivist research philosophy. The study used a descriptive research design to interact with many participants or spectators. Surveys were done for quantitative data analysis, and interviews with Coca-Cola HR managers were scheduled for qualitative data analysis. Under no circumstances will the collected data be used for commercial purposes, nor will it be revealed or tailored.

SWOT Analysis Of Coco-Cola


  • Internationally Recognized Brand
  • Customer Loyalty is a term used to describe how loyal a customer is to a
  • Marketing and effective advertising campaigns
  • Strong Channels of Distribution
  • Market dominance


  • it is considered a potentially harmful product
  • Use of fossil fuels in the production of bottles
  • Many brands have failed.
  • a product portfolio that isn’t well-balanced


  • Increasing Consumer Demand for Healthier Products
  • Advancements in technology
  • Diversification


  • a lot of competition
  • The Dangers of Saturated Carbonated Drinks on Your Health (i.e. causing obesity)
  • Different markets’ exchange rates

Reference List

  1. Goldstein, I.L. and Lundquist, K.K., 2010. A five-year journey with Coca-cola. In Adverse Impact(pp. 490-518). Routledge.
  2. Malik, T.A., Khan, H.U., Shah, A. and Gul, S., 2010. Performance measurement using distributed performance knowledge management system: Empirical case study of Coca Cola Enterprises. International Review of Business Research Papers6(1), pp.250-282.
  3. Wisaksono, M. and Wibisono, D., 2013. Performance Management System for Information Technology Project (Case Study: NEW ROAM SR Project in Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia). Indonesian Journal of Business Administration2(2), p.67637.
  4. Maisoni, H., Yasri, Y. and Abror, A., 2019. Effect of Organizational Culture, Leadership and Compensation on Employee Engagement in Coca-cola Amatil Indonesia Central Sumatra. Human Resources3, p.2.
  5. Mohamed Khair, MEA, 2019. Role of Financial motivation on employee performance at Private Sector (Case Study: DAL Food Industries–Coca Cola)(Doctoral dissertation, Sudan University of Science and Technology).

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Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

What is a performance management system?

A performance management system is a tool for measuring and tracking employee performance over time. It enables the company to ensure that employees and departments from all levels of the organization are working together to achieve its strategic objectives.

What is the purpose of a performance management system?

A performance management system has two goals: 

(1) to increase employee performance by assisting them in realizing and utilizing their full potential in carrying out their company’s missions

(2) to offer information to employees and managers for use in making work-related choices.

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