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Ground-Rules for Framing Persuasive Speech Outline

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Delivering a speech, especially an argumentative essay, and convincing the audience about your point of view at the same time need a lot of included tricks. Your listeners accept your expressed view once they find it logical and argumentative. Often people say, framing an appealing persuasive speech outline is the key to successful speech delivery.

Think it yourself – Do you feel interested with every people delivering a speech on a trendy topic? Well, the answer is probably no! You feel connected merely when the person talks in an appealing manner and most importantly his or her views are worth believing.  An immense amount of knowledge and research is essential for designing persuasive speech outline with appropriate arguments and reasoning.

This blog presents to you a proper frame to be followed while delivering a persuasive speech. You can find tips on topic selection, the tonality of the sermon, ways to introduce yourself and many other factors, in this piece of writing.

Here, a compelling persuasive speech outline template is designed for you to understand the necessities of an appealing persuasive speech. Follow these ideas and enjoy applauds from your viewers.

Definite Persuasive Speech Outline

  • Introduce Yourself: Before any kind of speech, it is essential to begin with self-introduction. This helps people to connect quickly with you and a sense of easiness fills the gap between the audiences and speaker. While speaking about yourself, you must be warm to your listeners and use light sentences to captivate their sensory nerves. 

For example, you can crack a joke on your childhood or utter a sweet memory from your old school days. Those days are quite common for every people only the moments distinguish from each other. On sharing those glittering memories, an instant bond grows between the people and the orator.

Apart from this, you can also speak about how you used to convince your parents in the childhood with your inborn persuasive speech talent. Most obviously, a sound of laughter can be the response in this context. The basic idea to is to engage people with your wit before diluting to the exact topic.

  • Trigger the curiosity: Every notable persuasive speech outline template asks the orators to spark the curiosity amongst the listeners with a crisp and catchy statement. Letting your audience guess on your point of view for a longer period is the most foolish thing to do. The idea is to maintain a level of transparency with the audience by stating the theme on which you are about to conduct your speech. 

This actually helps the viewers to decide whether they are interested in the following concepts and ideas. Even, the benefit is for you as well. With a proper initiation, you also get a slant for your lecture that assists you to flow accordingly.

In the famous persuasive orations like famous ESPY award’s speech by Junior and Jimmy Valvano, ‘I have a dream’ sermon by Martin Luther King and many more, the same style is followed for winning attention.

For instance, stating “Blueberries help you get smarter” or “children love classic stories” or other irrelevant statements like this, you can slowly get into your topic.

  • Construct the argument: During persuasive speech outlining, trickiest of all is to frame your argument with appropriate logic and convincing your audiences with proper citations. Your oration turns interesting in true sense when you start revealing the problem. Dig deeper into the matter but, never overwhelm the spectators with the issue.

Intelligence lies in letting the audience grab your point. Pause for a while, let them think and then reinitiate on the matter. Here the speech takes a new mold! Even for a while if you lose grip on your topic, your speech may break then and there.

A persuasive speech is considered to be a call for an action that is to be predetermined by a specific issue which needs immediate resolutions. See how can you compose your problem –

  1. Clarify the points that need a reaction
  2. Illustrate the problem with vivid examples
  3. Portray the issue under consideration
  4. Include relevant data like statistics, quotations, testimonials to illustrate the problem
  5. Let your audience know about the consequences of the problem and concern them on the matter

For the sake of ensuring the speech’s success, do not disclose any solutions to the problem at this phase. Let your audience get more indulged and intrigued into the matter. Never put your cards on the table until the last phase. Only this exhibits you as a famed problem solver in the eyes of the spectators.

  • Put forth your solutions: Quite evidently, a persuasive speech outline articulates, this is the key stage of your speech when you have to produce a worthy solution to your problem. Make sure the solution is unique and easy to apply. Otherwise, the idea may seem vague to your audiences. Once you give them the space to doubt, your effort for the speech goes in vain. The responsibility is on you that the viewers must understand the difference going to come up with your problem-solving ideas. 

What should be your move?

  1. Provide a detail illustration of your solution
  2. If possible, showcase the steps that you have thought of
  3. Give a clear idea of the effect of these actions
  4. Prove your point with a prudent feeling that you are 100% percent sure on your move.
  5. Foresee the contradictory arguments from the spectators that force to compromise your point and design your logic accordingly.

For example, make your audience understand that only 21 days are enough to adopt any habit. Provide possible proofs that support your logic and break through all the counter questions.

  • Demonstrate your perspective: Now, you have to depict the changes that can come once the listeners follow your instructions. In your persuasive speech outline, script this section very cleverly. Show them the positive impacts of your pristine idea that can motivate them to follow soon. Also, clarify on the negative situation they may land into if they do not apply the solution.

Try to convince the listeners how brighter the future can be if they pay attention to your words. Besides showing the negative consequences of ignoring your words, also clear their confusions. Never leave any room for doubts – make them aware of the upcoming horrible situation.

If possible, put forward the contrasts between the future of those who didn’t listen to you and those who did. Most importantly focus on the need for immediate action. Make them understand how harmful delaying can be. Tell the benefits they can get in different spheres of life on following your guidance.

  • Importance of Action: As you are done portraying your perspective, appeal for an action to your audience. Being a responsible orator, you must set your persuasive speech outline template in a way that drives your listeners towards an immediate action. 

Tall your audience that there is nothing called Tomorrow. Don’t let certain regulations ruin your health and life. Make them understand that there is no time to hesitate as no one is going to take their responsibilities once things are out of control.

Let your spectator freely initiate an interrogative session and answers all their questions in the most possible honest manner. It seems appealing if you provide a printed manual to those who attended the oration.

  • Conclude with a message: One of the main criteria for developing a successful speech depends on the number of times you repeat the message to be given. If you are worried whether people listen to the same arguments repeatedly, then you must know there are ways to deal with it. Repeating implies paraphrasing your own words in a distinct style. If you follow any of the persuasive speech outline templates, you can observe this striking way to round off your speech. 

It is a great idea is not let your listeners lose track of what your exact message is about. You must clearly convey your message without getting bored or suspicious.

You must be very careful about your behavior while delivering the speech. Staring from body language to your brain functioning, everything must be under control. Anxiety must never grasp your temperament and you have to be cool all the time showing a sense of sincerity. is a one-stop solution for every academic writing problem!

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