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20+ Scholarships to Explore for Students with Disabilities in 2024

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The financial aspect of higher education impacts all students, but those suffering from disabilities may face more challenges and need additional support. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, over 61 million people have a disability. These incorporate physical impairments, like hearing and mobility issues, and learning disabilities, like language disorders and dyslexia. 

Again, as per the US Census Bureau, students with disabilities tend to complete Bachelor’s degrees at less than half the rate of students without disabilities. While these data result from countless factors, finances are a significant part of the issue. According to the US Department of Labor, people with disabilities over 16 years old find employment opportunities at a third of the national rate. Lower educational attainment, shortage of financial support, and increased medical expenses result in a huge risk of falling into poverty. 

To aid disabled students in combating these challenges, different schools, organizations, and governments offer scholarship opportunities and specialized funding, including those specifically tailored for scholarship essay writing. In today’s post, we have compiled a list of scholarships for students with a disability that are either general or categorized by the nature of physical or mental ailments. 

Let’s get started! 

An Extensive List of Scholarships of Students with Different Disabilities 

General Disability Scholarships 

These scholarship opportunities are awarded generally to students with any type of disability, the type of which is not specific. 

  1. BRAF Cheryl D. Conkling Memorial Scholarship 

This scholarship is dedicated to Ms. Cheryl Conkling, who loved music and education. She excelled in them despite her physical hardships from hearing loss and gamma globulin anaemia. To avail this scholarship, students must be enrolled full-time into an accredited college or university. 

Preference will be given to students with hearing or other physical impairments or students in Louisiana. The deadline is variable, and the awarded amount is $12000.

  1. Matrix Health Group Memorial Scholarship Programs 

Matrix Health Group companies provide nine educational scholarship opportunities to students diagnosed with bleeding disorders, including hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease. To avail of this scholarship, students must have applied and been accepted to an accredited college, university, or technical school in the US full-time. The awarded amount is variable. 

  1. The John Lepping Memorial Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to students with a physical or mental disability who are pursuing higher education. To avail this scholarship, applicants must attend a university, a four-year college, a two-year college, or a vocational-tech school. The scholarship is limited to New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania residents and the awarded amount is $5000. 

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) 

  1. Rise Scholarship Foundation

This is an award of $2500, which is offered to five ADD/ADHD students annually. The requirements incorporate at least a GPA of 2.5 to apply for this opportunity. If you’ve any related learning disability, it becomes an advantage. The final deadline is February 2024. 

  1. Buckley Moss Foundation 

This $1000 scholarship award is offered to high-school seniors or first-year students with ADHD. If you’re also suffering from dyslexia and dysgraphia or any other learning disability, your application chances are greater. You also need to craft a short essay. The deadline is March 2024. 

  1. The Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship 

This scholarship opportunity is $5000 over two years for students with ADHD. It is for students enrolled in a 2-year community college, a vocational or technical program, or a specialized program with LD/ADHD in the fall. The deadline is April 2024. 


  1. Autism Delaware Foundation 

In this scholarship opportunity, you will receive $1000 as an adult suffering from the autism spectrum. You need to submit a cover letter explaining your future degree and plans. The deadline is February 2024. 

  1. Autism Research Organization’s Scholarship 

This scholarship opportunity offers a $3000 amount. If you’re a full-time student aiming for a specific certification and have autism proof, you can use this award to pay for college and study differently. The deadline is May 2024. 

  1. Synchrony Scholarship for Autistic Students of Color 

This scholarship is awarded to students of color who are diagnosed with autism. He/she should attend any kind of undergraduate postsecondary education – two or four-year colleges, life skills or postsecondary programs, vocational, technical, or trade schools. The deadline is May 2024, and the awarded amount is $3000. 

Hearing Disability 

  1. Anders Tjellstrom Scholarship 

In this scholarship opportunity, you can receive $2000 annually if you’re a citizen of Canada or the US. A 2.5 GPA is needed. The deadline is October 2024. 

  1. Linda Cowden Memorial Scholarship 

This spectacular scholarship of $1000 is awarded to students who are deaf or are suffering from a hearing disability. It is a fellowship award for students who reside in one of the sixteen countries of Tennessee, USA. The deadline for this award is April 2024. 

  1. Graeme Clark Scholarship

This award was developed by Professor Graeme Clark, hence the name for this $2000 award. If you are suffering from a Nucleus Cochlear Implant, you can apply for this specific opportunity. The deadline is October 2024. 

Speech Disorder 

  1. National Stuttering Association 

If you are suffering from a speech disability, you can apply for this scholarship by writing a letter explaining the type of financial assistance required and why. The deadline is June 2024. 

  1. American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation 

If you’re a graduate student with a speech disability, you can receive a $ 5,000 award for this scholarship opportunity that can be used for tuition. The deadline is May 2024. 

Learning and Cognitive Learning Needs 

  1. Anne Ford Fellowship

If you desire to attend a four-year Bachelor’s program, you can get up to $10,000 in aid from this scholarship opportunity. You must describe your financial challenges and be active in social work. The deadline is December 2024. 

  1. Google Lime Scholarship 

If you are aiming to pursue technical majors and have a learning disability, then you can craft a short essay and get a $10,000 award. The application dates always change, so always check the website. 

  1. Allina Health Scholarship for Sensory Impairment 

If you’re suffering from a physical disability with a sensory impairment, then you can apply for this scholarship and receive $1000. To apply for it, you must craft an essay about how the award can aid your career endeavors. The deadline is May 2024. 

Visual Disorder 

  1. Lighthouse Guild 

This $10,000 scholarship reward is offered to those who aim to attend college. If you are a graduate, you will receive additional help. You need to submit medical information and 2 personal statement letters. The deadline is March 2024. 

  1. American Foundation for the Blind 

Students who are blind can apply for this financial aid of $500 to $2500. For that, you need to offer medical proof and two letters explaining your situation. The deadline is May 2024. 

Physical Disability Scholarships 

  1. AmeriGlide Achiever Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to students with a physical disability who utilize either a manual wheelchair, a power wheelchair, or a mobility scooter. To avail this scholarship, applicants must be enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students at an accredited 2-4-year college within the US. They should have at least 1 year of college experience, and the amount of this award is $2500. 

  1. Chair Scholars Foundation 

This is one of those scholarship opportunities intended for students who attend Edinboro University in Pennsylvania or Tampa’s University. If you have a severe physical disability, you can apply for this award of $30,000. The deadline will be announced in Spring 2024. 

  1. Craig H. Nielsen Fund

If you’re a student with a spinal cord injury, you may apply for this scholarship opportunity of $7000 for tuition and books. While it may not help in a loan you have a legal right to, it is still a pathway to college. You can apply by sending a letter. 

Wrapping Up, 

Whether you’re living with a mental health condition, a physical disability, or a chronic illness, this list can help you decide on your higher education. The above scholarships can enable you to make your postsecondary education more affordable. Go through the eligibility requirements and begin applying today!  

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