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Top Scholarships for Low-Income Students

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The cost of living, along with everything else, is rapidly increasing. Peopleworldwide are stressed about improving the economiccondition and living a safe life. This inflation has also affected theeducationsystem. Tuition, accommodation, and living expenses are making many studentswonder about whether they will be able to achieve theirdreams of studying abroad.

But to support this dreamand make this achievable, students have scholarships availablefor them. Based on grades, physicaldisability, ethnicity, and more, you have several options to explore.

If you’re someone with financial constraints, but looking for suitable scholarships, here are some options for you: 

  • Gates Scholarship
  • The gates scholarship is at the top of our list because this is one of the most favorablescholarships. Theyspecifically monitor students from low-income backgrounds and work towardsoffering the best education and lifestyle possible. They aim to supportstudents by offering the highest scholarship money, i.e., covering all the expenses.However, there are certain requirements to be eligible in this area. Students must have a permanent US citizenship, with 10% leading grades in the last class. Minimum GPA required is 3.3 GPA. One should also have skills in other extracurricular activities.The biggest requirement is that the administrator or professor nominates the student for the Gates scholarship. Only then can they review the candidate and proceed further.Only those planning for a full-time degree can get this scholarship.

  • Hagan scholarship
  • Next, we have another renowned scholarship, which is the Hagan Scholarship. Their goal is to offerscholarships through merit or need based. They offer an amount of $60,000. The requirement is that a student must have a GPA of 3.7 and a plan to enroll in a full-time academic course.With the scholarship, students also get work permit for 240 hours annually. Apart from just offeringscholarships, they offer free study abroad, workshops, and more to help students make the most of it.

  • Dells Scholarship
  • Next, we have Dell’s scholarship, which does not pay a hefty amount but offers plenty of benefits. Dell’s scholarship offers an amount of $20,000 for those who are planning to enroll for a full-time bachelor’s degree.They offer scholarships with a lower GPA, which are 2.4. They are fully active in helping students achieve their academic dreams and help those unable to study further due to household challenges.Apart from just the monetary amount, students also receive other perks like $ 50,000 Chegg credit, free laptops, access to child care support, tele-therapy sessions, and more.

  • TZU Chi USA Scholarship
  • This scholarship is mainly for Buddhist people. They offer scholarships with an amount of $1500 to those who have a GPA of 3. Theyofferincredible financial support for studentsplanningto enroll in a full-time degree.

  • Dream National Scholarship 
  • This particular scholarship aims at helping the students who need financial aid for high school. Students with a minimum GPA of 2.5 are eligible for this.The students who need aid for high school can get the support of about $ 16,500, while those who wish it for college can get a scholarship amount of around $33,000. They do not look for US students specifically if one is residing in US before 2016.Hence, they are the best support for students who have undocumented reports and need financial aid to complete their education.

  • College Vine Scholarships
  • College Vine scholarships are more like bonus rewards. Students must create a Vine account and apply to over 1600 colleges by simply making a profile. No additional scholarship essay has to be provided, which makes it hassle-free. They pay an amount of $2000, which directly goes to the students in their linked account. High school students are fully permitted to try this out.

  • NationalMedical Fellowship Need-Based Scholarship
  • This scholarship is for those who are medical students. Paying for medical college expenses is quite brutal in present times. Along with this, practice and classes call for extra demands. This scholarship offers $500- $10,000 to each individual. They mainly focus on low-income families with students from first to fourth year to help them outin their journey.

  • The Google Scholarship Program
  • Finally, let’s finish off with the Google Scholarship Program. This program is more than just offering financial aid to low-income families. It also focuses on helping underprivileged people and offering college placement opportunities. 

    They offer awards like Anita Borg Memorialscholarships and Hispanic scholarship funds to offer financial support to students. Candidates with a score of 3.0 gaps get $ 10k to fulfill their academic needs however studentsshould be enrolling in any degree program of full time.The only difference is that the Anita Borgscholarship is for Indian people only while the latter is for those from a Latina background.

    Apart from just scholarship, students also get career counseling, networking opportunities, and more exposure to enhance their skills.

    And there, we have named all the best scholarships students can perceive to fulfill their academic careers. Don’t let lack of money get in the way of failing your academic careers, be it high school students or natives wishing to move aboard, or those with economically poor buckhounds, we have listed scholarship options for all.

    So, keep applying, and you will get a suitable scholarship in no time.

    Do you need assistance with scholarship essays?

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