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Special Occasion Speech – A Writing Guide for Students

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Table of Contents

The Special Occasion Speech INTRODUCTION

Hook or Attention-Grabbing Statement Related To the Occasion.

  • Brief background of yourself
  • Incorporating the topic
  • Use humour elements or present a meaningful question.
  • Present a problem or fictional story.
  • Describe one of your personal experiences!

Acknowledge the Significance and Purpose of the Special Occasion

Common special occasion topics include as follows –

  • Farewell speech
  • Tribute speech
  • Wedding ceremony speech
  • Inspirational speech
  • Celebratory/honorary speech

Whatever the occasion, clearly mention and acknowledge the objective and importance of the special occasion. 

For Example –

“Weddings are special for every couple’s lives. It embarks on the next meaningful chapter of their lives. I am here to honour and congratulate both happy couples who decided to engage in the holy union from the bottom of my heart….”

Briefly Introduce Yourself and Your Relationship to the Occasion or the Honoree

Always introduce yourself casually and optimistically. It determines how the listeners will accept you for subsequent interactions. 

  • Create a near-accurate image of yourself.
  • Explain who you are and your relationship with the event’s honoree.
  • State some background info connecting you and the honoree.

For Example –

Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon. I am (your name), here to talk and honour my favourite college mentor Mr XYZ at this special gathering. I want to begin with a riveting experience I recalled this morning while thinking about today’s event.

Establishing the Context in the Speech

Include Some Background Information about the Reason for Celebration

If the event is to honour a retired war hero – add some background information and why the honoree deserves acknowledgement. 

For Example –

We all know that Wars are an unceasing evil that continues to ruin societies and countless lives. Fighting wars on the front line takes immense bravery and a big heart. For all my time knowing Mr ABC, I can proudly say no one fought as bravely as him during the Battle of XYZ that took place for 7 days. I heard from Mr ABC’s son that he was shot and severely wounded on the 3rd day of the war. He took the shot in his shoulder, trying to save a fellow soldier from a bullet that would have killed him.

Mr ABC was issued a return order due to his severe injury, but he refused to return while his brothers-in-arms fought in the face of death.

Let us all take joy in acknowledging Mr ABC’s bravery and contributions, even when injured, to help win the war. His historic contributions and legacy will live on to inspire new generations.

Explain the Importance of Historical Significance of the Occasion

Highlight with specific facts, dates and historical context why the special event is significant. Also, include the role of the honoured person in the endeavour.

For Example –

Post the Civil War, My great-grandfather Curt became an avid gambler before getting elected as the Marshal in Austin City in 1880. My Grandfather’s name was registered in Austin’s history. Even today, as people visit Austin city, they can see some historic buildings that my Grandfather visited and helped protect during the Civil War.

Today (the chosen day of the honorary event) was his funeral, which saw thousands visiting and giving their final farewell to one great-war hero of his time 120 years ago.

Highlight the Achievements, Milestones, or Qualities of the Honoree or the Event Itself

  • Share something refreshing about the honoree (from your past recollections). 
  • It could be the person’s contribution to your life or his unwavering support throughout the days you’ve known him. 

For Example –

“As I stare at the audience gathered here today, I can say that I am proud to stand here in front of my mentor’s honorary event. I am thankful for everyone who came here today. There are 2 things I would like to share about Mr ABC from my recollections.

Firstly, Mr ABC was there during my admission assessment, where I (nervously) gave my first-ever introduction speech. Secondly, Mr ABC was the one who discovered my knack for public speaking and helped me refine my skills during college. So whatever I am today, it is because of my mentor’s selfless contributions.”

Mentioning Personal Connection in the Speech

You must introduce your relationship with the acknowledged person early in the speech. 

It presents clarity among the listeners. Plus, it also creates eagerness and anticipation within the audience. 

Here are some elements to incorporate into the special occasion speech.

  • You can share personal memories, happy experiences or momentous anecdotes about the honoree.
  • You can show gratitude or appreciation for the person’s influence and role in improving your life. 
  • You can even include how your relationship with the honoree made you and others connected to you better and responsible human beings.
  • Furthermore, you must mention the special person’s defining qualities, persona and contributions to society. 

How you express your views is something only you can decide. 

However, incorporate these facets into your honorary speech and speak from the heart. Show the audience why the person in focus is worthy of respect, adoration and acknowledgement.

Use your recollections as evidence to prove your point.  Both the honoree and the audience will admire your efforts!

Including Inspiring Messages or Lessons on the Special Occasions Speech

  • You must highlight the values or virtues demonstrated by the honoree and their relevance to the occasion or the audience. 
  • So, ensure your special occasion speech (depending on the type of event) features words of wisdom and encouragement for the special person. Consider leveraging professional speech writing services to ensure your words are not only memorable but also impactful for the occasion.

For Example –

Mr ABC is a special person. He has always been one to stand up for those needing support. He never discriminated against anyone and always strived to manifest positivity, friendliness and compassion within others (including me).

Your compassion is a gift, Mr ABC. You taught me there is always a way, no matter how bleak things seem. I will carry your teachings with me as I march forward. You made me an independent and self-sufficient individual. I can’t ever repay you for your guidance. But I will honour your legacy and teachings till my last day on earth.

  • You can share your wisdom and advice with the audience. You can make it interesting by including inspirational quotes, stories, or examples that align with the occasion. 

For Example –

Mr ABC taught me that success is hard-earned. There are no shortcuts. His words mean so much to me even today as I honour this great man before you.

I would also like to share something MR ABC said to me 12 years ago with my lovely audience. Hard work and self-honesty are the keys to achieving anything. One can lie to the whole world, but one must never lie to oneself, especially about what one can do and what one can’t.

Presenting Acknowledgments and Expressions of Gratitude in Special Speech

  • Identify and express gratitude to groups and individuals who’ve significantly made this event a huge success.
  • Bestow appreciation to the special individual for their contributions, accomplishments, or impact. Don’t forget to thank the audience for being there and inviting you to speak. 

For Example –

“As GOD, my witness, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who helped organise this special occasion. I love you all and am grateful you invited me here to speak for my mentor, Mr ABC. He is an optimist, a humanitarian, a decorated war hero, a loving son, husband and father.

Thanks to him, I can see my purpose and possess the zeal to accomplish it no matter what.”

Conclusion of the Special Speech

What to Include?

  • Surmise every crucial point, message or theme explained in the speech.
  • Include a heartfelt message for the special person.
  • Share a strong quote to leave an imprint on your audience.

For Example –

(After surmising every key detail from the above section)… you write

Every person here desires to be good and make their life/existence matter. But at times, we need a push from someone special. For me, the push came from Mr A. And today, I try to follow in my mentor’s footsteps and help those needing a push.

Disappointments and setbacks will always be a part of life. But to stand up and face those challenges is what courage means. As I wrap up, my final advice is never to give up and always believe that you can achieve the impossible.

Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students:

What are some common types of special occasion speeches? 


  • Presentation speech
  • Acceptance speech
  • Dedication speech
  • Toast Speech
  • Roasts speech
  • Eulogies 
  • Farewell speech
  • Goodwill speech

Need help crafting any of these special occasion speeches? Our tutors are one phone away. Connect with our experts today and get customised speech help. 

How do I prepare for a special occasion speech? 


  • Practice giving your speech in front of your friends or siblings.
  • Ask for feedback and incorporate them to make your delivery more compelling.
  • Understand your listeners and tailor the speech per their suitability.
  • Work on your pronunciation and tone.
  • Be careful of what humour to include and what to exclude. 
  • Gather legit evidence to make your message relatable and meaningful.
  • Practice handling Q and A sessions. 

How long should a special occasion speech be? 


Ideally, your speech must not be too long. So, it’s best to keep it short, crisp and direct to the discussion. Good, impactful speeches for special occasions are typically 10-15 minutes long. 

What should be the tone of a special occasion speech?

The tone for your special speech must be welcoming, optimistic and warm. You can use PATHOS to connect with your audience’s hearts.

You can also adopt a humorous/pleasant tone.

How do I structure a special occasion speech?

Ans. Disorganized speeches don’t work well with listeners. So structuring the speech becomes crucial. 

Organize them into 3 parts.

  • Introduction (10% of the speech)
  • Body (80% of the speech)
  • Conclusion (10% of the speech)

How can I engage the audience during a special occasion speech? 


  • Start strong with a powerful statement.
  • Convey an interesting fact, a funny story, or a real-time fact related to their lives.
  • Use quotes, jokes or analogies that touch their hearts.
  • Describe an interesting character or scenario 
  • Make the audience interact with you. 
  • Provide evidence to substantiate your points.
  • End meaningfully and prompt action among the crowd. 

What are some tips for delivering a memorable special occasion speech? 


  • Introduce yourself properly and acknowledge the celebrated person. 
  • Make eye contact with your listeners.
  • Don’t just read and recite your presentation blatantly. 
  • Make it engaging for the readers using quotes, humour elements, personal experience, heart-touching statements, or with real-time data. 
  • Communicate with your listeners and share ideas. Make their time worthwhile.
  • Tailor the speech for your audience.

How Do I Incorporate Humor Into A Special Occasion Speech?


  • Invoke suitable humour suitable for the audience.
  • Avoid humour that doesn’t aim at a specific section of the audience. Make it general.
  • Don’t ruin the fun by using profanity.
  • Don’t invoke humour on taboo subjects (religion, politics, class, etc.)
  • Use yourself as the humour subject.
  • Make jokes on matters you’ve earned to laugh on.

How Do I Make My Special Occasion Speech Personal and Meaningful? 


  • Choose your words carefully.
  • Tell a funny/personal/relatable story.
  • Properly acknowledge the person celebrated.
  • Keep templates to organise thoughts, ideas and supporting evidence.
  • Refrain from using difficult or explicit language.
  • Adapt to the audience and occasion.
  • Use visual aid and rhetorical devices.
  • End the speech well.

How Can I Handle Nervousness Or Stage Fright During A Special Occasion Speech? 


  • Be clear on the speech topic.
  • Be organised.
  • Focus on your speech delivery and material than the audience.
  • Know your listeners.
  • Diligently rehearse in front of the mirror or with your friend.
  • Stay positive and keep visualising your success.
  • Take deep breaths and release your muscle tension.
  • Get proper sleep.

Can You Provide Some Examples Of Famous Special Occasion Speeches? 

Ans. Connect with us and get real-time examples of special occasion speeches. Our resource database comprises numerous examples. 

Without delay, state your requirements and get access to numerous speech examples. 

What Are Some Ways To Conclude A Special Occasion Speech On A High Note? 


  • Surmise all main points in the conclusion.
  • Finish the speech with a Call to Action.
  • End with a good story, an inspiring statement/quote or a relatable/personal story. 
  • Invoke laughter among the audience.
  • Achieve closure and finality.

Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 

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