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Using Examples in Your Assignment

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Your professor has asked you to include more and more examples in your assignment, and you are now wondering how many examples are too many example!

Well, using examples to demonstrate what you claim in your assignment is essential. However, you need to find the thin line of balance of using examples in the right place. You certainly do not want to overwhelm the reader with too many examples.

If you are wondering how to achieve that balance, this blog will answer all your questions. So, read on to understand the significance of examples in your assignment and write quality assignments.

Why Examples are Important – A Brief Idea

Here are the points which will give you a basic idea of why teachers lay so much stress on you, including enough examples in your assignment –

  • No one finds writing assignments particularly difficult; anyone can do it. But using examples is crucial to make it look more engaging and appealing to professors or any other reader. Most of the time, using them can completely alter the narrative.
  • Using examples or genuine quotations can not only improve the quality of your essay or make it easier to read, but they will also assist you in avoiding plagiarism. Your document may be plagiarised if it contains information that was stolen from unreliable sources without a suitable example to back it up.

On the other hand, there is little risk of being accused of plagiarism if you make a compelling claim that is supported by a useful example and is drawn from a reliable source.

  • In addition to making your project look more spectacular and well-crafted, using the right examples or evidence also shows that you have done considerable study. It is impossible for someone who hasn’t done a lot of studies to come up with a better writing strategy, such as citing examples to support their argument. The only way to offer better examples with a clear explanation of each piece of information and figure included is through thorough research.
  • You may have noticed that the majority of the time, even the most complicated arguments or assertions are clarified in a way that is much simpler just by citing examples. It’s simple for readers to relate to and comprehend. Therefore, never forget to give instances anytime you need to support your argument.

Master the Art of Using Examples to Back Your Assignment

Your carefully crafted arguments will fall apart if the readers can’t even connect to the ideas you have expressed. That’s why using examples to back your assignment is so important. From improving the reader’s understanding to supporting your arguments, examples have much to offer. Let’s check out how you can add these to your assignment to improve its quality.

Assignment Example – Recruitment Process For Human Resource Generalist Position

Check This Assignment Example

View Sample

Here comes a more detailed explanation of the same.

A. Examples Enhance Understanding

Often just stating the facts and giving an explanation is not enough. Examples that elucidate the explanation further help the reader understand better. Consider the following example –

While explaining descriptive essays, one student says

The descriptive essay is a type of essay where the student is asked to describe an item, person, place, event, feeling, circumstance, etc. The ability of the learner to write an account of a specific experience is encouraged by this genre.”

On the other hand, another student also says the same thing but in a different way –

 “The descriptive essay is a type of essay where the student is asked to describe an item, person, place, event, feeling, circumstance, etc. The ability of the learner to write an account of a specific experience is encouraged by this genre.

For example – The place shares similarities with Yosemite National Park, the Swiss Alps, and the English countryside. My ideal location has plenty of clean, abundant air odours of flowers and wood. There are no changes in seasons there. Therefore, hats and jackets are not necessary. In this ideal location of serenity and peace, there is no one else around save me, wild animals and birds.

Every time I visit this location, I take a different route. I enjoy scaling the hill one day to reach the ledge from which I can see the entire plane below me. This location has very chilly and fresh air.”

If you think from a reader’s perspective, which do you think gives you a clear message? Inadvertently, it is the second one.  

This is why examples help in better understanding a concept.

B. Examples Demonstrate Real-life Application of Theoretical Concepts

Imagine reading about a theory and having no examples to illustrate it. Won’t it be a nightmare?

Suppose you are reading about Darwin’s theory.

There are two sets of explanations for you –

  1. Darwin claimed that all species share a common origin, that species can change through time, and that new species develop from existing ones. According to this theory, each species has a distinct set of heritable (genetic) differences from the common ancestor that have developed gradually over extremely long time periods.
  2. Darwin claimed that all species share a common origin, that species can change through time, and that new species develop from existing ones. According to this theory, each species has a distinct set of heritable (genetic) differences from the common ancestor that have developed gradually over extremely long time periods.

For instance, it seemed reasonable that the several kinds of finches found in the Galápagos would resemble one another (and mainland finches, which most likely had a common ancestor) in some ways. However, if groups of finches had been separated on different islands for several generations, each group would have experienced a different environment that would have favoured particular heritable features, such as varied beak sizes and shapes for utilising various food sources. These elements might have influenced the evolution of unique species on each island.

Now, be the judge yourself and decide what made Darwin’s theory more comprehensible to you.

C. Examples Support Arguments

Whenever you are writing a thesis, it is also wise to provide examples for every argument that you state.

Consider the following example –

When writing a thesis paper on increasing domestic violence during the pandemic, your readers will hardly be able to remember whatever you have stated if you only give statistical data.

To make it more engaging and relatable, you can mention the specific incidents of complaints filed during the pandemic or if there was any incident that received the attention of the media. This will make the thesis more worthy because the readers will know for sure that you are not making baseless claims but also giving enough points to justify the same.

Supporting examples with the arguments also prove the authenticity of your paper and portray a clear image of your extensive research for the same. If the task seems daunting or time-consuming, services like “write my paper for me” can offer valuable assistance, ensuring your academic work meets the highest standards of quality and credibility.

D. Examples Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

The ability to evaluate information objectively and reach a well-founded conclusion is referred to as critical thinking. It entails the assessment of informational materials like statistics, facts, observable phenomena, and research findings. And using examples helps in this assessment.

Consider this from another perspective when you are reading about a new concept. The presence of examples helps you to think of the concept in a more detailed and critical way. This not only helps in better understanding but also helps you memorise the concept for a longer period of time.

In the same way, when you are doing your assignment and doing the necessary research for the same, reading through examples and including them within the assignments will keep the concept clear in your head. Secure academic success with Myassignmenthelp‘s comprehensive assignment help services. Our dedicated team ensures top-notch assistance, guiding you through challenging assignments for outstanding results in your academic journey. In case there comes any such situation where you may have to explain or take part in a discussion about the assignment topic, the examples included will save your back!

E. Examples Remove Confusion and Misinterpretation

When you are using examples in the assignment, the chances of readers misinterpreting the information are almost negligible.

Consider the following example –

Say, you are describing the difference between an argumentative essay and a persuasive essay, and you only state the following facts –

Persuasive EssayArgumentative Essay
The writer aims to get the reader to agree with his / her personal perspective.The writer aims to get the reader to accept his / her perspective as truth.
Opinions are blended with facts, all in an attempt to convince the reader that the writer is “right.”Relevant reasons and credible data are blended to demonstrate the writer’s argument as valid.
The writer has an intended audience to address his request or need. Who can give him what he wants?To write an argument, the writer doesn’t need an intended audience. The writer is satisfied with simply “putting the truth out there.”
Since the writer is communicating directly to a person, group, or organisation, it’s common to use first-person (i.e., I) and second-person (i.e., you) points of viewWith no specific audience in mind, this more formal writing addresses the multiple sides of an issue using the more objective third-person point of view.

While this comparison is quite good in itself, you can take it up a notch by adding examples of both types of essays at the end. At the end of the table, you can give two sections as mentioned below –

Example of an Argumentative Essay

Topic – Should Public Libraries Shut Down?

Some people have proposed closing public libraries and replacing them with iPads with e-reader subscriptions as online learning becomes more widespread and more resources are transformed into digital form.

The idea’s proponents claim that it will result in financial savings for nearby cities and villages because maintaining libraries is expensive. They think more people will read since they won’t have to go to the library to borrow a book; instead, they can just click on the book they want to read and read it from wherever they are. Libraries won’t have to purchase physical copies of books since they can just rent out as many digital versions as they require, giving users access to a wider variety of resources.

But using tablets to replace libraries would be a grave error. First, compared to print resources, digital books and resources are more problematic and are connected with less learning. According to research comparing tablet and book reading, tablet users read 20–30% slower, remember 20–20% less information, and comprehend 10–15% less of what they read than those who read the same material in print. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that gazing at a computer for an extended period of time is significantly more likely than reading print to result in a number of health issues, such as blurred vision, faintness, dry eyes, headaches, and eye strain…(continued)

Example of a Persuasive Essay

Topic – Why students should eat breakfast every day?

Many people skip breakfast, and young people, in particular, frequently do this.

Many people skip breakfast because they think it is unnecessary or claims that they don’t have time for it. Everyone should eat breakfast before heading out to their activities, in my opinion. This essay aims to demonstrate the value of breakfast, particularly for students. POSITION STATEMENT

Your health is the primary justification for eating breakfast before heading to school. It’s not healthy to go through the day on an empty stomach. So, when you skip breakfast and go to school, you are setting yourself up for illness. It’s crucial to have a meal and avoid letting your stomach get too empty.

If you skip breakfast, all you’ll end up with is gastritis and plenty of health issues.

You should have breakfast since you need to eat in order to do effectively in your classes. You don’t have any strength or energy. Therefore, your body and mind won’t work as well as they could. When you try to learn something while feeling empty, it will be quite difficult for you to succeed. (To be continued)

These types of examples below the table of comparison will help the readers understand each point better. Unlike the examples shown above, you can write full essays. But that will be time-consuming. What you can do is give portions of essays to justify all the points you have mentioned. Another way you can do this is to give portions of the essay after each point of comparison. This will be even better.

End Note

Examples are very important irrespective of the type of assignment you are writing. Examples make your assignment more compact, easier to understand and worth the attention of the evaluator. They prove the authenticity of the paper and make sure that there is no point for the evaluators to question your efforts. Additionally, when you are using examples, it lessens your labour as well. Instead of lengthier chunks of explanations, you can only give examples for a better and crispier impact.

So, give more examples and keep the above points and structures in your head while doing so. This will make it more convenient for you.

Cooper Robinson

Hi, I am Cooper Robinson. I am a full-time academic writer with expertise in essay writing. Having completed my Master's degree, I worked as an English professor. For six long years, I had been reading hundreds of essays with repetitive content, zero creativity, and full of copied facts. Listing Now, I am on a mission to make all those dull essays sparkle, so that students do not miss out on top grades. I'veI've written a couple of guest posts on essay writing for prominent academic writing sites. Apart from English essay writing, I love coffee and sushi. When I am not making essay warriors out of students, I am probably off to some fishing or biking adventure. 

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