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ChemMatters Article: SCH4U Course Task Details

Overview of ChemMatters CTA

The CTA for this course will entail three parts which will be published, shared, and performed at predetermined dates. This CTA will comprise 30% of your final course mark. 20% of the CTA will be based on the student product/observation (for 2 of the 3 parts), while 10% (for 1 part of the 3 parts) will be based on your presentation to the class. Part 1- ChemMatters Article: Due on January 10th, 2022 Your Task: • You will choose an article from ChemMatters that discusses an everyday topic and how chemistry applies to it. Below is the link: • On the website, you may click the “Issues” or “Articles by Topic” to find out what might interest your curiosity. You will read thoroughly the selected article and then answer the following questions: 1) What is the main point of the article? 2) Explain in detail the importance and significance of the chemical being discussed in this article. Note: When multiple chemicals are described in an article, avoid choosing to describe common substances like water. The ‘main chemical’ should be unique. 3) How is this article related to any of the units we studied in our course (SCH4U)? How did SCH4U course help you better understand the content of your article? 4) For the main chemical, provide the relevant reaction(s) in which they are involved. Also, as appropriate, provide any of the following: (i) If an organic molecule, draw the molecule. What functional groups are present? What type of organic molecule is it? (ii) If an inorganic molecule, draw the molecule. What is its 3D shape (VSEPR)? (iii) If an element, write out the electron configuration. (iv) If an ionic compound, describe the crystal lattice structure. 5) If there were no chemical reaction(s) described in the article you chose, research and describe briefly a chemical reactivity of the chemical in another context (i.e. other types of reactions it might be involved in). 6) Write down (a) question(s) about the subject matter in the article that you would like to ask or clarify with the writer if given the opportunity. (Good Example: “Can any other less- expensive metals besides gold and platinum be used in conjunction with lasers to destroy cancer cells?” Bad Example: “Do you like what you do? Is it fun?”) 7) In no more than two sentences, provide a compelling reason that the person reading your review should read the article you selected

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