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Castl Pharmasceuticals Launches New Hand Sanitizer Product

Problem Statement

Project Name: 'Launch of new Hand sanitizer product by Castl'

Hand sanitization is extremely important for countries and organisations in today’s scenario of healthcare concerns. Hand hygiene is important too since it’s contagious nature the airborne bacteria droplets from coughing or sneezing spreads rapidly. It's critical to disrupt the virus's transmission cycle, especially in cases like a pandemic breakout, being witnessed by each and every country. By using adequate hand sanitization as precautionary measure and using right certified products we can fight the situation together. Because of the infectious nature of the NOVEL CORONAVIRUS, it has become a major worldwide public health problem, prompting widespread usage of hand disinfectants. Alcohol-based compositions comprising 62 percent–95 percent alcohol are the most efficient hand sanitizers because alcohol denature microbial proteins and has the potential to neutralise viruses.

Castl Pharmasceuticals Launching a New Product Castl Sanitizer Which Is Alcohol – Based Sanitizer. Castl Sanitizer Contains 75% Alcohol And Fragrance. Castl Pharmasceuticals Decided To Launch This Product In International Markets, Keeping Nigeria, China And India As Prime Targets For Business.

Problem Statement/Issues the Project Aims to Address (if any):

  • Changes in the WHO guidelines regarding hand- sanitizer
  • Different countries have different fragrance choices
  • To acquire a better understanding of the present market of other countries and its prospects.
  • Sudden increase in demand of hand sanitizer around the globe

High Level Measurable Project Goals (2 -3 maximum) : 

  1. Product is expected to get medical device and pharmaceutical regulatory clearance by Q1 2022.
  2. Manufacturing plant is expected to run full capacity and mass production by end of Q3 2022.

Project Scope (In Scope and Out of Scope):

In scope:

 -Research and development of product -Product manufacturing
-Opening party/launch party planning
-Forming and maintaining business relationships with vendors – wholesalers, raw materials production companies, suppliers
-Distribution of sanitisers to hospitals, healthcare organisations, hospitality businesses e.g. hotels resorts commercial IT hubs as promotional activity.

Community awareness events online and offline packaging design and manufacturing (can be outsourced)

Creating Official Website for the new product (can be outsourced).

Structure of different shapes and size of bottles bigger than 60ml.

Changes in government policies and regional diverse polices.

CASTL Pharma is planning to start the project on (project start date), only if the legal sanctions are in place as estimated. Obtaining license and required permits to start the business is first remarkable milestone where the project team will get a green flag. Similarly, receiving Health and Safety approvals on the tasters created by inhouse team will be one more important development in this project after passing them through all required assessments. CASTL will be taking up early phases at the small-scale office arranged on lease initially in three countries involved. A month before the commencement of product manufacture, Contractor on board will complete the construction of a standard sanitizer production plant in China. It’s the key activity on the board which will define market launch social promotional events date and planning. The project manager and team can count on timely completion of these milestone activities to effectively execute the project plan. 

Assumptions, Constraints, and Dependencies (i.e., issues on which the project is contingent):

Time Constrain will be the most valued point which will control the final testing and license of sanitizer also. Regulatory requirements mention 20 to 30 seconds using appropriate technique when hands are not visibly dirty or wet. (lexology, n.d.) Maximum effect will be expected in minimum time required to perform such disinfection of hands. This will be a challenge and lot of iterations will be required to achieve projected results while developing our new product. (World Health Organisation, 2005-2006)

The success of new sanitizer product and acceptance of it in the market will rely on the type of alcohol used, the concentration of alcohol, the contact time, the volume of alcohol used. (World Health Organisation, 2005-2006) A detailed R&D on this principle and arriving at an expedient decision keeping in mind raw chemical costs and procurement plan will form critical part of project development.

We are assuming that even in the post pandemic situation, the routine will mandate for sanitization products and the business returns will not get hampered by drastic difference. A sharp decline in use of sanitizer and the purchase is not predicted, as awareness in public for healthcare will inculcate permanent behavioral changes.

Anticipated Hard and/or Soft Benefits: 

  • Hard Benefits:
  • Increase numbers of stakeholder from diverse countries.
  • Increased revenue in the fast-growing market of highly demanded sanitizers.
  • Soft Benefits:

- Demand for fragrance-based sanitizers is increasing.

- In the healthcare industry, the consumption of sanitizing goods has increased dramatically.

- CASTL sanitizers are low in price as compared to other sanitizers.

- The mission of CASTL sanitizers is to keep the community safe from viruses while also maintaining hygiene. As a result, the community will recognize our brand, and our company will get a particular reputation in the market.





Fixed Assets




Factory Space Lease per year








Mixing Equipment




Furniture and Fixtures





Total Fixed Asset Cost



Operating Capital




China WFOE & license




Pre-opening Salaries and Wages




10 ton Raw material

10 ton



General liability and products liability insurance

per year



Electricity & Utility Deposits




Advertising & Promotions




Shipping Freight





Total Operating Capital



Salaries and Wages




Full time employee




Part Time employee & contractor





Total Labor Cost




Total Cost








 Sale Price

Allocation / Bottles



RMB 30/bottle




RS 75/bottle




150 Niara/bottle





 Total Estimated Revenue



Customers and other Stakeholders :

Our main markets and customers are in Nigeria, China and India.

The main stakeholders for this project are:


Government & Regulatory agencies in India, China, Nigeria.

Project Investors.

CASTL Pharma Inc. Includes higher management, PMO, financial department, legal & regulatory department, and others.

Contract Manufacturer includes PMO, financial, supply chain, legal & regulatory department and others.

Raw material suppliers and vendors.

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sales chat