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SODV2203 Introduction to Game and Simulation


Create a game like Pac Man Using Unreal engine (Software for making the game).


In Pac Man, the player must run around a maze collecting dots while dodging 4 ghosts that are searching for them. If the player collects all the dots, the player wins the level and moves on to the next level. If a ghost catches the player, then they lose 1 of their 3 lives.

Create a game like Pac Man starting with the third-person template. Create an interesting maze for the players and ghosts to navigate. Create a �dot� pickup that the player must collect and fill the maze with dots. Each dot the player collects gives them 10 points.

Create a NavMesh for your level and build an AI that is designed to search for and chase the player.

Create a UI for your game. You should have a title screen from which you can start or exit the game. During gameplay, the HUD should display the player�s score, current level, and remaining lives. Create a pause menu that lets the player resume the game, return to the title screen, or exit.

When a player collects all the dots, they move on to the next level, which is a copy of the same level, but the ghosts move a little faster. If the player is caught by a ghost, they lose a life and the level is resumed with the player and ghosts reset to their starting positions. If the player loses their last life, they should be returned to the title screen.


As an AI language model, I cannot physically create a game like Pac-Man using Unreal Engine. However, I can provide you with a basic guide on how to get started with creating a Pac-Man style game using Unreal Engine.

  1. Getting Started:

First, you need to download and install Unreal Engine from the Epic Games website. Once you have installed Unreal Engine, you can create a new project.

  1. Project Setup:

In Unreal Engine, create a new 2D side-scrolling project. This project should contain basic assets like a player character, enemies, and collectibles.

  1. Creating the Environment:

In your new project, create the environment for your Pac-Man game. You can create a maze-like level by placing walls, doors, and paths using the level editor.

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