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Unravel Programming Intricacies with Our Assignments Programing
Course Code   :  KV7002
Course Title   :  human-computer interaction for social change
Ref style  :  IEEE
4/5 star rating

Part AIn This Assignment, You Will Be Required To Conduct Secondary Research In Order To Develop Understandings Of a Particular Social Issue Or Context. This Can Involve, For Example, Online Research, Reading Academic Articles, And Reading Books. The Topic Of The Secondary Research For This Assignment Is Food Poverty In The Uk. This Could Include, For Example, Data On Experiences Of Food Poverty And Effects On Everyday Life, Organisations That...

Course Code   :  COMP1405
Course Title   :  introduction to computer science i
Ref style  :  Open

COMP 1405 /1005 (Fall 2022 ) − "Introduction to Computer Science I" Specification for Assignment 06 Your submission for this assignment must include your full name and you r nine -digit student number as a comment at the top of the source file you submit . All source code files must be written using the Python 3 programming language . Submissions that crash (i.e., t...

Course Code   :  CSC344
Course Title   :  algorithms and complexity
Ref style  :  Open

Algorithm Correctness and Running TimeThe correctness of an algorithm depends on the input.Therefore to produce desired results,we have to enter the input expected by algorithm else it will take more time to execute.Despite correctness,running tine of an algorithm typically increases or grows with respect to input size,though it may also vary.Examples of running time include;constant,linear,exponential,logarithmic runtime and quadratic runtime. ...

Course Code   :  ST2195
Course Title   :  programming for data science
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

The Design of the InfrastructureAn overview of the business People in the society have become increasingly aware of the advantages of stock exchange. This knowledge has led to the rise in the degree of public involvement of stock business, causing the rise in stock return, volume of sales, increased threats, and risk with reported incidents of losses in monetary value, time and information among other resources, and the environmental destruct...

Course Code   :  DSCI303
Course Title   :  introduction to phyton
Ref style  :  Open

1 DSCI 303 – Project 04 Instructions Background In this project, we will be working with the Diamonds dataset. Th is dataset contains information about several thousand diamonds sold in the United States. Each diamond in the dataset has 10 attributes recorded for it, but we will only be interested in the following 5 attributes: • price - The sale s price of the diamond, i n US Dol...

Course Code   :  ER4165
Course Title   :  advanced topics in machine intelligence
Ref style  :  Open

School of Engineering Coursework Cover Sheet: Faults Detection in a Mechatronic System Students should add this coversheet, to the start of their assessment before submission through Turnitin. Seminar Tutor (If appropriate): Module Title: Advanced Topics in Machine Intelligence Programme Title: XXX Module Code: ER4165 Year of Study: XXX Academic Misconduct / Plagiarism Declaration By attaching this front cover sheet to my assessment I...

Ref style  :  Open

1 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, COMPUTING , & ENGINEERING Submission instructions Cover sheet to be attached to the front of the assignment when submitted All pages to be numbered sequentially All work has to be presented in a ready to submit state upon arrival at the ACE Helpdesk. Assignment cover sheets or stationery will NOT be provided by Helpdesk staff Module code CN7023 Module title Artificial Intelligence & Ma...

Course Code   :  IMAT5119
Course Title   :  fuzzy logic
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

Tasks:This assignment contributes 40% of your final grade.Submission is to the assignment submission TurnitinUK link in the assessments section for this module. Please note – If necessary, we will arrange 10-minute vivas (verbal exchanges) with each of you (using Google Hangout or Skype for distance students). During this we may ask about anything to do with either of the two assignments (and therefore the course content). This is to en...

Course Code   :  MSIN0097
Course Title   :  predictive analytics
Ref style  :  Open

Section A: Coursework Brief and RequirementsThis individual coursework is intended to allow you to demonstrate your ability to design and build predictive systems. You are expected to use methods that are presented in the first 5 weeks of the module. You should produce a Jupyter Notebook that performs the required analysis in a series of cells. The project should be based on the layout/format/style of the Jupyter Notebook for Chapter 2 of Ha...

Course Code   :  BIDA100
Course Title   :  Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Ref style  :  Harvard

Questions: Proposed activity – aims, objectives, research question(s), and state how it is novel Owing to the expansion of sophisticated equipment, low-cost technology, and creative business procedures, numerous research and engineering fields, medicine, business, and economics have created massive volumes of data in various forms during the last two decades. Analyzing this huge data and providing a better consumer experience with bett...

Ref style  :  IEEE

Brief Task DescriptionYou must design and implement a system to track vehicles entering and exiting a car park, calculating parking charges if required, storing the details to file and allowing functionality to produce a report for a given date with a list of number plates, enter/exit times and parking price.You should consider carefully which data structure to use for the various parts of the system. During the design phase, you should analy...

Course Code   :  CO3002
Course Title   :  analysis and design of algorithms
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Minimum Spanning Tree ProblemYou should prepare your answers electronically, in a Word document or pdf file. Where mathematical formulas, diagrams etc are needed you can use handwriting and insert them into the document as pictures, but any substantial amount of text should be typeset and not handwritten.  In line with university policy,  marking will be done anonymously.  Please do not include your name or other personally i...

Course Code   :  BUSI1693
Course Title   :  global networks and innovation
Ref style  :  Harvard

Aims There has been a dramatic reconception of the nature of organisations in the last decade, with a new focus on the central role of relationships within and beyond organisational borders. In part this has been an extension of the notion of the value chain, with detailed study of the intricacies of the inter-organisational supply chain. But more recently insights from this perspective have been supplemented by the application of the tools o...

Course Code   :  EET2350
Course Title   :  advanced technical programming
Ref style  :  Open
4/5 star rating

Question: Portfolio of success Create a massive text file of all codes (with documented comments) with individual labels.  Then in Word.doc create a Table of Contents of all the codes in the textfile.       Draw upon your own work, hand-outs, and Internet searches Focus on topics such as these: Sorting: Numbers, letters, strings or ASCII Ascending/descending Frequency Data validation: Checking fo...

Course Code   :  IMAT5101
Course Title   :  Object Oriented Programming
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

Assignment ObjectivesThis assignment counts 20% towards your module mark. The deadline for submitting your work via Blackboard  To demonstrate your ability and understanding in the following tasks: 1. To design and implement a simple class. 2. To write a test program to create instances of your class and demonstrate its behaviour. 3. To collect output from the test program runs, and comment on it. 4. To conform to Java coding conv...

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