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Neoliberalism, Globalization, and Colonialism in Roger and Me

Neoliberalism and Common Sense Neoliberalism


The aim of the paper is to look into the idea of Neoliberalism and the ways in which it has been reflected in the course of the movie Roger and Me, through the lens of different context pertinent to the time, like the imperialism and remains of Colonialism, neoliberalism, impact of the recently developing globalization and associated aspects. 

Stuart Hall & Ian O'Shea. "Common Sense Neoliberalism." Soundings - A Journal of Politics and Culture is one of the primary texts which can be referred to in this respect. In Common Sense Neoliberalism, Stuart Hall discusses the ways in which politicians were shaping their policies not in an urge to evoke popular opinion but to shape and modify it the way they want. Thus it has been evident to understand that the anger towards the bank had been done in a good sense, while contemporary Britain had been marked by the sense of social injustice. Labour policies have been considered as a crusade for the society which thereby harnessed the market for its need.

The influence of globalization in bringing about layoffs had been looked into from the cinematic lens in the movie. Michigan and Flint's death had been attributed to globalization. The event of relocation of 11 GM factories and along with that state which had been poverty stricken.

The concern of the essay would be towards using these ideas in deducing the impact of the societal changes as it has been depicted in the movie.

Roger and Me is the 1989 movie which had been set at the backdrop of the global work which had been changing constantly. Thus the concern of the essay would be towards placing the film in the context of the changes which develops it's plot. The economic devastation post the globalization, the event of globalization itself and the trend of new liberalism which had been pertinent to the place, had been a crucial source of concern.

The entire story had been told from the socialist point of view which had been deemed unethical, inhumane as plants had been relocated just in order to remain competitive in the industry. The concern of the paper would be towards understanding the ways influence of Globalization forced people to take adverse and unethical steps.

The movie would be central to our understanding of the ways in which the neoliberalism took its shape in the contemporary world.

The concern of the essay would be towards looking at Ann Laura's work which looks towards the aspects of colonialism and the impact of the same on contemporary society. The Imperial debris which had been deposited in the land which is marked by present and past histories of the colonial land which had been earlier racialists. The concern of the essay would be towards looking at this attribute of Neoliberalism which had been reflected in the remains of the colonial past marked by the attributes of racialists present and past. The idea of global financial crisis and the relation if it to transnational corporations would be taken up in the course of the discussion of the idea of Neoliberalism and the movies Roger and Me.

The paper would conduct qualitative analysis of the secondary sources as mentioned in the course of the outline. 

In the course of the discussion the concern of the essay would be dedicated to looking at many facets of contemporary social life and look at Roger and Me from the perspective of the events which had been developing the social, economic and political sphere of contemporary Mexico. The concern would be towards understanding the ways in which the remains of imperialism, globalization and Neoliberalism as socio-political propaganda would be subject of analysis in the concern of the text.

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