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Research Assessment on Criminology Topics

Comparison of Canada's crime rate with other countries

This is a research assessment whereby you are required to conduct research and write a paper about a criminology topic of your choice. You are expected to examine a topic in some depth and report on your findings.

Topics include:

Provide a comparison of Canada’s crime rate with any other country in the world. Indicate specific areas that are consistent and inconsistent.

Provide some analysis and understanding of the similarities and differences between the two countries. Career criminals are criminals with long term criminal histories. Using one of the criminology theories that you studied this semester, explain why they exist in our society.

Provide an overview and an analysis of the Government of Canada’s “get tough on crime” agenda, including the expansion of mandatory sentences, increased incarceration, and the reduction of “time served” credits.

Is this an effective method of combating crime or not? Provide an overview and an analysis of Canada’s overall crime rate over the past ten years.

Identify those crimes that have changed significantly and provide some insight into the reasons for the change. Capital punishment… clearly the debate on capital punishment continues throughout the Western world.

Provide an objective, analytical assessment of capital punishment from the perspective of cost, deterrence and public opinion.Women and crime… provide an overview of the statistical representation of women and crime in Canada.

Can we expect to see an increase in the number of women involved in criminal activity? Provide analysis and insight into this area. The relationship between social disorganization and crime.

Define social disorganization. Is there a relationship between communities that are socially disorganized and the amount of crime in the community? Is there a solution?

Crime prevention programs:

What are they? Are they successful? Link one or more criminology theory to the crime prevention process. Victims of crime in Canada…provide a statistical overview of victims in Canada.

Who is most likely to be a victim of crime and why? Identify a theory of victimization and describe how it is applied. Identify a crime trend or factor. Analyze and explain how it has evolved over a ten-year (or longer if appropriate) history.

What is deviance? Who defines deviance and who benefits from the definition? How does this process influence the legal system? If you would like to choose a different topic, you will need prior approval of the instructor.

Instructions Your individual research paper will be graded based on the following criteria:

Content — the quality and depth of research;

Style — the quality of the writing, style, citations;

Analysis — the ability to analyze and provide insight. The paper must be typed and should be approximately 2000 words.?

Please document all sources using APA style.

Writing specifics: Marks will be deducted if a paper is under 1900 words or more than 2100 words. Title page, reference list, and any appendices are not included in your word count. You may write in the first person.

Use APA format 6th Edition, including a list of references that should be on a page of its own at the end of the research paper (for more details refer to Cites & Sources: An APA Documentation Guide by MacMillan, 2017).

Your instructor will be very critical of improper citations and references.?An online APA tutorial is available from the University of Guelph Humber. Access Online APA Tutorial Write using size 12 font, double spaced.

When supporting your argument, you must use reliable sources (academic sources, peer reviewed journals, government documents etc.). Mass media are rarely an appropriate source.

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