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ENVI3131 Environmental Studies Management

  1. To learn more about an environmental science issue of interest
  2. To learn how to evaluate online sources for currency, reliability, authority, and purpose/point of view
  3. To learn how to create an interesting presentation to help others learn more about environmental science issues relevant in today’s world.
Create a short, verbal presentation based on one of your blogs (Blogs 2 to 4. Note this must not be about general climate change (blog 3) – it must be specific.
Do additional research on your blog topic. Choose the most interesting, current, and specific information you can find. In addition to the sources you had, make sure you find at least 1 scientific journal article or 1 other reliable source (article or video) from a government or reliable non-governmental organization.
Organize your information into an outline that includes the following information:
  1. Provide background information on your topic to introduce the issue to the audience. What is the environmental issue (problem) you are addressing?
  2. What are some key facts on the environmental impacts of the issue? (You could include a graph or illustration to describe them – original or from a reference).
  3. What are the potential solutions? What is your opinion of these?
  4. Other key information: What are the far-reaching implications of your issue? How might it affect people’s day-to-day lives? Other fun-facts?
Prepare an approximately 3-4-minute seminar presentation based on your outline and the information collected on your topic.

Incorporate Figures and/or visuals to communicate your ideas. Make your presentation creative, visually appealing, and engaging.

  1. Write a script to accompany your slides for your verbal presentation. It should be 350-500 words. You do not need headings, a title page or references in the script. These will be in your Powerpoint slides. The script will be exactly what you will say in the recording. This is needed for Turnitin so it should be in Word. Your script should be in Arial 12 pt font and double spaced.
  2. Your presentation should take about 3-4 minutes at a “medium speed” of 1.9 words/sec. It’s a good idea to time yourself].
  3. Do a video recording of yourself giving the presentation. (Your face does not have to show up). You can use any technology that can be uploaded to econestoga. The easiest might be to create a Zoom meeting (by yourself or do your presentation for friends and copy the link of the “Shared Screen with Speaker” – see my slides on this or Zoom will save an mp4) OR create a video recording in powerpoint OR You can present to Dr. Soto in class time (in a separate breakout room) instead of making a recording. (You would need to schedule this with me).
  4. Include the following in your presentation and script:

Put in-text citation in your slides (and figures if you have them) - see Blog Analysis Presentation Example pdf posted in econestoga and provide a Reference List at the bottom of your script (Word Document) or on last slide. This does not have to be in APA (unlike the Example). Just put the name of the author(s) name and year and the link e.g.

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