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Ice Cube Night Club - A Lively Atmosphere for Community and Fun

Business Concept

Business Concept: 
Our vision is to be leaders to customers who look for a lively atmosphere that allows them to feel inclusive in a community of individuals who share a passion for having new experiences. By providing our customers with the essential tools and resources for having a good time, such as music, drinks, safety, and a space to dance, customers are able to feel inclusive in a lively community.

Our mission is to be the leading and reputable company of club entertainment in Canada. We believe that our business idea is successful as it implements satisfaction and provides experiences to consumers in the targeted market. Our target market includes a viable atmosphere that is lively with individuals who are similar in choices, such as love for dancing. The business project is ideal in the sense that not many companies have entered the market as costs to start a club might be quite high. Therefore, startup costs and budgeting need to be considered prior to beginning the business process. We aim to compete in a differential strategy as it allows us to diversify our options across societies, we aim to be different in the way we manage the club, the external appearance, and the entertainment. 

The company is called Ice Cube. The reason for the name is because the theme of the club is basically a large cube, and the ice is for all ice in the drinks distributed around the club. One hand to another, it represents the company wherever they go. Also, Canada has a cold atmosphere, most individuals go clubbing in the winter (since winters are long), therefore, the theme, amenities, and identity of the club are represented in the name.

Management Team: 
CEO: Chief Executive Officer
Sajan is the CEO of the company. He is responsible for making the rightful decisions for the company, managing and directing operations and obtaining resources for the business. He is also considered to represent the company as he will be the reputable Officer of the company. Therefore, he will deal with all the suppliers, vendors, and investors in the company. Also, he will deal with the policies and legal acts given by the government to ensure that all decisions and actions done by the company are legal and ethical. He will ensure that he will construct a business plan that is compatible with the business, achievable, measurable, and minimizes risks while maximizing profits.

Management Team

COO: Chief Operations Officer
Parisa is incharge of the supply chain for the company. She has worked with several clubs before in Canada such as Port House and &Co. She understands the thorough processes of procurement, competitive strategies, the flow of goods and services, storage and inventory, and supply chain management. She also has studied how to operate using software known as SAP, which is ideally used in supply chain management to help narrow down the processes, manage business operations, and identify other aspects of the supply chain.

Head of Accounting Manager:
Anureet is in charge of the accounting department. She has worked in several financial institutions such as banks and has managed the accounting procedures for a large automobile industry known as, Tesla. She manages the financial statements, such as the Balance sheets and cash flow statements to ensure that the company is on budget and on track. She also manages the accounts receivable and payable in the company using the income sheet. She ensures that all vendors, suppliers, and staff are paid accordingly. She also ensures that there are no losses in the company. She must ensure that all statements are up to date in terms of audits. 

Marketing Coordinator and Officer:
Aseel will be in charge of the marketing department. Her experience begins in her Degree in Marketing Administration and her marketing experience as an analyst in Law firms, such as Parhar Law in Trust, and Realty agencies such as ReMax. Her duties involve Market analysis, ensuring SWOT and TOWS are done accordingly to maximize profits and minimize losses. She is also in charge of ensuring a reputable advertising and digital marketing strategies to attract more customers. She will be taking care of the marketing strategies and finding a method to bring out the vision, mission, and competitive advantage using online platforms, such as social media, youtube ads, and blogs regarding the matter. Moreover, working in a bank, Aseel brings to the table her understanding of sales and investing in companies. Therefore, she will help attract more investors using her sales skills and communication skills and maintain the networking with other stakeholders to help expand market share and market distribution.

Financial Head Department:
Sarah will be in charge of the financial aspect of Ice Cube. She will be the financial director in the company and will manage the ratios, profitable structure, and the assets and liabilities of the company. She will find methods for growth and ensures that the company goals in terms of budgeting and finances are up to date. She will also make decisions on investing and when to invest the company’s profit and how the money should be distributed accordingly. 

Marketing Analysis:
Night clubs are places full of life and energy for most consumers, they consist of young adults unaware of their surroundings and simply enjoying their time. Therefore, when analyzing the market for a Night Club, several things must be taken into consideration for us to have an advantage against other clubs. Indeed, the market competition for entertainment and pubs have increased due to the increase in demand for alcoholic beverages. Indeed, having the benefit of the increase in demand for alcoholic beverages plays an important role in building our club. According to Euromonitor Passport, statistics show that the alcoholic beverage sales market has increased in size since 2013. For instance, in 2013, the size of the alcoholic beverage market was around 3130 million litres while in 2016 it was 3233 million, and rose to 3290 million in 2018 (Euromonitor Passport, 2020, market size).

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