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Debate on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Laws in Several Countries

Physical pain of COPD

Physical pain of COPD

Constriction of the bronchi becomes irreversible
Close the lips tightly around the mouthpiece 


Euthanasia in the UK

Euthanasia in the UK is termed an illegal act.
Any decision concerning euthanasia must be authorized by the court although some decisions like best interest can create controversy. 
The law forbids doctors from providing a lethal injection to patients in personal interest but permits the court to authorize death by starvation (Glasper, 2020).
Good palliative care control symptoms of euthanasia. The symptoms of pain and depression when properly controlled, the person who wanted to practice euthanasia should change their mind.


The debate in Canada on assisted death laws
The diagnosed with cancer and due to unbearable pain from the breast cancer
Choose from the two equally disgusting choices of life from Canada's legislation on medically assisted deaths (Downie, 2021). 
The two choices are 
1.painful death 
2.The premature death.

Canada's assisted death laws have been in practice for several years whereby 3700 people have used this to meet their deaths. 

It is a debate that saw clinicians and bioethicists come together and discuss the way to help some of those who requested physician-assisted death. 

The clinicians and bioethics have been able to transform several individuals from this nightmare and forget these wishes and be able to live a contented life (Webster, 2016).
The argument with this assisted death law is that it should be used when the implications of the late-stage consent of cancer look very disturbing like in the case of Audrey Parker.


Argument on people living with psychological pain on the incapability of making decisions
1.Netherlands- it allows physician-assisted suicide in the cases where the patient experiences unbearable and lasting sufferings.
2.Belgium- it allowed physician-assisted suicide for nonterminal patients when the suffering cannot be alleviated 
3.In Switzerland, assisted suicide is legal and remains the only rule that does not require the involvement of a physician in the process (Porter, 2018). 

a)The Swiss high court provides the opinion of perpetuating the right of those distress from incorrigible, enduring, and unadorned psychosomatic disorders to end their own lives.  
b)The court gave an order for a thorough psychiatric evaluation if the plaintiff wishes to end their life.
c)The orders were to evaluate if the set standards are met for the wishes.
d)The decision has been backed up by both cohorts and adversaries (Simpson, 2018).
e)Some principles are set in favor of legal assisted suicide which is extended to their rights.
f)In minimizing human suffering, the patients are helped in deciding to prefer dignified death rather than future suffering. 
g)In maximizing individual self-rule the psychiatric 
h)The patients should be helped in thinking rationally.
i)Helping the patient to be a competent individual for the procedures of psychiatric.


How to set rules like Belgium about euthanasia
The request should be two ways whereby there is a written request and an advance directive
Should be performed by a physician
There should be a procedure to follow
The set limits for minors (Hamarat, 2021).

Other causes of pain that may warranty euthanasia
Malicious and non-malignant diseases
Mental and physical disorders

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