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How to Adjust Margins and Insert Text in Microsoft Word

Step 1: Adjusting Margins

1. Within the downloaded file Assignment 1_Blank Document click the layout tab. In thepage setup group, click margins, and then click custom margins. In the page setup dialogbox, press tab as necessary to select the value in the left box. Type 1.5 and then press tabto select the value in the right box. Type 1.7 and then click ok.

2. Type Positions Available for Introduction to Computers Inc. and then press enter twotimes. Type the following text: Introduction to Computers Inc. is creating a documentaryon photography in Hamilton. Press enter.

3. On the ribbon, click the Insert Tab. In the Text group, click the Object button arrow, andthen click Text from File. In the Insert File dialog box, navigate to the student files thataccompany thisassignment, locate and select A1_text, and then click Insert. Delete theblank paragraph at the end of the document.

4. Select all the text in the document. On the home tab, in the paragraph group, click lineand paragraph spacing and then click 1.15.

5. Including the paragraph mark at the end of the text, select the first line of text – PositionsAvailable for Introduction to Computers Inc. On the Home tab, in the Font group, clickText Effects and Typography. In the Text Effects and Typography gallery, click Outlineand then click More Outline Colours. Within the Standard Tab choose any colour, thenwithin the Custom Tab choose any colour and click ok.

6. With the text still selected, in the Font group, click in the Font size box to select theexisting font size. Type 16 and then press enter. In the Font group, click the Font Colour2Introduction to Computers 1: Assignment 1button arrow. Under Theme Colours in the sixth column, click the second colour – Blue,Accent 5, darker 25%.

7. With the text still selected, in the Font group, click Text Effects and Typography. Point toShadow and then under Outer choose – Offset Top. In the Paragraph group, click Center.

8. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click Save. Under Save as, click Browse. In the File Namebox, replace the existing text with Firstname_Lastname_Assignment1 and then clickSave.

9. In the paragraph that begins A photographer¸ click to position the insertion point at thebeginning of the paragraph. On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group click Pictures. Inthe Insert picture dialog box, navigate to your files, locate and click A1_picture, and thenclick Insert.

10. To the right of the selected picture, click the Layout Options button, and then underWidth Text Wrapping click – Top and Bottom. Close the layout options.

11. With the picture selected, on the Format tab, in the Size group, click in the Shape Heightbox to select the value, type 1.2 and then press enter.12. With the picture selected, on the format tab, in the arrange group, click position andthen click more layout options. In the layout dialog box,on the position tab, in themiddle of the dialog box under vertical click the alignment option button. To the right ofalignment, click the arrow then click centered. To the right of relative to click the arrowand then click margin. Click ok.

13. With the picture selected, on the format tab in the picture styles group, click pictureeffects. Point to soft edges and then click 2.5 point. On the format tab, in the adjustgroup click artistic effects and choose Pencil Grayscale.

14. Click anywhere outside the picture to deselect it. On the design tab in the pagebackground group click page borders. In the borders and shading dialog box, on the pageborder tab, under setting, click Box. Under style choose the top style which is a solid line.

15. Within the page border area, colour arrow and then in the next to last column, click thefirst colour – blue, accent 1, darker 25%. Under apply to, be sure whole document isselected and then click ok. Click save.

16. On the bottom left of the document, insert a 1” by 1” rectangle. To the right of the shape,click the layout options button, and at the bottom click see more.

17. In the layout dialog box, under horizontal, click the absolute position option button. Tothe right of absolute position, enter 1.2. For the box beside to the right of click thearrow, and then click left margin. Under vertical, click the absolute position optionbutton. In the absolute position box, select the existing number, and then type 6.8. Tothe right of below, click the arrow and then click page. Click ok.

18. With the frame selected, on the format tab, click the shape height box. Type 3 and thenclick in the shape width box. Type 6.5 and then press enter

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