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Global Citizenship and Equity - An Assignment on Identifying One's Role as a Global Citizen

The What - Plugging Into Our World The GCE initiative connects critical thinking to industry demands – it is essentially plugging into our world.The decisions we make in our programs, our professions and our lives impacts society, the environment and social issues.

GCE allows us to explore, reflect and develop into graduates with innovative, analytical and critical skills GCE – The Why Industry Demands a Distinguished Contender The Engineering, Technology and Applied Sciences industries are focusing on sustainability ....  Critical thinking, innovation, and an understanding of the social issues that affect our industry are skills necessary to succeed.Centennial College is preparing learners to be able to utilize and demonstrate these skills upon graduation with a GCE portfolio.

Each semester you will have a course(s) that has an assignment/lab with a GCE reflective part that is linked to one of the six learning outcomes. This assignment is an opportunity for you to see how social issues affect us, and in turn, how you can affect
others. GCE – The How:Showcasing Your Skills Each GCE assignment, once marked, will go into a binder – called a GCE Portfolio. You will receive a notation on your transcript upon graduation stating that you completed the GCE requirements and you will have your portfolio to demonstrate to potential employers that you are a distinguished contender.

• In order to identify one’s role as a global citizen, one must be able to first identify the extent of globalization. One such case is the global international trade in commodities.  For your GC&E 
Assignment report, note and apply the following. 
1. Each student is assigned one particular commodity that can be typically found in groceries and supermarkets.  Your assigned commodity is posted on eCentennial.  You can only use the 
commodity assigned to you, otherwise your report will NOT BE MARKED.  You cannot change it, or exchange it with another student’s assigned commodity.   
2. Use the Internet to research your assigned commodity.  You need to determine where it is produced, where it is consumed, and  how much of it is exported and imported between which countries and to present this information as a diagram that clearly indicates the global aspect of where your commodity is produced to where it is consumed.  
3. Consider your commodity in its basic form, in which it is commonly traded.  You might exclude some versions, as you see fit.  You can add comments to clarify your approach to this.
4. Start by determining how much of  your commodity is produced by which countries. You can use the most recent data, or the pre-COVID data.  Express this as the percentage of the total 
global annual production. For example, out of the total global annual production of oranges, 11%  is produced by country A, 8% by country B, and so on.

How does this assignment help in developing global skills?

5. Roundoff to the nearest one percent.  Do not use fractions of one percent.  For example,  27%, not 27.3%.
6. Since there are about 200 countries in the world, many of them will produce less than 1% of your commodity.  So, combine countries into geographic groups, as you see fit.  For example, 
West Africa produces 14% of the total global annual production of lemons.  You can exclude countries that have an impact that you deem to be negligible. 
7. Determine how much of  your commodity is consumed by which countries (or groups of countries).  Follow what is described in Items 3, 4, and 5. For example, North America consumes 25 
% of the total global annual production of pears.  Note how much of your commodity is consumed in the same country (or group of countries) where it is produced.   
8. Determine how much of your commodity is exported from one country (or group of countries) to another country (or group of countries). Follow what is described in Items 3, 4, and 5.  For 
example, 18% of the total global annual production of parsley is exported from North Africa to Western Europe.  
9. Note that a country (or group of countries) might consume its entire production of a commodity.  Or it might have a surplus that it exports, or it has a shortfall it makes up by importing. 
10. Now the main part of the report is the diagram that occupies one single page of your report.  This diagram carries two thirds of the report mark of 5.  It must be your own diagram.  Use all 
your computer drawing and drafting skills to provide a diagram that is clear and informative.  Use your own judgement as to the details.  There is no need to refer to the instructor.  
11. Your diagram should be a map of the world, either an actual geographic map, or a block map with blocks in approximate geographic location, each block showing a country (or groups of 
countries), The countries (or groups of countries) should be clearly labelled.

12. The actual percentages of the commodity and where it starts from (being produced) and where it end up (being consumed) should be  clearly indicated, perhaps by lines with arrows 
labelled with the percentages.  You should also show the percentage of the commodity that is produced and consumed withing the same country (or group of countries).
13. Use the four-page report template posted on eCentennial, with the same layout, font type, and font size indicated.  Cover all items on the title page.  The second page should include a brief 
description of your assigned commodity (2 or 3 sentences), with picture, and the data you collected in Items 3, 6, and 7 above.  Your diagram will be the third page.  Your sources should 
be on the fourth page.  Convert to a single PDF document for submission.  You can only make one submission and it must be as a single PDF document, otherwise it will not be marked.

15. The report must be completed and submitted to eCentennial /  MT-335 / Assessments / Assignment / GC&E Report, before the due date indicated in your course information document and 
also indicated on the eCentennial Assignment dropbox. 
16. There will be a 40% late penalty applied to submissions made after the due date, but before the final deadline indicated in your course information sheet and also indicated on the 
eCentennial Assignment dropbox.  No report can be submitted, and no credit will be given, after the final deadline.
17. Each student is responsible for the confidentiality of his report.  If a report is found to be identical, or very similar, to another student’s report, that will be considered plagiarism and both 
reports will get a mark of zero.
18. Each student will get back his marked report through eCentennial / Grades.

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