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Self-Reflection: The Power of Observing, Learning, and Changing


Describe How/Why This Occurrence Has Meaning For You. What Specifically About The Event Has Caused You To Reflect, Learn, Change How You Typically Approach Things, Re-Consider a Habit, Identify a Value Etc.

Self-reflection refers to the ability of an individual to carry out self-introspection in order to understand his strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Self-reflection helps in gaining new understanding based on past experiences. Self-reflection helps in developing problem solving and also helps in higher level thinking (Husebø, O'Regan & Nestel, 2015). Moreover self-reflection helps in self-improvement and also helps in creating a link between learning and practical work. The main aim of the paper is to carry out reflection related to communication skills and practices. The paper will therefore discuss about the different parts of the OOE or observation, occurrence and experiences.

Observation refers to the process of observing something or someone. The observation part discusses the good and bad part of experience (Thorpe, 2004). The bad part of the experience included lack of appropriate communication between all the members and use of one way communication by the team leader. On the other the good part of the experience was that I was happy that I got to learn so much through my team work experience. The observation part also includes analysis about the how negative consequences could have been changed through different actions on part of an individual. It also includes discussion on the causes and consequences of action (Sekarwinahyu et al., 2019). I feel that the negative consequences could have been avoided if all the team members took part actively in the entire team work process because many of the team members did not show any interest in any of the team work activities.

Occurrences include the happening of an event. The event that has happened with me includes- team formation and the entire experience are related to formation and the experiences learned during the entire process. Occurrences also includes  the activities that could have been done differently, what actually stopped the individual from doing things differently and also includes- the learning’s of an individual from an event. I feel that the entire experience could have been better if I would have communicated about all my concerns to my team leader and other members.

Experience includes relevant details of every event. I have recently been a part of a  team that was formed by our teacher for purpose of completion of project (Tesh & Kautz, 2017). While I was a part of the team I had been faced with a lot of issues such as lack of communication, one way communication on part of the team leaders and lack of trust between the team members. However, the overall experience was good as after the initial challenges we were able to reach an agreement with each other. Experiences also include discussion about feelings prior to, during and after the experience. At the time when the team was formed I was not very happy because I wanted to be in the team where my friends were there and therefore I was disappointed because I did not many the people of the team. During this experience, my feelings towards the team changed and finally I felt good about the whole experience because I had learnt a lot from the entire experience.

The action plan includes- a plan for future related to development of an individual. I have understood the importance of open communication and therefore from now on I will try to take an initiative in case of team work activities.


Therefore from the above discussion, it has been understood that self-reflection helps an individual in improving themselves through analysis of their past experiences and drawing learning from the same. From the paper, it has also been understood that self-reflection includes description of a past experiences in three main parts observation, occurrences and experiences. From the paper, it is evident that observation is the process of closely observing events, occurrence includes the happening of an event and experiences includes- gathering of learning from a particular event.


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