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Financial Proposal for Funding from a Canadian Company Involved in International Trade

Part 1 Rules and Evaluation

Not to exceed 10 pages and is done as a group assignment.

You will submit a financial proposal from a company for funding. For example, “Winpak is seeking a loan of $2.5 million at 5% annual interest to finance a $10 million transaction with F&N. You will write it from the perspective of the company, (you can write in third person) but include the “Decision” from the perspective of the bank. The company you choose must operate from Canada and be involved in international trade.


You will do this in two parts (Part 1 and the Final Report- see posted example of the final reports for all elements to include). The following should be included in Part 1.


1. Select a publicly-traded company as it is generally easier to find information on such companies.

2. Financial analysis is important - depending on the ask/structure you will need to focus your analysis on either short-term or medium-term analysis.  Make sure you pick the correct one and use at least 3 financial metrics, which supports your position.


Company Description

- What does the company do (2)

- Product (2)

- Mgmt (2)

- Experience in trade (2)

- Past positive trade transactions (2)



- What were you able to negotiate as terms? Structure of the transaction, due dates, payment terms, (5)

- Analysis of country you are trading with and who the buyer/seller is (5)

- Why are you choosing this trade transactions, pros/cons, what are  long term benefit to company (5)



- Financial overview (5)

- Analysis of fees and costs of this transaction (5)

- Financial projections with this new transaction (5)

- Possible Financing options (5)

- What the company is asking from the bank and why this is the best solution (5)




Part 2 – Final Term Report Individual - 50 Marks (15% total grade). Please use the details and outlines from Part One – Team report

Executive Summary

- memo style that captures all relevant points of the report

Be sure to briefly include from Team report/part one:

· Company Description

· The nature of the transaction

· Why are you choosing this trade transactions, pros/cons, what are  long term benefit to company

· Structure of the transaction, due dates, payment terms,

· Who the buyer/seller is


Risks and Risk Mitigation Strategies

- Country risks

- Buyer risks

- Transaction risks

- Financial Risks


Financing Proposal

- Based on all the course content, all the previous work you have completed what do you need from the bank

- How you will offer security to the bank

- How you will mitigate the risks for the bank

- Provide cost breakdown, financial analysis and borrowing costs

Capabilities “Why is this transaction going to work?”

- History of trade experience

- Management experience

- Financial strength


Conclusion. The Bank’s Decision.

Write a formal credit memo from the Bank Account Manager to upper mgmt as to the deal structure, and why it is a good risk for Bank to undertake.

- Will the bank do the deal, and explain why?



- Cover page:

- Table of Contents

- Appropriate section subheadings

- Pages are numbered

- Report has been edited for flow and uses one voice.

- Referenced properly




Final Layout:  

Visual aids do not count towards the total pages unless they contribute valuable additional information that would not be covered effectively as text.  Include visual aids if they are appropriate and properly referenced in your report.  You must reference the source of any research, pictures, text or aids.  

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