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Child Care Center Marketing Plan - Healthy Kids Center

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

It should be 3 pages.The executive summary should include:


1.Convey a clear and concise picture of the proposed venture.


2.Create a sense of excitement regarding its prospects.


3.A description of the opportunity’


4.An explanation of the business concept


5.An industry overview


6.The target market


7.The competitive advantage you hope to achieve in the market


8.The management team


9.The economies of the opportunity


10.The amount and purpose of the money being requested(the offering”) if you seeking financial financing.


2.0 The company Description


1. when and where is the business to be started?


2. what is the history (if any) of the company?


3. what are the firm’s objectives?


4. what changes have been made in structure and or ownership?


5. in what stage of development is the firm- for example, seed stage or full product line?


6. what has been achieved to date?


7. what is the firm’s competitive advantage or distinctive competence?


8. what is the basic nature and activity of the business.


9. what is the primary product or service?


10. what customers will be served?


11. what is the firm’s form of organization- sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or some other form?


12. what are the current and projected economic states of the industry? Does the firm intend to sell to another company or an investment group? Does it plan to be publicly traded company, or the owner’s want to transfer ownership to the next generation of the family?


3.0 Industry, target customer, and competitor analysis


It should include all these factors mentioned in this heading.


4.0 Product/service plan


This section should include the product or service to be provided and explains its merits


5.0 Marketing plan


SWOT Analysis of the Child daycare business


Strength (Internal factors )


Single parents of age 3 to 5 years are generally workers, who require child care, as well as there are numerous marriages and parents in that both individual work and also are in high need of Child daycare services for the children. 


The main strength of this organization is getting potential funding support from federal and also local government agencies keen to support upgrade access to standard child care (Hewitt et al. 2018). 


Regarding personal fulfillment,  another important strength of this organization and business is mainly that it presents the most creative and innovative aspects for the business holder who is capable of creating a  certain theme as well as the initial childhood curriculum or curse to be exploited. 


This type of strength works very well "hand in hand"  mainly with the support and contribution towards the community they provide when they offer standard child care services that enhance the  "lives of their charges". 


Canadian child care Federation” has powerful free “cash flows” which give resources mainly in the company's hands to develop into new themes and projects.    Weaknesses (Internal factors )


The process of decision-making in the organization is very unclear.


Fees are insufficient to cover every cost of the organization and without an adequate cost; it is quite difficult to manage all associated activities in the organization. 


Inadequate parking.


Infrequent reviews and feedback on employees or service provider performance (Howe, Flanagan & Perlman, 2018).


It would be very hard for the companies to maintain and set reasonable costs for the consumers if they could not manage mainly to make a benefit. 


Establishing an organization is not simple. When they set up their child daycare organizations, besides biting the property,   they incur other prices like variable cost, upfront cost, and also fixed cost.


Opportunities (External factors )


Need for proper guidance and child care mainly in the society.


Resource expansion of child care in the town’s general plan and this service is important for children (Tremblay, 2018). 


Neighboring facilities could be shifting to society).


The options to develop the organizations directly towards the family's requirements and demands of Canada is to mainly conduct research and survey. Moreover, this information, mostly from consumers' perspectives, supports them to offer the facilities or provisions required.


Threats (External factors )


Increasing raw materials could cause a threat and challenges to the “Canadian child care Federation” profitability.


The organizations can deal with legal actions in different markets given-  various laws as well as continual fluctuation and variation regarding services quality and standard in those business markets. 


Lack of skilled employees in particular global markets signifies a challenge to steady development and growth of benefits for “Canadian child care Federation” in those business markets (Mosher & Hewitt, 2018). 


Stable profitability of organizations has grown the numbers of rivals in the sector over the past two years that has put declining pressure or stress on not just profitability yet also on overall services. 


Decreasing the local economy impacts the ability of guardians and parents to pay tuition charges.


The least visibility may impact the capability to maintain admission or enrollment as well as raise donations.


Employee burnout


Recipient's pessimistic image in the society of federation subsidized services involving child care. 



It is to be concluded that the study presents a clear illustration of the child care organization. Nowadays, parents are very busy with their work, so there are some organizations like child care where staff look after the children with proper guidance and provide quality service. 


1.The Marketing Plan information


The business is to open a childcare center. The program would be for 4 hours (after school care). The children's age would be 3 to 5 in a separate room and 6 to 12 in another. The timing would be 2 pm to 6 pm. The proper schedule of the 4-hour program would be planned. When children arrive, they will play outside for 1 hour to freshen their minds because they come after attending school. Here is a question? How do they come from another school? My centre would provide 3 to 4 buses to different routes to pick up the kids from other schools in the town. After playing outside, they would come inside and have my daycare's snacks (includes healthy snacks like vegetables, yoghurt, cheese).


Then, they would encourage to play some indoor games. For indoor fun, I would set up the rooms with different toys. It would include Legos, chess, puzzles, kitchen stuff, toys related to doctor material, and many more. My competitor would be YMCA. Even though YMCA is a big company, I would open a small business but would include all the facilities for children. After playing indoor games, there would be 15 minutes for discussion. Each day, the topic would be decided on any good thing like moral values or table manners. That would be different from competitors.


After discussion time, there will be gym timing that would be for 45 min to one hour. For finding the best geographic location for my centre, I would research by asking preferences from the parents I know and from my friends. The unique service that my centre provides is to distribute t-shirts or jackets once a month. My centre would not only offer snacks but clothes also to help the low-income families. I would give a name to the centre' healthy kids centre'.


I would name this because my centre would focus on the health and healthy living of the kids. As it's my new business and competitor is having a so big company, so in the beginning, I would charge $699 per month for each kid for five days. For three days, I would charge $524. For the centre's promotion, I would make a website and put all the information on it, update location, facilities that the center provides, schedule, cost. I would also create a Facebook account. That is the kind of way of communication with customers. My website would contain enough content of the center, which would satisfy the families that their kids would be safe and would live in a healthy environment in my center. For more advertising, I will put reminders, news, and the latest updates of the center on the website.


2.Marketing research


There would be various researching questions that I need to answer. First of all, the business hours are according to the parent's schedule, which means it fits the parents' plan. What transportation and timing of the transport that the centre offers? In the fees of one child, do the centre charge extra fees for field trips, or are they free? How much staff does the centre have, and one team handles how many children simultaneously? Do the staff have qualifications (including early childhood educator, assistant, 20 hours training of adult youth care certificate, first aid, food-safe). The other thing that the parents about the daily report of the child. What is the environment of the childcare centre? Do the rooms of the centre are spacious as well ventilated? Nowadays, due to covid, the customers ask about what guidelines the centre follows to avoid covid.


I would put all these answers on my website to satisfy that their children are safe in the centre. For the staff questions, during the hiring process, I would ask for qualifications proof required for the positions in the centre to mention on the website that my staff has all the capabilities necessary to work with the children. For the business hours that fit with the parent's schedule. I'll research it by asking parents, families, friends, and colleagues in the workplace. I would explore what my competitor does about giving details of children’s activities, and I would make some changes and satisfy the parents that their child is in the right and healthy environment. On the daily report, they would get to know where their children stand. 


3.Market Segmentation


My centre would focus on providing childcare services in areas 15-16 km in radius. My centre provides transportation, and I think more than 16km away would not be near a daycare. It would take more time to pick children from their schools. So, a 16 km radius is good. My target market for my centre is parents who are working and one-income families. The families generally get registered their kids in the daycare, which is closer to their home, or schools where their children go and near to workplace, so I would keep in mind all those things to make my market strategy and put more effort in marketing. A marketing strategy that I use would be a single-segment strategy. According to my, for the beginning of the small business, this strategy would be more helpful. This strategy refers to focus on one segment, which leads to profit. I would focus more on the health and safety of the child. The parents would get the outcome of whatever I mentioned on the website results in better service. For the beginning, I would segment my business in the geographical area into Prince George, Quesnel, Kamloops. Competitors would be again YMCA because they are branches in these cities too. Under demographics, I would communicate with the customers to better understand them and their location and research on google about the current population of children and working families.

Kid's palace is a childcare business that aims at ensuring that kids around will have a hangout spot after school before their parents are done with the day-to-day activities. The timing of attendance will be around 2 pm and 6 pm. The location of the business will be around town where all kids around the age of 3 to 12 can be registered and be part of the program. The management will have a total of 4 buses that will go around picking kids from different schools in town bringing them to the venue and with time the number of vehicles will be added depending on the population. The business plans on having several pieces of furniture that will ensure the comfort of the kids. The furniture includes; chairs, tables, and also beds just in case the kids need sleep once in a while.


The management will also ensure the supply of kids' products such as diapers and tissues to ensure sanitation in the vicinity. There will be compulsory providence of certain snacks and fruits within the four-session hour. The other equipment needed is the various toys that the kids will be using in their indoor games these include; puzzles, chess, Legos, kitchen stuff, and toys related to doctors and other professions.

Main building


It consists of the offices that officials meetings with parents will be held when need be and also officials meetings with the partners
It consists of two extra rooms, one will be accommodating the kids aged 3-5 while the other will be accommodating kids aged 6-12.
Bus parking lot


It is a designated area where all the buses will be parked and also some vehicles.




It is a designated area meant to ensure sanitation in the center.


Health and fire department
Availability of the right resources needed in case of any fire incidences or health issues






With the use of a distributed system, one of the sub-systems is the purchase system and record-keeping system. The systems are most useful when it comes to the products that are bought in the center to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The purchase system operates in such a way that it is only the personnel that has been chosen among the partners that can have access to the same. The authorized person to access the system will make the orders needed and the system will automatically update the expenditure to the inventory system that is managed by different personnel. The record-keeping system is the inventory system that automatically informs the management in case the center of out of a certain product. Every product is purchased has to be keyed into the record-keeping system for future reference in case it is needed.




The management plans to contract with two or three super shops around the region. The super- shops are to ensure that the supply of the products needed in the center is consistent and the products are in good condition. Each super shop will have specific products to supply depending on which products they deal with. The management plans on having a contract with the dairy super-shop to ensure the supply of fresh yogurt. Any of the supermarkets around would a great idea to get the constant supply of tissues, diapers, and any other essential baby products. Involving a hospital is also a great idea where the hospital can be called anytime there is an incident of illness and a nurse aid can be sent over to keep things under control. With the availability of the center's lawyer, we are sure that every contract will be genuine and parents will feel safe with their kids in our hands


7.0 Management team


It should include new firm organisational structure and backgrounds of its key employees.
8.0 Critical risks
1. identify potential risk that may be encountered by a investor.


9.0 Offering


It should include:


1.A section of the business plan that indicates to an investor how much money is needed, and when and how the money will be used.


2.Covey the information in the sources and use table that indicates type of financing being requested (debt or equity) and how the funds will be used. For example: for a firm needing $500,000 including any money borrowed and the fouder’s investment, the sources and use table for the first year might appear as follows:




Bank debt   $100,0000
New investors 300,000
Founders 100,000
Total sources $500,000




Product development $125,000
Personnel costs 75,000

Working capital
Cash 20,000
Account recievable 100,000
Inventory 80,000
Machinery 100,000
Total uses $500,000

10.0 Exit strategy
It should include:


exit strategy refers to focus on options for cashing out of the investment. Explain the issue of crafting an exit strategy, or what we call the harvest.
11.0 Financial plan
I attached it with another file.
12.0 Appendix of supporting documents
1. resume of key investors
2. photographs of products, facilities, and buildings.
3. professional references
4. marketing research studies.
5. pertinent published research
6, signed contracts of sale.

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