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Assignment 2: My Career Network

C AREER M ANAGEMENT - CDEV 8 1 30 Assignment 2: My Career Network Worth 15% of Final Grade Purpose Identifying yourself in the labour market, along with other people in your network, will enable you to execute a successful job search. Explanation of tasks During modules 5, and 6 you were given a series of assessment activities to complete . Review your work prior to uploading your completed career profile as a single word document to the Assignment Submission Folder. Prior to completing the tasks, be sure to review the attached rubrics. Student Name: Student Number: List of activities Module 5: My Labour Market Research, Company Research, My Network While it might be fun to know that a future job could be a Feedback Looper, understanding the labou r market makes most sense once we locate ourselves in it. Knowing where you fit enables you to pay attention to clues the labour market offers that are relevant to you. This is a labour market research activity so that you can identify where you want to fi nd work. Use the guiding questions to get started in each of the categories, to develop greater clarity on your place in the labour market. You must find appropriate labour market sources for the choices you make. Please ensure these sources are cited and referenced using both in text citations followed by a reference page. Geography/Location Where do you want to be? Are you restricted by location or does location create new horizons for you to explore? You must source labour market facts to provide a reas on for your choices. First Choice: Location Second Choice: Location Third Choice: Location Hamilton Toronto Ottawa Rationale for this choice Rationale for this choice Rationale for this choice I live in this city and job opportunities are quite high due More than 30 hospitals are located in this city which is This capital city of Canada is full of employment opportunities. to the presence of health facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and health centers. creating a plethora of nursing job opportunities The unemployment rate of this city dropped by 0.3% in May 2022 from the previous month Industry What industries can you see yourself working in? You must source labour market facts to provid e a reason for your choices. First Choice: Industry Second Choice: Industry Third Choice: Industry Healthcare Oil and gas industry Engineering services Rationale for this choice Rationale for this choice Rationale for this choice Healthcare is essential for everyone and it has many opportunities as compared with other industries I want to become a nurse for organizations which are designated as original equipment manufacturers in this industry to deliver clinical care and occupational health roles It will be a great pleasure for me to work as an occupational safety worker in this industry. Job Titles What are some possible job titles that appeal to you within your industries? What are all the different versions of that job title? Use job searc h websites, like Indeed, to help identify job titles. Registered nurse Occupational health nurse Occupational health nurse practitioner Registered general nurse Health and safety supervisor Health safety administrator Skills and Qualifications What skills and qualifications are needed for your target industry? As jobs evolve, the skills needed will evolve as well. What future skills are you willing to develop to ensure meaningful employment in the future? Empathy Good communication Leaders hip skill Time management Observational skill Patience Job Search Activities For each category below, enter the results of your research. What professional associations, networking events and job search websites (along with identified job titles) will you rely on to support your job search? Professional Associations Enter your response in the table below. Add lines as needed. Canadian Nurse Association Occupational Health Nurse Association Networking Events Enter your response in the table below. Ad d lines as needed. International conference on End -Of -Life Nursing IPAC Canada National Conference Job Search Websites Enter your response in the table below. Add lines as needed. Job Search website Job Titles to Search Registered nurse Registered nurse Salary Range Identify your salary target; feel free to express this as a range. Some websites that may give you insight into potential salary ranges for your occupation are: Pay Scale – Salary Data & Career Research Centre (Canada) – Salaries Job Bank – Explore careers by wages CA$92,349 per year For support with APA please go to: ABC Company List What companies are you interested in? What companies are in your industry(ies) and geographical location(s)? Organize the companies into an ABC list: Complete the table with your top A, B, and C companies. “A” Companies “B: Companies “C” Companies Hamil ton Health Science Enbridge Inc . The Ottawa hospital Bayshore Healthcare Ravera Inc. SickKids ABC Company Research From list potential companies, gather additional information on your “A” companies. Answer the following questions, and ensure you are citing company websites for your summary. Used more space as needed. Company Name What does the company do? Explain why the company fits within your location and industry Hamilton Health Science This organization is offering specialized and advanced c are to people from Southwestern Ontario. This is the only hospital that provides care to people of all ages from pre -birth to the end of life. This hospital network is directing and controlling the actions and performances of top hospitals in Hamilton, Ontario Bayshore Healthcare This company provides home and community healthcare services. They service over 350000 clients and provide infusion clinics, homecare and pharmacy services. This company serves over 100 locations and has a branch in Hamilton, Ontario. References -us/ Module 6: My Informational Interview My Informationa l Interview Assessment Instructions You will conduct an informational interview with someone from your personal network. This meeting can be done virtually or in person. This assignment will be due at the end of module 7 and is broken down into three p arts. 1) Selecting someone to conduct the informational interview with. 2) Planning your questions using the four quadrant method of informational interviewing 3) Summarizing the results of the meeting. Part 1: First plan out who you are going to conduct the informational interview with. You may select someone in your personal network as long as the person selected is related to your career interest. Name/Title Company How do you know this person or how di d you meet this person? Sophia Hamilton Health Science Came to know through social media Why did you select this person to conduct the informational Interview? Sophia is a Registered Nurse and has been working with Hamilton Health Science for the last 5 years. She knows the skills and knowledge required to work under this organization Part two: Plan out the questions you will ask the person you have selected. You must use the four quadrant method of informational interviewing to draft out your qu estions. Aim for 2 to 3 questions for each category Identify the list of questions you chose to ask this person. Why did you select these questions? Questions related to the person 1. Which skills have you developed through this career? 2. What do you like most about being a nurse? Questions related to the company 1. How much does this organization support professional development? 2. What qualifications are required to work as a registered nurse in this company? 3. What are the challenges of RNs in this company? Questions related to the industry 1. What is the future of the healthcare industry in your opinion? 2. What are the barriers to achieving career progress in this industry? Questions related to next steps or advice 1. Which skills does this company look for during the interview? 2. What are the opportunities for career development for future progress? These questions are selected as these are basic as well as accurate questions to record in -depth responses Part three: summarize the results of your meeting by answering the following questions. What did you learn from the questions you asked that you can apply to your future career? I have learned that it is essential to achieve effective knowledge and skills to become a successf ul registered nurse. Apart from various types of duties, it is essential to manage stress and workload that can help to achieve success in future. Time management, organization and communication are some essential skills required to become successful. Wh at career advice did the person you interview have to offer you? How will you incorporate their advice into your career? She advised me to remain positive and work on my personal and professional skills to enter into I will observe and carefully listen to RNs whom I know from this industry. I will work on assessing this field my strengths and weaknesses and improve my professional skills

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