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Building a Self-Care Plan: Evaluating Coping Skills and Identifying Self-Care Needs




Outing with friends


Doing unnecessary things such as drinking and consumption of alcohol

Some advice from my best buddy.

Not believing in myself and telling everyone what I am going through.

Healthy meals


Eating lot of chocolates and junk food to relieve stress.

Reading of newspaper, listening to world news what is going in the entire world.

Just hitting the bed and sleeping continuously and laziness.

Playing video games or watching movie release my stress.


Spending your precious time at wrong place.

Recording the hardships, I am confronting assists me with understanding that it isn't large as I might suspect.

Overthinking about minute situations and life occasions.

Listening to music help me to relax my mind


Deciphering things in an unexpected way. At whatever point I am going through a face of pressure; I think about the circumstances contrarily and without trust.

Playing your favorites sport, so that you could achieve something in that field.


A bad company can effect on your future.

Self confidence in yourself that you can achieve everything in your life.


Thinking of a work that if I do this thing what would be the consequences of it.


Daily Self Care

Area of Self-Care

Current Practices

Practices to Try


(e.g. eat regular and healthy meals, good sleep habits, regular exercise, medical check-ups, etc.)

Eat healthy and good food, hitting gym regularly working on my fitness, remove excessive fat on your body.

Take a cold shower, eat boiled food and add carbs to my diet which will strengthen my muscle and keep me fit. Have a good sleep too.


(e.g. engage in positive activities, acknowledge my own accomplishments, express emotions in a healthy way, etc.)

Telling my parents and friends what I am succeeding in life and what difficulties I am going through.

 Trying to avoid negativity from my surroundings and avoid bad companies.


(e.g. read inspirational literature, self-reflection, spend time in nature, meditate, explore spiritual connections, etc.)

Go to Sikh temple once in a week and in the morning, I pray to God to achieve success in my life, by reading holy book.

I attempt to put stock in myself that I can accomplish everything on the planet I need.


(e.g. pursue meaningful work, maintain work-life balance, positive relationships with co-workers, time management skills, etc.)

I have great associations with my collaborators. Additionally, they love me a great deal and they like my work. I'm the manager at my work and have proven a lot for my position.

Trying to being honest for my work and punctual for my work.


(e.g. understand how finances impact your quality of life, create a budget or financial plan, pay off debt, etc.)

Financial condition is something that you have been struggling for you entire life, as an international student, you have to look for the fees, and pay your debts and pay your credits, which is very difficult as you can only work 20 hours a week.

Due to heavy load of fees, you are being stressed and not able to make any savings, but after my study is completed, I have made a plan for my savings.


(e.g. take time for yourself, disconnect from electronic devices, journal, pursue new interests, learn new skills, access psychotherapy, life coaching, or counseling support through your EFAP if needed, etc.)

A psychological support is what you need for in your life, parents are being my role model, every day I make a call to them, so that I am connected to them in either way as I far away from them.

Would love to disconnect from social media as it waste lot of your time, that vary time you can utilize for some other work..


Emergency Self-Care Tools

Helpful (What To Do)

Harmful (What To Avoid)

Relaxation/Staying Calm

Which activities help you to relax (e.g. deep breathing, taking a walk)? Which activities make you more agitated or frustrated (e.g. yelling, swearing, or drinking)?

The activities I do for relaxing is listening to music, hitting gym regularly. At least 8 hours sleep should be done to get my body relaxed. Drinking doesn’t make you feel relax for long time, it may but it will affect my health.

Drinking lot of alcohol would damage my liver, as I was an addicted to alcohol, so I have gone through it, and don’t want to be in the same position.


Helpful self-talk may include, “I am safe/I can do this.” Harmful self-talk may include, “I can’t handle this/I knew this would happen/I deserve this.”

I typically do this without anyone else's help talk since I think this is the significant part to recover the energy of enduring the circumstance, I ordinarily converse with myself at whatever point I am worrying with regards to tasks that nothing will happen everything will be fine.

On the off chance that I do self-talk, I ought to exclude the cons of the circumstance which freak me out. For instance, on the off chance that I didn't present this task, as I don’t know how to do it.

Social Support

Which family members and friends can you reach out to for help or support? Which people should you avoid during times of stress? Be honest about who helps and who zaps your energy.

My mother is my social support. She would help in any situation, which ever I am. How bad I am involved in a trouble, she would provide me a suggestion, so I could fight it, and go through it.

On the other side, there are few peoples, whom I would avoid telling my stuff, because, instead of helping, they would defame me, especially my relatives.


Which activities support a positive mood (e.g., listening to uplifting music, enjoying the sunshine)? What should you avoid when times get tough (e.g., staying in bed all day, avoiding social activities)?

Watching movies and listening to romantic songs lift up my mood and release all my stress.

I should avoid laziness, whenever I come back from work, I look for my bed, as feel really tired, .


What, or who helps you to get through difficult times? What helps you bounce back? Conversely, what or who feeds negativity for you?

My family and praying to the god would help me in getting from difficult times.

Relatives are the bad things that are happened to me, they put negativity all round me. they think I am a child who doesn’t knows what is good and bad. They want that I should follow their paths, not my parents who are everything to me.

My Daily Self-Care Plan







Go to gym daily.

Eat healthy food.

Avoid junk food.

Have protein, carbs in my diet.

An 8-hour sleep is necessity.

Mediate 30 mins a day.

Take cold shower.

Talk to my parents, who are my social support.

Going to Sikh temple and having relaxing my mind would help me in utilizing my spiritual values.

I need to be emotionally strong, whenever I feel alone, I lock my room and thinks about my India days how happy I was.

Talking to my family especially my parents and my wife. Share your thoughts what has happened today and express your feelings.




Wants to do my work honestly and achieve success in my life.

Hard working is a key to success, punctual for your work, respect my seniors at my work.

My Top Three Positive Coping Strategies


1. Eat a healthy diet, and hit gym for 2 hours, so that I can remain fit.

2. Get in touch with parents daily, on video call and listen to them what they are saying to me, and what they want it from me.

3. Wants to be perfect in every field.






My Emergency Self-Care Plan

Helpful (To Do)

Harmful (To Avoid)

1. Remain in touch with parents, tell them what is happening in my life.

2. Keep calm

3. Trust only persons in your life whom you think can help in your bad time.

1. Remain out of touch from your relatives which in my opinion are negative persons in my life.

2. Don’t talk useless

3. Don’t believe everyone, they could devast your life.

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