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Performance Appraisal Form: An Evaluation and Analysis

Components of the Performance Appraisal Form

The following performance appraisal form was adopted by CRB, Inc., a small car restoration business (see form on following page). It was filled out by Al Brown, the owner of CRB, Inc. because he has been told he should give all of his employees an appraisal of their performance.

This particular form was given to the foreman, Robert (Bob) Jared, to complete the employeecomments; Al then filled in the supervisor comments sections.As you review the performance appraisal form, please respond to the following questions:

1. Provide a detailed evaluation of the form. What components are necessary? What is and what should be added? Is anything optional?  2.Provide a brief explanation of  your responses.

3. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of having the supervisor, Al, and the subordinate, Bob, complete this form.

4. Based on the information provided, what is an appropriate overall success rating for this employee? Why?

5. How often do you think this form should be completed? Why?

Employee Comments: (Describe your total performance and the two-way communication with your supervisor throughout the year.)

I never had a work plan and don’t know what a developmental plan is. Al hired me to get this shop back on its feet and I’ve done that. For the first time, he’s taking money home and hehas me to thank for that. Sure, I get frustrated—who wouldn’t with customers who want us towork for free and whine that the former owner promised them this and that. Of course, henever did anything and now we’re stuck with his broken promises and no paperwork. I do my best with the paperwork but I get busy on the jobs. You’ve got to decide whether you want paper.

Or cars to go out. Al and I talk every day—

I give him notes about the parts i need. Then Mary says she wants a list tell her to ask Al i don’t have time to please a boss who’s never in theshop. I’ve got too much going on with doing free and redo work and helping our employees begreat employees. It’s nice to work here most of the time. I’ve always liked working on old carsand we do great work. The money is starting to be ok and we’re getting better equipment. We ought to get this place really turned around this next year.

Supervisor Comments: (Describe the employee’s total performance for the year and substantiate the overall success rating.)

Bob has really helped the shop get into a competitive stance. Both his own performance and his supervision have helped us get cars out on schedule and keep good employees. He works hard while he’s here and he encourages the rest of the staff to put in a good day’s work for a good day’s pay. He volunteers his own time and ideas to enhance the shop. He suggested working with a radio station to refinish a car that they could give away in exchange for providing advertising for the shop. His enthusiasm led the employees to volunteer their time on the project. Everything is more organized since he got here. On the other hand, he really does need to learn how to manage his anger.

It doesn’t happen very often (maybe four times all year), but it’s frightening to watch him lose his temper. So far there has been no violence (which would be a firing offense), but I can understand why one customer brought in a police officer when he came back to pay his bill after Bob got angry when the customer called him a liar. Bob’s loud angry verbal response was totally inappropriate for a business setting.

Paperwork is another area of weakness: Bob does as little as he can get away with, which leads to poor documentation in the customer files and problems with employee pay sheets. He complained to one owner about how the other owner didn’t purchase parts on time. That owner asked in writing for a list of parts needed to monitor their purchase and the list still has not appeared.

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