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Death and Injury on the Job: Impact on Employee's Family Members and Workplace Health Issues

Research essay based on secondary sources

Topic: Death and Injury on the Job:

1) Research essay based on secondary sources

The source is relevant to the research project, as it pertains to posttraumatic stress, causing degradation in the health issues of the family members of the employees, who has encountered the injury or death. In particular, the impact of employees’ death on the family members in the form of bereavement and grief can be considered for assessing the disorders, which generates from the post traumatic disorder (Matthews, Quinlan & Bohle, 2019). The unique perspective of the source is presented from bringing the mental affectation of the family members, to the limelight. Prolonged formalities adversely affect the mental wellbeing of the family members of the employee, who has encounter injury or death due to excessive workplace stress.

The source is relevant to the research project as it analyses the stress through mediated model of injury, considering the job-related risks of stress. One of the unique perspectives of the source is the withdrawal of workers, connoting loss in the operations. The unique perspective of the source is presented as a comparison between the employees encountering stressful situations and team work (Perez-Floriano & Gonzalez, 2019). The perspective of the manager is also presented, highlighting the interventions of risk assessments, which are important for enhancing the awareness on the causalities, which can trigger stress for the employees, affecting their performance, also generating mental affectation.

The source is relevant for research project, as it brings long working hours into the limelight highlighting it as one of the most important causes for the stress of the workers in the workplace. Working extra and overtime is harmful for the health of the employees, as they develop the risk of coronary heart diseases. Most of the employees are unaware of this, resulting in tragic instances, worsening their health conditions (Persaud & Williams, 2017). The perspective of psychologists is unique, as they recommend prevention of stress related injuries by risk assessment and changes in policies. Efforts are needed towards revising the staff planning, which holds flexibility in improving the performance of the employees.

The source is relevant to the research project as it sheds light on the post traumatic disorders, which further worsen the health condition of the employees. These disorders generate depression, and anxiety, which needs the intervention of psychiatrists. Improper approach in this context can be detrimental for the employees in terms of coping up with workplace stress (Seto et al., 2020). The unique perspective, which the source reflects is that of the psychiatric assistance, which is deemed important in terms of upgrading the mental health of the employees. The source also reflects the need for the management towards organizing counselling sessions, which are effective for assessing the mindset of the employees.

Impact of employees’ death on the family members

The source for the research project as it establishes correlation between aggression and stress. With the challenging definitions of trauma, the source upholds the psychological approach of the people towards the occurrences in the surrounding. The unique perspective of the source is the instance of aggression which connotes circumstances, triggering the emotions of people, causing stress and anxiety within them (Nadal, Erazo & King, 2019). The affectation of stress in this context is high in workplace, where rebuking, or demotivation are some of the reasons causing mental and psychic disturbances among the employees. Racial microaggression reflects negation of cultural diversity and equal, affecting the cross-cultural adjustments in the workplace.

2) Research essay based on primary research (interviews with co-workers) that examines a specific health issue in your workplace

Based on the interview with co-workers of an organisation, it has been found that their responses mainly relate to the health issue or problem that has been experienced within the workplace. One of the major specific health issues that has been considered as major, within the workplace is the workplace stress faced by the employees (Burke, 2018). It is regarded as one of the major workplace health issue or problem and has been considered as a major occupational health risk as well, which is ranked much higher than the physical inactivity and obesity. Most of the responses of the employees tend to show that during most of the day, they spend most of their time sitting for longer time period and this kind of issue has further resulted in lowering down energy and cognitive ability or brain power too. It has also created metabolic changes, which has prevented loss of fat from body, thus, led to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc. As understood from the above section, not only the workplace stress results in poor health outcomes and leads to absenteeism of employees, but also tend to alleviate the negative health outcomes quite easily. According to Foy et al., (2019), it has been found that workplace stress has made people depressed, faced anxiety, which even resulted in fatal consequences many times, such as suicidal tendencies among individuals, chronic health diseases, etc.

All these health problems alleviate further with the workplace stress, which not only gives rise to chronic health conditions, but also promote unhealthy behaviours that reduce the productivity and performance of workers furthermore. It has been also found that sitting inactive for long hours in front of computer system, as most of the employees responded, have resulted in risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking habits, physical inactivity and obesity too. Due to this, the ethics approval process has been gone through, which represents that the organisations need to follow certain guidelines, laws and regulations that are set by the World Health Organisation or WHO (, 2020). It is part of the ethics within the workplace and the organisations need to learn about differentiating between the pressure or challenge and stress. Management of stress factors properly, giving time to own amongst the busy working schedule and making out time to enjoy also boost morale and tendency to work efficiently, thus, ensure overcoming the stress within the workplace. Due to the contemporary demands, pressure at workplace might not be avoidable, though, it could be a major cause of poor organising of work. Thus, the ethics approval process denotes the approval of managing ethics within the workplace to address the concerns of people within the workplace and ensure that the risks resulting from the specific health issue at workplace is considered, minimised to a desirable extent and made acceptable (Maulik, 2017).

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