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SOCI 1125 Introduction To Sociology

Objective: Students will engage in sociological thinking and writing by exploring the key concept of the sociological imagination.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills

2. demonstrate their ability to explain a concept and provide a meaningful example

3. demonstrate their ability to explain their ideas in written format

4. practice the social scientific method of citation used in the field of Sociology

5. Develop paraphrasing skills, that is, putting the ideas of other scholars’ into the student’s own words

6. Demonstrate academic integrity in writing and research

Instructions: Write a short essay (250 - 300 words) as follows:

1. In the first paragraph, define and explain C. Wright Mill’s concept sociological imagination using the text book as your only scholarly source of information. This means that you cannot cite any other source of information, such as websites or online dictionaries.
2. In the second paragraph, provide an original example of how a personal or individual experience can be understood more broadly be applying the sociological imagination to an analysis of the example you are providing.
3. In your essay, cite the information provided from the text at least once. The citation should be written using the ASA citation method.
4. At the end of your essay, make a heading called “References” and provide the reference for the source you used (ie. The text) using the ASA method of citation.
5. Use 1” margins, double-space, and use a 12-point font size. Use a simple font and do not use italics.
6. Do NOT copy ideas from internet or other sources and copy them into your paper. This paper prohibits the use of outside sources. Copying sources without citing them is called PLAGIARISM. Students caught plagiarizing will be reported to the Dean’s office, as per KPU policy requirements.
7. Do not copy each other’s assignments. If the same writing is found in two assignments, both students will be assigned a grade of “0” and a case of plagiarism will be investigated.
Information from text that can be used in this assignment:

These words appear on Page 13:

Although the scale of sociological studies and the methods of carrying them out are different, the sociologists involved in them all have something in common. Each of them looks at society using what pioneer sociologist C. Wright Mills (1916-1962) called the sociological imagination, sometimes also referred to as the “sociological lens” or “sociological perspective.” In a sense, this was Mills’ way of addressing the dilemmas of the macro/micro divide in sociology. Mills defined sociological imagination as how individuals understand their own and others’ lives in relation to history and social structure (1959/2000). It is the capacity to see an individual’s private troubles in the context of the broader social processes that structure them. This enables the sociologist to examine what Mills called “personal troubles of milieu” as “public issues of social structure,” and vice versa.

Mills reasoned that private troubles like being overweight, being unemployed, having marital difficulties, or feeling purposeless or depressed can be purely personal in nature. It is possible for them to be addressed and understood in terms of personal, psychological, or moral attributes —either one’s own or those of the people in one’s immediate milieu. In an individualistic society like our own, this is in fact the most likely way that people will regard the issues they confront: “I have an addictive personality;” “I can’t get a break in the job market;” “My husband is unsupportive,” etc.

However, if private troubles are widely shared with others, they indicate that there is a common social problem that has its source in the way social life is structured. At this level, the issues are not adequately understood as simply private troubles. They are best addressed as public issues that require a collective response to resolve.

These words appear on Page 14:

By looking at individuals and societies and how they interact through this lens, sociologists are able to examine what influences behavior, attitudes, and culture. By applying systematic and scientific methods to this process, they try to do so without letting their own biases and preconceived ideas influence their conclusions.

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