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Effects of Bullying - 12-Slide PowerPoint Presentation with APA Style References

In this assessment task Make a 12 slide Powerpoint about The effects of bullying with APA style References.


Excellent—Meets  All Expectations

4 pts.

Good—Meets Most of the Expectations

3 pts.

Satisfactory—Meets Some of the Expectations, but Needs Improvement

2 pts.

Poor—Does Not Meet Expectations

0-1 pt.


4 pts. possible

The group is completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed at least once together. Good dynamic between participants. All materials set up and organized.

The group seems pretty prepared, but might have needed a couple more rehearsals.  Materials organized.

The group is somewhat prepared, but it is clear that rehearsal was lacking. Some group members appear more on the ball than others.  Materials may not be organized or set up promptly.

Little to no effort or time has been spent adequately preparing for the presentation.  Disorganized materials.


Road blocks: check technology in advance, rehearse transitions, arrive on time, materials ready





4 pts. possible

Team has structured a multitude of opportunities to engage using a variety of materials, graphics, experiments, activities, demonstrations, and tools.


Interaction is lively, engaging, compelling.


A good effort has been made to include multiple modes of engagement.


Overall effective.


Insufficient effort has been made to fully engage with a variety of materials.


Some may be ineffective.


Static and not interactive.

Passive engagement.

Limited materials, and activities.


Road blocks: passive engagement, presenting and not demonstrating, unclear the purpose of materials,


4 pts. possible

Group engages in analysis and not summary.  

Group members reveal a full understanding of the topic.

Information is applied, discussed, detailed, clear.  

Group members demonstrate a good under-standing of the topic.

They display a general grasp of the material.

There is some analysis present.

Group members show a fair understanding of parts of the topic.

Information is mostly summary and not analysis.  


Far too much summary and limited analysis.


Road blocks: summary of tips/superficial, class does not leave with tools, superficial, non-scholarly

Quality of Research

4 pts. possible

Ample scholarly, peer-reviewed, quality, credible research is present.

A reasonable amount of credible research present.  

Scholarly research is not present.  Sources may be web-based. Lack of depth, few sources.

Absent quality research. Limited sources.

APA Citations

4 pts. possible

All information is clearly tied to scholarly research using correctly formatted APA in-text citations and references.

Most information clearly cited using APA.  Some formatting may require tweaking.

Incorrectly formatted or absent APA citation.

Information is presented without citations.  Possible academic alert for plagiarism.


Road blocks: non-scholarly, web-based, questionable quality, few sources, not citing APA in-text, no references


4 pts. possible


Creative Design

Professional and polished

Text & Graphics & Organized

Variety of Materials



Organized design


Text & Graphics Included

Some variety


Perhaps more organization

Minimal design

Perhaps more professional presentation/content

Limited Text or Graphics

Limited variety


Limited design


Limited text, graphics, or disorganized.

No variety


Road blocks: no handouts, nothing to take with us, small fonts text heavy, lack of images, requires some creativity

Oral Skills of Discussion, Presentation, Polish

4 pts. possible

Used notes well

Good eye contact



Uses gestures

Comfortable and natural.





Reading of materials/notes

Lacks Energy/Static

Sway or Fidget

Slouch or poor posture

Static, no gestures



Road blocks: limited energy, low volume, cursing, informal, not rehearsed, not professional, reading of notes

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