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Management and Prevention of Contagion Assignment - Current Health Practices Used in Childcare Along


Management and Prevention of Contagion Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to explore current health practices used in childcare alongside the COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19 has affected the way the children are cared for in childcare centres.  Practices have been tempered or toughened around what should be done to prevent the spread of disease and to promote wellbeing.  This assignment will support students to learn and develop current working knowledge around the management and prevention of contagion. 

Note: COVID-19 is a fluid situation and thus students should keep in mind that practices are subject to change.  It is advisable for students to keep an eye on Public Health and Provincial guidelines for updates on this matter. 

Students will utilize the information from the below resources in the completion of the assignment. 

Units 1,3 & 4 of the text 

Ontario’s Ministry of Education (MOE):   Operational Guidance During COVID-19 Outbreak - Child Care Re-Opening:  Version 8 (posted on Bb)

Toronto Public Health’s (TPH) Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) revised 2019  (see pdf on Blackboard(Bb.)

Toronto Public Health (TPH):  COVID-19 Guidance for Child Care Settings Revised Aug 20, 2021

Toronto Public Health (TPH): Recovery and Reopening of Early Care

Public Services Health and Safety Association (PSHSA):  Health and Safety Guidance during COVID-19 for employers of Child Care Centres (see pdf on Bb)  (May 2021)

Class notes, slides and lectures.

A series of questions and a scenario help guide the exploration of the topic and student learning.  

In responses for #1: Students are to describe and discuss details around three critical daily practices/procedures in childcare.  Students share the relevance of the practices and the role they play in reducing the spread of contagion.  Students demonstrate their understanding of the various practice/procedures by interpreting the information and explaining it in their own words.  Avoid cut and paste responses and quotes.  The idea is to show a clear understanding of the procedures in a simplified manner.

Responses for #2: Personal protection equipment (PPE) required is identified and listed and explained. For example, when explaining masks for children, there are aged based requirements for wearing masks.   As well, when masks are to be worn should be identified and described. 

Responses for #3: Students discuss the steps that need to occur should contagion occur in a childcare setting. 

Resources Utilized in the Completion of Assignment

Responses for #4: A case study will help students to think critically and problem solve around an illness scenario. 

Responses for #5: Students apply a socio-ecological perspective on the topic of COVID-19 by providing an appropriate action for each level of the Health Promotion Action Plan.  

Referencing for this assignment:  Citation ‘In Text’ is required throughout.  Place citations after your statements.   Please cite using (Author, date, p. #) for a reference to a single page & use (Author, date p.p. #-#) when multiple consecutive pages are referenced. E.g. (Smith, p.p.32-33).  Use TPH for Toronto public health as author, Use PSHSA for Public Services Health and Safety Association as author & MOE for Ministry of Education as author.  A final reference page is not required for this assignment. Only in-text referencing is required with page #).


1. Discuss, the below the listed three (3) essential daily practices which occur in childcare. Use a selection from the resources listed above as your sources.  You will require a mix of sources in order to be thorough with your responses. Hint: the textbook provides additional explanation and direction on the “how to” for procedures.   Reference sources in-text as described in the section above: Referencing for this assignment.  Responses should explain: who, how, when and why each procedure is done. Use your own words in the responses. Avoid cut and paste responses & quotes.  As well, identify what has changed due to COVID-19.  Compare IPAC plus Units 3 & 4 procedures to the COVID resources. For example, you may find the frequency of when a procedure is done has increased. It is important to know procedures during regular and in COVID-19 times.  This is why the comparison is asked of you.  

a. Diapering/Toileting:
Who, how, when, why
b.Cleaning and Disinfecting
Who, how, when, why

c. Handwashing 
Who, how, when, why

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is important in keeping workers safe.  In childcare it is also important that students/visitors as well as the children follow recommended PPE.  Read the Public Service Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) document plus the Ministry of Education (MOE) Operational Guidance during COVID-19 Outbreak: Child Care Reopening.  Place your responses into the appropriate columns below.  Provide additional comments to explain requirements.  For example, adults in childcare centres must wear masks at all times, even when in the staff room.  They may take them off when eating/drinking only. Please provide ‘in text’ referencing for each item.

Staff PPE

Student ECE’s/Visitors PPE

Children PPE


Rubric for assignment:

Rubric Criteria






Questions 1-3

Clear descriptions and display of knowledge of policy/protocols, PPE and identification of protocols if illness occurs at the centre. In-text referencing as required.


none or few of the required elements

6 – 10.99

Some of the required elements

11 – 12

Most or all of the required elements

Critical Thinking and Problems around scenario:  Ability to resolve and address issues.  In-text referencing as required.


none or few of the required elements

4 – 6.99

Some of the required elements

7 – 8

Most or all of the required elements

Health Promotion Action Plan reflects criteria outlined in each level


none or few of the required elements

3 – 4.99

Some of the required elements

5 – 6

Most or all of the required elements

Organization, spelling and editing


none or few of the required elements

2 – 3.49

Some of the required elements

3.5 – 4

Most or all of the required elements

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