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How COVID-19 Affected a Disruptor Business in the Sharing Economy: A Value Chain Analysis in the Tou


The purpose of this team presentation is to challenge you to research and analyze a current business operating within the sharing economy and how COVID-19 has impacted the specific company.

In the last eight years, the tourism industry has experienced a fair amount of disruption in offering and delivering business services. The sharing economy is inspiring non-traditional thinkers and entrepreneurs to look at ways of creating hospitality or tourism opportunities by looking for gaps in services or products that could potentially be manipulated for everyday use. The effects of the sharing economy can be mutually beneficial for both the supply and demand sides of the value chain. There are also many challenges that this type of economy brings for traditional business models.

Find an organization/business that could be described as a disrupter business in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. The company does not have to be directly connected to tourism and hospitality. You will need to conduct a value chain analysis to demonstrate how the business integrates into the tourism value chain. The value chain analysis process will be explained in class.

Key Deliverables:
As an individual, deliver a 15 -minute presentation to the class and your Instructor. The presentation will include the following elements:
Introduction to the business. What is the core focus of the business? Identify their specific target markets?
A comprehensive value chain analysis
Challenges that the business has encountered as a result of COVID-19
Future opportunities for growth or diversification
Analyze how this business is, or potentially, disrupting the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
As a competitor of the described business, how would you strategically respond to this disrupter?
A summary of your presentation
A list of at least five references and resources
No more than ten slides if you use PPT
No more than two- minutes of external video
Students must be present in professional business attire

This assignment is valued at 15% of your final grade. See marking rubrics below Due Date: See the separate sign-up sheet provided by your Instructor. The class presentations will start the week of September.

When you have completed your presentation, please submit a copy of your presentation file to the D2L DropBox? I will also require you to submit at the same time a copy of each of the presenter's notes.

Tourism value chain management 10 slides max We have to select a business or company and explain how covid 19 situation changed the business model and how the change affected the company. It gained profits or it proved to be failure and loss. With analytical analysis. Number percentages etc are needed to support the explanation from valuable sources. Not necessary all are research papers but can be news websites , company website or a research website which showing numbers. Don’t assume or write our ideas for the future for the company that we select.

We only have to write what occurred with the company even it is good or bad, doesn’t matter. For example a taxi company the core business is taxi service. Due to covid they diversified the business to food delivery long distance trips  moving services  and airport pick up. This is the diversification they implemented due to covid 19 . We have to analytically with facts and figures , percentages of that company how the diversification affected the company. Is there any business growth or loss or improving? All needs to be done with analysis of analytics. Facts and figures of the company comparing with outside situations or the industry. Don’t select uber eats or any kind of skip the dishes or doordash delivery business. The business we select that already changed their value chain during covid Select only Tourism industry companies.

Travel and tourism or any hotels etc. 1500 words speaking notes. Apart from 10 slides- 10 slide including reference so content slides will be 8 I am attaching professors slides and the project requirement and details. Make speaking notes for each slides separately with reference if its there Hope you can do it

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