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Designing a Comprehensive Survey-Based Research Project


1. Through the news, other courses, business/workplace contacts, or conversations with others, find a current (within 10 months) ethical situation you can analyze. It can be of local, national, or global significance and it can connect to politics, business, health care, academics, or other situations that affect us as citizens (including environmentalists, feminists, etc), workers, consumers, athletes, students, or family members. 

2. Report heading - Summary: Summarize the situation (5-7 sentences). Document the source where you found the issue. Include:

a. Where you learned about it

b. What, specifically, makes it an ethical issue

c. How it is relevant to you.

d. Through research, find any helpful and connected information to offer more background on the issue. One resource is required (it can be online, print, or audio/visual media). Be sure to include an in-text citation (APA format) and a Reference list with this source included. 

3. Report heading – Analysis: Draw on the steps found on pages 156-157 (and 82-85) for analyzing an ethical issue. Discuss the situation from an ethical perspective. Include the consequences, obligations, and moral ideals that are involved. Be clear in analyzing how at least three apply to the selected issue. Explain in approximately 7-10 sentences.

4. Report heading – Evaluation: IF the issue presents a dilemma, refer to the scanned reading from Boss posted this week. It includes a section, Resolving a Moral Dilemma, with 5 steps. Apply and discuss. IF there was an outcome for the ethical issue selected, reflect on it and comment on its effectiveness. Finally, IF no outcome is present, consider options and recommend the best case solution. Note that what you include in this part of your report depends on what it is you are analyzing. You do not have to address all aspects of this step in your overall evaluation. (7-10 sentences)

5. Report heading – Reflection: Reflect on the overall ethical issue as your conclusion. What do you believe will happen? Or do you agree/disagree with steps taken and reported? Overall, what are the moral implications? (approximately 5 sentences)    


Ø You will be marked for the type of issue selected, your overall analysis and evaluation, drawing on course concepts and moral theories, and your summary and reflection related to the ethical issue. A rubric is available to review before submitting the assignment. Don’t forget to proofread and use APA – also part of the overall evaluation. Please allow 2 weeks before checking for feedback and overall mark.

Discussion Board Post – Component of Analysis

There is value in learning from what others have uncovered through the process of researching and analyzing an ethical issue. You and your classmates will have found some interesting cases/situations worth sharing.

1. Summarize your ethical situation, including where you found it, how it is relevant to you, and what you found most important in terms of course concepts and theories as you analyzed and evaluated its overall implications.

2. Respond to at least TWO student posts with your input and reflection regarding the value, interest, and application to the ethical perspectives we have been discussing in the course and text readings.

A few reminders:

Review PPT posted for examples and further explanation.

Refer to the course text for concepts and theories, particularly for the analysis and evaluation of the ethical issue you have selected. 

Use APA for documentation of sources.

Use report format, with headings as noted. Use full sentences and proofread carefully before submitting your assignment.

Occasional use of “I” is acceptable, especially as you evaluate and reflect on the chosen issue.

Ø Note the due dates.


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