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Home Dangerous Home: Abuse and Violence in the Family

Home Dangerous Home – Abuse and Violence in the Family


•  Define family violence.

  •  Identify the kinds of violence and abuse that occur in families and intimate relationships.
  •  Examine different theories about abuse and violence within families.
  •  Describe what we know about intimate partner violence.
  •  Compare different strategies for preventing family violence.

Family violence is an important issue, both for individuals who suffer its consequences and for service providers who help them. For example, day care providers, correctional officers, nurses, and welfare workers, to name only a few, may all encounter abuse among their clients. In this unit, you will  learn  to  recognize  the  risk  factors  associated  with violence. You will also learn about some of the theories that have  been  used  to  explain  violence.  With  a  better understanding of why violence occurs, you will be better equipped to deal with it and hopefully even prevent it. (Ward & Belanger)

Critical Thinking Assignment

Assignment Instructions and Questions

Integrate and apply one unit chapter key term in each answer. The key term used must be from the terms bolded in red in the unit chapter from the printed textbook. The same key terms are shown in blue in the eBook (see exceptions below). Bold each key term from the unit 2 chapter and include the page number for each. Do not quote the definitions of key terms as you will be evaluated on how clearly you apply the term in your arguments. Your answers will be assessed on your ability to apply the terms to your own ideas, and on the strength of your analysis. For question 1, do not use the key term “child abuse” as it is already the topic for this question and it will not count. For question 2, do not use “elder abuse” as it is already the topic for this question.

Using one paragraph for each answer, respond to the following three questions. Each paragraph should be 10-12 sentences.

  1. Should a child be left in the home where that child was abused while the family receives therapy? Or should the child be removed from the home and returned after the family has received treatment? Write an argument for oneof these options stating clear reasons and examples for support.
  1. Do you believe that reporting abuse of the elderly should be compulsory? Why do you think it should be or should not be?
  1. What are the resources available in your community to help victims of family violence? Identify your community/county/city. Search and collect information online about your area. In your own words, summarize information about specific organizations or groups that you think are important in that community. Choose a variety of resources as a wide range of services is needed for victims. Clearly identify each organization in your own area. How do does each group/organization help victims of family violence (i.e. mothers, children)? You are giving your own personal observation or opinion in this question. Hint: If you were trying to help a friend or neighbour who was a victim of family violence, what specific information would you want to share to help support the person?
  • Key terms must be from the terms bolded in red (print textbook) or shown in blue in the eBook in the unit chapter (refer to the exceptions on page 1-2).
  • Each answer must be 10-12 sentences.
  • Use full sentences with concrete examples and details to show how a professional could use the model.
  • Point form answers will receive a grade of “0”
  • Marks are deducted for grammar or mechanical errors—readability counts
  • Do notuse a title page or Reference page.
  • Writing must be in your original words. Use your own unique writing style, voice, and original thought.
  • Do notuse quotes from the chapter or copy material from the chapter.
  • There is no research requirement—do notinclude research. You must answer the questions using your own ideas, analysis, and opinions. Do not use research or borrowed information in the answers. APA is not required. The evaluation is based on critical thinking and your ability to apply key terms from the chapter to demonstrate understanding.
  • Do notinclude the assignment questions in your Word document as it will increase the percentage in your Turnitin originality report, which you do not want. Number each answer (1. 2. 3. 4. 5.)
  • Refer to the detailed rubric for grading criteria.
  • You may submit your answers to Turnitin more than once beforethe deadline.

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