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Busi 1110 Fundamentals of Business

In this part of the assignment you will be continuing what you did in Part 2.
1. Title page (as in Part 1)
2. Analysis section:
Continuing with the business you have chosen, write an analysis about your
business in three parts: i) Management & Leadership,
ii) Organizational Structure  and
 iii) Operations Management based on the material you have
collected for the three topics.
 Each analysis should also refer back to the material you have learned in the course, and be between 250 and 500 words per topic, although you can go a little over if you need to.
In addition, please submit an analysis of your industry using Porter’s Five Forces.

3. Reference List Citation: At the end of the assignment please provide a properly formatted (APA style) Reference List.

Please note that these are just examples, and you can approach the topics in any way that links back to the material taught in the course.
For the Management & Leadership section, look for media that talks about management and/or leadership challenges in your chosen business. For example, in a retail coffee shop business, a common management challenge is slow delivery of beverages, especially given highly customizable drinks on offer. How would you, as a manager, solve this for your own retail coffee shop?
Under Organizational Structure, you could search up media that discusses how a company changed from a flat hierarchy to a matrix or functional structure, for example. This often occurs in startups as they begin with just a few people; when they scale up, they have to consider options other than everyone reporting to the CEO.
For Operations Management, look for media that covers supply chain challenges for your chosen business. If you sell personal care products, how would you address the challenges of finding reliable, cost-effective suppliers that you can trust with your brand? Personal care products adulterated with chemicals that were not approved (but were included by the supplier to reduce their costs and fatten their profit margins) have been a problem in the past.
Finally, please note that you are also required to submit a Porter’s Five Forces analysis of your chosen industry. explain how you rate the risk of each Force (Low, Medium or High), and why you rate it that way by addressing the relevant elements. This analysis shouldn't require more than at maximum, but please note I'm looking for some depth.
For example, under Threat of New Entrants, you can see "Barriers to Entry" which refers to how easy or difficult it is to enter the industry (Do you need lots of capital? Specialized knowledge? Etc.). If the barrier to entry is low, that means it's easy to for new entrants to enter the industry, which drives up competition within that industry. That would be one element that would heighten the risk of new entrants, and if, for example, the risk of new entrants ends up being high (after you've examined all of the elements), that makes the industry less attractive to someone who wants to invest in or enter the industry themselves.

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