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How to Write a Comprehensive Case Review Essay

1. Crafting a Compelling Title

Case review essay should include these components: 1. A title that reflects the thrust of your review Your title cannot simply be “Case Review Essay #2” or similar. 2. A full bibliographic reference for the scholarly article you have reviewed, in proper style. The full reference should follow the APA format for referencing. You could follow the format as demonstrated near the top of this first page. 3. An introduction The length of the introduction should be around a paragraph. You could discuss the aim of the article and signal its focus. Conclude the introduction with a brief statement about your evaluation of the article. This evaluation can be positive or negative, but it can also be a mixed review. The conclusion to your introduction should signal your position regarding the article’s quality or usefulness. 4. Write a summary of the article. This summary could be one to two paragraphs (of courses, paragraphs can vary in length). What does the article set out to do? What is the central argument or point made by the author(s)? Do(es) the author(s) use relevant examples? Are a number of examples used? 5. An appraisal of the article I am not simply interested in reading a straightforward summary of the article under review. I want to read a critical assessment of the ideas that are being presented by the author. You do, however, need to be clear about the author’s (or authors’) own ideas – or the practices of the company or companies profiled – before you evaluate or criticize them. Is the company/are the companies profiled behaving in a way that makes sense? Does the author’s (or authors’) ideas make sense? Are the examples used convincing? If not, what types of examples or evidence could have been used? How clear is the author’s (or authors’) writing? You could include a range of recommendations in your review. How could the article be improved? If the article is an older one, how could it be updated? Your appraisal of the article could be a very positive one. You may find that the article addresses an important theme or issue that deserves more attention. Why, then, is this theme or issue worthy of more attention? How would practitioners benefit from the contents of the article? What advice would you offer to practitioners after reading this article? Should practitioners read it? Why? In other words, how could the contents of the article be applied to the world outside of academia? 6. A conclusion Bring your review to a satisfactory conclusion. Summarize the contents of your essay briefly. Try to keep the conclusion to one paragraph. You could identify avenues for future research or enquiry. Some Advice: 1. Read the entire article. You may need to read the article a few times before you fully grasp its contents/argument. However, your initial reading of the article can be an initial scoping exercise. Why do you think the author wrote the article?

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