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Smart Goals

Data Reporting

The purpose of this project is to compile the data you have taken throughout the term, analyze and interpret your results, set fitness goals for improvement, and apply various training principles for yourself. This project will extend beyond basic fitness data to address lifestyle behaviour change and wellness as a whole. This project will require students to refer to course content in addition to academic literature to exhibit a thorough understanding and application of relevant topics. The format of your assignment should include the following components in the following order. Details regarding each section can be found below.

Title Page

Part 1: Data Reporting

Part 2: Data Interpretation and Discussion 

Part 3: Goals and Lifestyle Behaviours 

Part 4: Application of Training Principles

References Page.

• The page limit of Part 1 is limited to the separate PDF document provided.

• Digitally fill in the data you manually recorded throughout the term, onto the Part 1: Data Reporting PDF provided, using the results you collected in your manual throughout the term.The document provided is not your lab manual. You may not fill in data for labs that you did not attend.

• The page limit of Part 2 is 3 pages.

• Using your results and ratings, interpret what each of your results mean, as well as a summary of your movement and fitness as measured in labs. Include a detailed discussion regarding the implications of your specific results in addition to what they indicate, using academic sources to support your statements. Answers such as “I got a good agility rating and therefore my agility is good” are not sufficient.

• A thorough understanding of course content is required to show thoughtful and detailed analyses of your results. Where applicable, connect and compare and combine data to make sense of it and to identify patterns.

• Where applicable, indicate reasoning behind why you believe you achieved the results you did, and if you think the results were inaccurate.

• The page limit of Part 3 is 1 page.

• Based upon your data and interpretations, set 1 SMART goal for each health-related fitness component. When setting SMART goals for the project, ensure that they are relevant to the baseline data you collected. Include a reward for each goal.

• In addition, include at least 2 long-term health and wellness goals, or any other lifestyle behaviour goals you may have. These don’t need to meet SMART goal criteria. For each goal, state which stage you think you are in the motivation to change model.

• The page limit of Part 4 is 3 pages. • In this section, explain what exercises you could include at the start of a program to work towards meeting the SMART goals you set in Part 3. Be sure to apply the FITT principle for each health-related fitness component and give specific examples of exercises, intensity, time, and frequency (and state which specific days of the week). Please use a table to show this application of the FITT principle for one week, with each day in a new column.

• In addition, discuss how you can take individual differences into account and how you could add the next step of progressive overload (specifically how much overload could be reasonable and in which timeframe?).

• Include a rationale for the exercises, frequency, type, time, and intensity of the exercises you have chosen (explain how you applied the principle of specificity). Comment on how much time you realistically have in your week and how your plan fits that.

• Identify at least 3 barriers you are likely to face in changing both your lifestyle behaviours and fitness components, and one strategy you will use to overcome each barrier.

• Identify how you will track your progress to each of your SMART goals.

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