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Health Action Plan – Assessments and Activities for Personal Health and Wellness

Part 1: Assessments and Activities

Part 1: Assessments and Activities
You will complete various assessments and activities associated with material from each chapter reviewed in class.   A PDF document containing each assessment required for completion can be found under “Assignments > Health Action Plan” on Canvas.  You will submit this document as part of your final submission (Option 1: Print and manually fill in each form, scanning back to a PDF for submission. Option 2: Save as a PDF and electronically fill the document)

Part 2: Health Action Plan
Part 1 of this project provides you with the information; Part 2 requires that you analyze this information to synthesize a plan.  You will review each assessment completed in Part 1 identifying areas of strength and areas that require more attention.  Based on what you have found, complete the following:
1.Strong (10%): Identify two (2) areas of your health and wellness that you are confident you provide with an appropriate amount of attention.
a.Explain what actions (minimum two [2]) you have taken until now that have strengthened these areas.
b.Knowing that life changes, provide one (1) strategy for each area that you will use to ensure that these areas of your life are still thriving when faced with obstacles.
c.How will you measure your satisfaction in these areas? In other words, how will you recognize if your wellness in these areas falls or remains high?

2.Developing Identify two (2) areas of your health and wellness that you would like to enhance.
a.Explain why you believe these areas require more attention.
b.Outline two (2) actions that you will take to enhance your satisfaction in these areas. Why are these actions important?
c.How will you know when you have reached satisfaction in these areas?

a.Review the materials covered in Part 1.  Dissect this material and identify the top chronic or current disease/issue that you are at the highest risk for based off of your:
i.Family health history
ii.Current behaviors and actions

b.What lifestyle changes can you make to reduce your risk of encountering this disease/health issue now and in your future? Provide two (2) strategies and indicate whether there is any over-lap in these behaviors. For example: Monica is planning to quit smoking as it may reduce her risk for both cardiovascular disease and cancer – both diseases that she is at a high risk for because of family health history and current lifestyle choices.

c.Develop a one-month plan that highlights the actions that, if performed regularly over a long-term period, would assist in protecting yourself against the disease of concern.  Include behaviors that these changes would replace if applicable.
1.Top behaviors that need to be changed
2.What you will replace those behaviors with
3.The frequency of the above behaviors

a.This project has been an ongoing tool for you to take a deeper look into your personal health and wellness.  Reflect on the experience.
i.What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself over the course of the semester and these activities?
ii.Review your daily wellness checks. What were common themes? Is there anything that you can do to change negative outcomes, and continue positive outcomes?

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