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Analysis of Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle Movie

Communication Basics

The movie that I choose is called Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. This movie was directed in 2016. The story of the movie revolves around the up bring of a human child and later he was called Mowgli. Human child Mowgli was raised by a wolf (Nishan and Vihaan) in the jungle. The characters of the movie were Bagheera, Baloo, Akela, Nisha, Vihaan, Bhoot and Kaa. Akela was the leader of the jungle who gave orders to the wolfs to take care of Mowgli. During the journey of the Mowgli, firstly monkey tried to kill him. At that time, Kaa saved him from monkeys and Shere khan. He learned all the harsh rules of the jungle from a bear named Baloo and a panther named Bagheera. Unfortunately, Mowgli becomes accepted by all the animals of the jungle except fearsome tiger Shere Khan, he doesn’t like Mowgli. He was the one who kills the parents of Mowgli and now Shere Khan wants to kill him also. 

When Shere khan becomes heavy on wolves because he already killed the Akela and now, he wants to become the leader of the jungle by tasting the blood of man-cub. But he was not successful because elephants helped the Mowgli to kill the Shere Khan and in end, Mowgli becomes the leader of the jungle. Surprisingly, Mowgli becomes the family part of the jungle and he lived there happily with each other. 

Choose one character in the movie who could be considered a competent communicator. State the name of the character, and share examples (note the information regarding the use of examples above), of that person’s behaviours that illustrate 3 any of the following:

I believe that a character that portrayed competent communication throughout the movie was Bagheera and Baloo. As I stated early, Bagheera is the one who teaches all the harsh rules to Mowgli. Bagheera acts like his mother, a father, a friend, a big brother and a mentor. Bagheera says, I am more likely to give help than to ask it, as Mowgli learned all the words from him when there is a need to use them for assistance from other species of animals. Bagheera is the person who brings up the Mowgli, but when the man cub becomes a man, then Bagheera returned him to human society. Bagheera takes care of the Mowgli, especially from Shree Khan. There is race conduct of all wolves in which Bagheera told him to win. If he is not winning the game, he will be sent back to human society from where he comes. At that time, Baloo distracts him from winning and he lost the race. However, Mowgli is stressed at that time and he also shouted on the Bhoot. Surprisingly, a man-cub was taken by a group of monkeys to Shree Khan. The tiger tried to eat the blood of man-cub but that time Bagheera and Baloo were coming and tried to save him from enemies. Moreover, Kaa saves him from Shree Khan and also told him the future that he will become the leader of the jungle. Contrastingly, Bagheera told him to stay in human society and learn the rules of them.

1.Identify and explain two examples for each of the following often communication misconceptions.

2.What issues with identity does one of the main characters reveal in the movie? Discuss the factors that are influencing his/her/their sense of self at this time in his/her/their life.

3.What emotions does a different character reveal throughout the movie? How does he/she/they reveal them and to whom? What emotions do you think this person feels, but does not reveal? What factors contribute to this person’s ways of expressing and managing emotion(s)? 

4.Who in the movie demonstrates effective listening? Illustrate by identifying the specific listening behaviours/strategies used by that person in one or more situations.

5.Identify two examples of ineffective listening and identify the specific problem you see. What is the outcome of the behaviour?

6.Why do you think the characters in your movie listen to one another? Why do you think they might not listen? What could be the perceived benefits of listening and not listening?

7.Give an example of a lie or deceitful action in the movie. Do any of the following reasons explain the reasons for the deception? Explain. If not, what reasons for it can you offer? Provide supportive evidence.

8.In this section, analyze the relationship between two of the main characters.  Answer the following questions and ensure that you clearly title each response (e.g., a, b, c, etc.). It is expected that you will use terms and concepts from the course to shape your analysis and to develop the topics in whatever order makes sense to you.

9.Analyze the development of the relationship. What brings them together? What strengthens their relationship and causes it to grow? What threatens it? 

10.How do perceptions affect the relationship?  For example, do these two main characters have accurate perceptions of one another? Do they have shared perceptions of others? How might their perceptions or attributions be distorted? 

11.What are the factors that maintain the relationship(s)? For example, what needs are being satisfied by their relationship that make it worthwhile? Why do you think their relationship grows and continues?

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