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Research Project Writing Guidelines

Body: Idea Development

Research Project

A good introduction should be well written and to the point. It will have the following components:
An interesting, concise introduction to the topic.
A statement of the rationale and purpose of the paper.

Body: Idea Development

The topic will relate back to the cultural value dimensions discussed in class and any other relevant theory or concept.  
Links back to class discussions, readings, presentations etc are intertwined throughout the paper.
Relation back the topic and to the course.
Case studies, examples, critical incidents, etc is used to provide illustrations of the concepts at hand.
There is clear evidence provided that you gave careful thought to your topic in relation to the overall objectives in the course.
Structure of the topic chosen (eg. training manual, management strategy etc) 
The creative use of content to highlight topic

Discussion and Conclusions

Clear, logical conclusions drawn from the topic at hand
Creative and careful thought about the findings.
A strong conclusion that summarizes the purpose of the project, the findings, and the conclusions drawn from the findings.


Written using APA format.
Uses headings for organization. The Introduction, Idea Development, Discussion, and Conclusion should be labeled (centered). Subheadings can also be used (left justified). 
References are in APA format.
Uses of a title page with the name of the paper, your name, and course name identified. All centered on the page.
Uses specific, concrete language.
Avoids use of lay terms and colloquialisms.
Avoids the use of first person language “I” and “we.”
Paragraphs are well structured with an opening statement and end with a concluding statement and link to next section.

Great job Nancy! You did a fantastic job in putting together a training manual for cultural competency in Guyana.  You also did a wonderful job highlighting various value dimensions and using relevant persona and other example to stress the best way to navigate cultural differences.  I do not know much about Guyana even though I have traveled all over South America, but has recently become and interest for me and I am actually looking at going their for a short-term period, so this will be extremely helpful.  Thank you so much for all your contributions throughout this semester. 

Final Research Project Ideas
All papers should be minimum 8 pages long, font size Arial 11, double spaced with appropriate referencing as per APA.
1. Identify a country in which you plan to work or do business in the future. Construct a report describing business customs and practices in that country. Your task is to prepare a businessperson to act appropriately in one or more business situations (e.g., an office meeting, a .project proposal, a negotiation, a dinner meeting, and an interview). Be sure to take into accountboth the cultural practices of this country and the cultural practices of the person for whom you
are writing the report (you may be attempting to train a Latin American to do business in China, for example, so you would want to account for typical Latin American business practices when describing how the Latin American should conduct him/herself in China).

2. Develop an intercultural training manual. As someone who has had the opportunity to study or work overseas you will help a colleague from your home culture to adjust to another culture overseas (pick one). Identify some of the cultural assumptions, norms and behaviors that may be prevalent in your home culture, and contrast these with the assumptions, norms and behaviors that are typical within the other culture. Your job is to make the transition from your home culture to the other culture as smooth as possible for your colleague. Use real life case studies, examples etc.

3. Select four to seven important ideas, concepts, techniques, processes, theories, approaches, or insights you gained from the course (and associated readings if you like) and discuss: 1) why each of those elements is meaningful for you, and 2) how you will apply each of them to your professional work, academic studies, and/or personal life (please provide specific examples)

4. Discuss a cultural characteristic that influences the communication process. Examples are: (a) a specific rite of passage, arranged marriage, girl brides, honour killing, abandonment to die, gender preferred education, hospitality, charity, silence, whistling, use of the left hand, concepts of modesty, machismo, status symbols, secrecy, ritual cleansing, saving face etc. Explore through research the problem and proposed solution, or the culture trait under study. Seek to understand it in light of course concepts and reference all course materials (lectures and texts).

5. Discuss a current issue that is happening and the cross-cultural issues that may be present. For example, how is COVID-19 pandemic being handled in other countries? How can cultural intelligence be applied or increased in these situations etc.

6. Put together a diversity and inclusion plan and strategy for an organization. Ensure to include inclusionary practices, how the organization is measuring these, and any other relevant information needed for inclusion to work. Include statistics and numbers to see where the organization may be in their diversity and inclusion efforts. 

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