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Organizational Theory: Exploring Organizational Adaptation and Organizational Learning

  1. Briefly define the major components of two of the following theories: decision process, organizational adaptation, complexity, leadership, or agency theory.
  2. How are these theories similar to theories that we have previously discussed during the course?
  3. How could you use the two theories that you selected to examine your research problem?

The study discusses the two theories from organizational theory and briefly defines both theories and their major components.  The theory of Organizational adaptation and organizational learning are very important factors, in previous essays contingency theory is used to describe the circumstance, and these two theories are closely linked to leadership components.  Organizational theory mainly analyse organizations to determine the certain style and pattern as well as structures they utilize to solve issues, enhance productivity, and also efficiency. It also helps to meet and fulfil the requirements of the organization and also involves members.  Organizational theories utilize these styles to develop normative theories mainly of how healthcare or any other organizations operate best.

“Organizational adaptation” is perceived as a concept mainly in “organization theory” and also strategic management which is utilized to illustrate the connection among organizations and also its certain environment. The main component of this theory is leadership as well as management of change. Moreover, the organizational adaptation theoretical roots borrow concepts from significantly organizational ecology, organization, and industrial psychology, and also evolutionary economics (George & Lin, 2017). The study analyses that organizational adaptation theory is defined as "intentional decision-making”  which is undertaken by the members of organizations, directing to most observable measures that goal to decrease the gap or distance among an organization usually and also its institutional and economic environment. The term adaptation in the organization is used as a  concept that has been analyzed from different perspectives and also as a consequence,  transcends various levels of studies involving organization population,  organizational fields, and also organization (Sabuhari et al. 2020 ). This kind of theory mainly states that businesses should transform to deal with the transforming market circumstances and move environmental factors mainly to remain fruitful and successful. “Organizational adaptation” includes transactions among the job environment and employee, mainly with an individual employed in efforts mainly to learn and understand about an organization of employees and the organization involved in efforts significantly to interact with the new learner.  There could be some understanding in the new entrants transforming the organizations, yet this is minimal as well as infrequent when this does take place. In addition, adaptation efforts or potential can start before the worker is recruited or hired (Akkaya & Tabak, 2020).  This form of adaptation is easy and smoother when any individual needs are met, thus providing a candidate with an actual preview of a real job is an effective and helpful practice that eliminates confusion and surprise in newcomers.

Organizational adaptation

“Organizational learning theory” is a diverse as well as an expansive field with different influences which could be felt mainly from philosophy,   sociology, management of the business,  psychology, and also other disciplines.  The principal component of this theory is leadership similar to the first theory (Azadegan et al. 2019). This theory is generally illustrated as a system of transferring, developing, and retaining knowledge and understanding within the company. From the viewpoint, organizational learning happens as a  consequence of experience,  as well as a company is mainly direct to gain knowledge and learn from different experiences when mainly there is the transformation in the performance and behaviour in organizations (KHAN & ISMAIL, 2017). The most influential notion in the theory of organizational learning is a concept that everyone or individuals learn and improve themselves from mistakes.  The concept was established by "Donald Schon and Chris Argyris" who recommended that learning occurs through the procedure of correcting as well as detecting errors.

Organizational adaptations and also learning theory is similar and related to previous theory because “contingency theory” is related to the organizational theory which claims and asserts that mainly there is no better method and way to assemble a corporation, and directs an organization, and initiate decision (Joseph & Gaba, 2020).  Organizational adaptation is closely similar to past theories because this also posits that companies, in whole as well as in part, would change their processes and structures to deal with a  transforming environment. In both theories, the decision-making process is a very important factor in any organization; decisions will be made based on the changing environment and unpredictable situations.  Instead, optimal action is “contingent” mainly upon the external as well as internal situations. These theories assert that the main suitable actions or initiatives have to be initiated into account mainly to cope with accidental or challenging situations and threats determined relying on the most external circumstances and also the internal atmosphere conditions (Klein et al. 2019). The study mentions that both transactional and transformational leadership patterns are suitable for controlling unpredictable and changing environments.

It is due to these leadership patterns being defined by initiating decisions as well as including the followers mainly to sort out change or unexpected situations.

The theory of organizational learning and organizational adaptation can be used to learn the objectives that can be worked on in the future. It is important to learn the problems and also adjust to the unpredictable situation that needs to be resolved. Using this theory it is possible to understand and learn the main reason behind the connection between mental illness and dental illness. After realizing the reason behind the connection the usage of the occupational adaptation theory comes. With these theories, the identified problems can be resolved and the connection can be established between the two illnesses.

(a) The theory used in the research problem is ecology theory. This theory is an organization-based theory that entails the connection between mental illness and dental illness by surveying the different variants of an occupational human being. It researches the mental illness of an individual and fore tails the connections of that with the dental illness and establishes the reasons behind the dental care negligence and their connections.

(b) This theory can entail the connection between mental illness and dental illness. With the help of this theory, it can be proved that these two illnesses have many connections. This can prove that because of mental illness, dental care can be affected for a long time. That can also lead to many other illnesses which can again lead to depression and other mental disorders. In the end, it can be established that US medical care should focus on the mental and dental health of the population for a better and healthy life for them.

(c) The variables that can be used in the research are that mental illness affects dental care as mental illness is much more severe than other illnesses and that can lead to negligence of dental care.

(d) This research should be conducted in an organization and the unit of analysis should be the connection between the mental care and dental care of an individual. Also, it should resolve the issue of US Medicare's negligence of mental health awareness and dental care.

  1. What theory have you used to apply to your research problem How would you use the concepts from ecology theory to look at your research problem? What variables would you use? What unit of analysis? Etc.
  2. Briefly define the major components of two of the following theories: transaction cost theory, the professions theory, social network theory, organizational culture, organizational learning, organization adaptation.
  3. How are these theories similar to theories that we have previously discussed during the course?
  4. How could you use the two theories that you selected to examine your research problem?

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