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Organizational Behaviour News: Uncovering Concepts, Issues, and Ideas

Goals for the 'Big Idea' Journal

As reporters for the “Organizational Behaviour News”, you have been assigned the task of reporting on the second half of the course in a syndicated column each week.  Your role is to uncover and share details about concepts, issues and/or ideas that demonstrate the values, goals, and/or actions inherent in Organizational Behaviour.  It is important to choose to report on ideas that connect you personally to the course. The editor has given you three options for your reports either written, podcast, or video blog and has left it up to you to decide which form you believe will interest the most readers (mostly individuals at the beginning of their careers and those changing career paths). 

Goals for the “Big Idea” Journal are to:

Improve your understanding of key concepts
Build analytical and critical thinking  skills so you can reflect on how theory applies to real world situations
Obtain evidence that enhances your argument or position on a certain topic/issue
Impart greater appreciation and understanding of Organizational Behaviour as a discipline

For this assignment you have three (3) choices:

One journal entry on the course site for each week of the second half of the course
Minimum of 12 point font (14 preferred), and 500 words
Journals should use proper Business English and may be written in the first person where necessary 
Cite sources using MLA style where applicable. DO NOT USE Wikipedia
Your weekly journal should follow the 5-section structure outlined below:

1.  Overview of the Weekly Topic

This should act as a summery and introduction to the topic discussed and read each week of the course. You should describe the objective; the important concepts/issues of the week; and briefly situate the weekly topic in the course in terms of how it relates to other topics already studied. 

2.  Description of “Big Idea”

Pick one “big idea” for each week of the course that you believe is the main idea or concept for the week. The “big idea” should be something that you will remember for years in the future. Describe the “big idea” in terms of why you feel it is important, and how it might relate to other concepts discussed in the course. 

3.  “Real World” Examples

As you read through the reference materials for this week it is likely that concepts will remind you of processes within organizations that you have encountered or even experiences you have had as a member of an organization. List at least 5 real world examples outside of those listed in the reference material provided each week. For each describe the nature of the organization and the nature of the example.

For example, you may use a business who is using a unique process; a sport team you have played for or one that you are a fan of; an experience you have had on a school project; a business you frequent as a customer; something that happened in your daily life.   

4.  “Aha!” Moment of the Week

As you read through the reference materials for the week, you will likely come across an idea or concept that makes you think more deeply about the topic of the week. It might be something from the chapter that makes you think “oh, I never would have thought of it that way”, a video from lecture that makes you think “I must look into that more”, or lecture that makes you think “that’s really interesting”. An “Aha!” moment is one a moment when sudden insight into a topic or one that makes you want to discover more knowledge on the topic. In this section describe one “Aha!” moment and how it opened your mind and understanding of the topic.

An example of this might be how kindergarten students typically do the best on the Marshmallow Tower activity, while business students do the worst and your insights into why that might be the case.

5.  Action Plan

Compare what you knew about the topic prior to this week to what you know now what some next steps you might take are in short term (preparing for the final test/assignment) and long term (career) to apply any of the concepts to your life.

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