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Project Plan | Inflo HR

Goals of Inflo HR

Before creating a project plan, a business must have clear goals on what it wants to achieve. These goals must be accomplishable smart in nature meaning they need to be (1) specific, (2) measurable, (3) achievable, (4) relevant, and (5) time-bound. Inflo HR has established many goals, both short-term and medium-term long. There are as follows;

? Establish a more robust website that is secure and keeps client information confidential

? Secure 2-6 clients monthly

? Hiring a Digital Marketing Assistant

? Hiring an HR Assistant

? Accountant

? Establish a team of 5-6 individuals with most of the junior administrative HR duties being conducted by these employees.

? Streamlining the business and ensuring the brand is more focused on one area that serves at a higher fee and less time to conduct the work is the goal.

? Less of a focus on true HR Consulting and more so on Talent Attraction / Employer Branding.

In addition to these goals, Inflo HR is planning to expand to different cities as the years go. As they are based mainly in Mississauga and Etobicoke, they plan to expand to Oakville in (2022), Burlington (2023), Hamilton and Stoney Creek (2024), and southern Ontario (2025). Inflo HR should also invest in their social media platform because nowadays social media is one of the best marketing platforms that help companies expand significantly.

There are a total of 5 main tasks/assignments our group is responsible to do in this Inflo HR project.

This is the first and foremost task. In this assignment, we will describe what the firm is, its background, its currently offered services, market segments, its organizational structure, operations, and industry dynamics. Then we will be defining a Statement of Work (SOW), the statement will identify; project objectives, the scope, and deliverables. It will also include the roles and responsibilities of the teammates, the partner (inflo HR), and the professor. SOW will also contain challenges and potential constraints. Finally, it will contain additional considerations if there are any.

Finally, A risk assessment report will be conducted on many areas, these risks are; financial, systemic, interest rate, country, social, and environmental risks. The report will also include risk mitigation techniques.

The second assignment will deal with collecting and analyzing data. We will conduct a pestle analysis to see the relevant business environment, we will also conduct Porter’s five forces analysis to see the impact on the business. Next is identifying key competitors by making a competitive profile matrix. We will analyze the company’s internal and external issues by conducting a swot analysis. Based on these various analyzing tools we will provide feedback and recommendation on two major points, the company's mission, and vision statements and whether they need to be changed or not.

This assignment will review and evaluate the strategic plan, the marketing plan, and the revenue model. It will also review trading partners and determine if there is an opportunity for new partners, it will also provide a recommendation.

During this phase, we will be developing a marketing plan at an operational level. Review the operations such as supply chain, human resource, and information technology. Provide recommendations on social responsibility and management plans. We will also do a financial model forecast, analyzing and creating Pro-forma statements, etc. Finally, we will be providing an action plan.

During this phase, we will be providing an executive summary and present our findings in class.

With the current workload on hand and a large group of interdisciplinary young professionals working alongside one another, it would be ideal for personnel to partake in work suited to their profession or area of study. Although roles are not limited, the team believes in an appropriate distribution and delegation of work, hence it is unanimously agreed upon that everyone will uphold their work in an area of their expertise.

Additionally, the workload will collaborate with two or more members of the group should it be required so. At this time, there are no assigned works for future assignments so upon the progression of the week-by-week work schedule, members of this team will convene and discuss the appropriate decisions to move forward with said work. Aside from clear professional role assignments, there is no specific editorial role so it is understood that the group will review its work either collectively or individually. The one name listed under the leadership role is Marco. The role presumes that he will keep communication between members of the group, the industry partner, and the professor.

At this time there are limited tasks which upon further revisions will be updated (See Appendix I). In the future when the tasks become more complex, roles are subject to change or rotation.

Aside from the delegation of tasks which is shown in the schedule below, personnel will utilize technology to actively communicate with one another in the team as well as useful means to contact the partner, if necessary, through either the appropriate phone number or supplied email address. The charts below show the process of pre-planning the project and the associated roles. For these tasks, all that is required is human skills and technology.

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