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Undergraduate Competencies, Business Skills, and GE Company Analysis

Undergraduate competencies used to complete industry project

In the reflection on the capstone course, I would like to hear about your perspectives on undergraduate competencies and skills to perform the project task and what would have been beneficial to learn. 

Answer the following in a professional essay-style format:

What undergraduate competencies did you use to complete your industry project?  Link each one to an activity that you performed and rank your performance from 1-10 where one represents beginner and ten represents ready for application in the business world. 

What additional business skills do you believe would be beneficial to learn and practice in your undergraduate studies prior to starting work? 

State five things you learnt in the industry project (Capstone) course and why you think they will be important in the business world or in your profession?

As you near graduation and face the business world, explain one Industry Project course experience, in more detail, that you will never forget, in terms of a positive and memorable learning outcome. 

Introduction & Company Background

The integrated approach of management within the business includes multiple planning and strategic approach that would help in improving the business. It is important to develop the value-added benefits to the organisation that would help in improvising the overall operational plan and productivity of the organisation. The strategic and marketing planning are considered as the key effective elements that would help in improvising the ultimate outcome. These planning are the key contributory factors that would help in accomplishing the goals of the organisation or business (Gulati, Mayo & Nohria, 2016). The changes in behavioural channels along with the leadership style would be effective in developing the overall process and optimisation of the outcome.

General Electric (GE) Company has been chosen within the paper and the integrated business approach would be developed based on identified key factors in the initial assessment. The company is American multinational company focusing in imposing the innovation as well as future of the industrial sector (Corman et al., 2016). GE is popular today and it has gained accomplishment in various other sectors and industry. 

Starting from power, healthcare sectors, energy, as well as aviation industries were provided the essential services and helped in building the effective future (, 2021).  The paper intends to review both strategic and marketing plan that would help in positing the company within competitive profile matrix along with developing sustainable practices.

Strategic Plan Review

The strategic planning helps the organisation or business to develop the approaches or techniques that would help in accomplishing the vision and mission of the organisation. It was recommended after the analysis of the GE company that there are no additional recommendation strategies instead enhance the approaches that would help in accomplishing the mission and vision statement of the GE company (GE, 2021). Strategic planning of the firm includes to develop the business, corporate along with functional elements of the organisation. The business has focused in various other segments and strategies has been developed based on the market and targeted population. Under the aviation sector of the company, GE needs efficient skillsets next generation engineers and therefore, invested around $5 million to launch global-college program that would focus in developing the diversity of youth population. Considering the environment, GE has accomplished 15% lower rate of CO2 emissions as well as fuel consumptions (, 2021). The implementation of CFM RISE program is considering as the ultimate target that would help in lowering the emission and it is the current strategic approach for accomplishing the goal of the organisation. The aviation sector is also investing towards the new technologies that would help in improving the durability as well as time on wing. GE has developed the strategy on today basis that it will become the world’s 1st flexible transformers (, 2021). Such large flexible transformers are developed to enhance and develop the optimal resiliency of the America’s grid. Another current strategic approach of the company is to use the optimal AI that would help in in matching the optimal critical patients towards the optimal lifesaving healthcare.

Beneficial business skills to learn in undergraduate studies

The company has the weakness towards continual increase of dependency of raw materials. Therefore, the first strategic approach would be developing efficient supplier management that will help in minimising the domination of suppliers. Another strategic approach is developing the investment in the research and development sector that would help in accomplishing the continual needs of the customers and  accomplishing the vision and mission of the organisation. The third strategic approach would be increasing the workforce that would help in imposing the innovation along with helping in the convenience as well as technologies. The energy management is continuously growing as it have significant growth rate. Therefore, the strategy should be developed in increase the production and priority towards the renewable energy as it is considered to be efficient opportunity for the business. The last strategic approach would be developing and enhancing the program that would address the opportunity for telehealth’s revolution.

The future marketing planning include understanding that healthcare sector is the significant opportunity that would generate higher market share. Therefore, developing online consultation and focusing on seeking the needful key elements would help in accomplishing the demands of the consumers as well as customer segments. Expanding the marketing segments is the second future planning in many other countries and regions with potential consumer segments is considered as the key opportunities for significant expansions. GE Company also have the larger rates of rivalry competitors. Therefore, the third strategy is to develop the joint venture or collaboration with various firms or organisation that would help in reducing the risks from the competitors. The collaboration with other countries would result in effective development of power as well as enhance the ultimate outcome within the organisation. The marketing planning along with the advertisement and other promotional activities would be developed. The collaboration would also help in accomplishing larger market segments that would be effective for the organisation. Developing the digital products within the industry and organisation of GE company would result in promoting the effective strategies as well as marketing mix. It is the fourth and consider as the future marketing plan as the pandemic has increased the awareness and importance of digitisation. All the operational and other functionalities within the marketing segments should be developed effectively that would meet the vision and mission of the organisation.

Sustainability Practices

The concept of sustainability practice is considered as the optimal process of designing the services that would help in employing as well as maintaining the ultimate qualities for effective physical environment. The initial element is to understand that the increase of focus and planning towards the renewable energy that would also help in reducing the waste within the segments or industrial areas (Pelaez, 2016). It would also help in gaining the loyalty of the consumer segments and hence, developing better score for comparing to the competitors.  The sustainable practice would focus in developing and investing the funds under the corporate social responsibilities. The activities associated with the CSR segments would also help in maintaining the sustainability. It may also help in gaining the essential feedback for understanding the market demands and continual needs of the people within the organisation. Such activities would also develop more than the usual key elements that may help in innovation, implementation of resources and other elements that would help in developing the social landscapes (Liu, Eckert & Earl, 2020). The business and other key elements have developed the corporate sustainability practices that would help in accomplishing the needs and demand so the people. It would also address the developed research questions that may focus in improving as well as developing the health elements or outcome. 

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