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Contemporary Issues in Nursing: Choosing and Addressing a Specific Topic

General Description of the Scholarly Paper

Please choose any one Topic from Examples below:

Examples of topics that can be addressed as contemporary issues include:

Complex ethical dilemmas 

The blending of technology and care

The changing practice environment for nurses

Use of cross-training and multi-skilled workers

Yhe nursing shortage

Complementary and alternative therapies

Expanding roles for nurses

Increasing dementia within the population

Issues in health care for an aging population

Nursing leadership

New models of care delivery

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

Impact of Covid-19 on health care in Canada or any other issue to do with Covid-19

Safe injection sites and other public health and safety issues and the list goes on.

Please choose just one Topic from the examples and let me know which one you are choosing for Scholarly Paper.

-A Paper should be 13 pages total, maximum in length, including the title page, introduction, conclusion, 6-7 pages of text (excluding introduction, conclusion and reference list), and reference page(s), you may have as many pages of references as you wish). The total paper, including headings, should be in 11 Arial or Calibri, 12 Time Roman or Georgia).

Do not use any colors, underline, or different fonts; black only. -Remember to include a Title page, Headings, (up to 5 APA Levels), and References as required. Use APA 7th ed. for format (1” margins, double-spacing throughout numbering the pages), etc. Please refer to OwlPurdue online for assistance if you have not purchased the APA text.

  1. Introduction: (half to one page)You use the title of your paper/assignment at the top of thepage. The word “introduction” is not used. The paper should begin with an introduction to the topic that outlines the purpose and scope of your paper. In outlining the purpose of the paper, you will discuss why it is important to nursing and health. In outlining the scope, you will identify what your paper will include. Plan about 2-4 paragraphs for your introduction.
  1. Content/text of the paper: 6-7 pages- Give this section a title (not ‘content of paper’) that will reflect what you are going to talk about. Identify your own beliefs about and experiences with the issue. Tell a nursing story. Include a one-page clinical story (using pseudonyms to protect actual identities) that highlights the issue and your experience with it. You may use the first person (I or me or we) on this page.

2a) Conduct a literature review about the topic, using readings provided with this course, your course textbook, and supplement with journal articles from a library search. As a StFX student, you have access electronically via the StFX library. You may also be able to access journals via hospital libraries in your community. Give yourself sufficient time to gather literature, read it, and reflect upon it.

2b) Use material from your readings and in the 6-7 pages discuss your points using some of the authors’ works to support your ideas. As such, you must cite the author(s) by putting the last name(s) and publication year in brackets ( ). Remember too, that while you may include sources from medicine, psychology, or other disciplines, as a nursing scholar you want to maintain the voice of nursing. You may find it helpful to write about a specific nursing issue by including an articulation about resources and opportunities as well as problems and challenges. Incorporate highlights from what you have read into the body of the paper to support your discussion.

  1. Conclusion: (half to one page)Title this section with the word Conclusion in bold. Try to draw connections from the articles you have read and the conclusions and recommendations you have identified for your nursing story. Plan about 2-4 paragraphs for your conclusion.

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